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Member Profile: TrackGCIt (2 posts)

Hello, I'm TrackGCIt (report this user)
I am from Philippines
I last logged in on 16 Apr 2014
I have been a member since 22 Feb 2012
I have added 2 posts in trackitt forums
I added my last post on 17 May 2013
TrackGCIt's Immigration Cases
I-485 case: Pending for 3888 days (3224 days more than average)   (0 comments)
User: TrackGCIt Nationality: Philippines
Country of Chargeability:PhilippinesApplicant Type:primary
Service Center:TexasCategory:EB2
Priority Date:25 Jan 2004Application Filed:01 Jul 2007
USCIS Received Date:06 Jul 2007USCIS Notice Date:28 Aug 2008
USCIS Receipt Number:I-140/485 Filing:non-concurrent
I-140 Processing Type:regularI-140 Approval Date:
First Fingerprint Date:Second Fingerprint Date:
RFE Received?:noRFE Received Date:
Reason for RFE:RFE Replied Date:
Case Transferred to:Transfer Date:
Name Check Status:Name Check Approval Date:
I-485 Status:pendingI-485 Approval/Denial Date:
Card Production Ordered:Card Received Date:
EAD Applied?:AP Applied?:
EAD Approval Date:AP Approval Date:
EAD Received:AP Received:
Time to Get EAD Approval:Time to Get AP Approval:
Time to Get Fingerprinting Done:Total Time to Get GC:
Most Recent LUD:Days Elapsed:3886 days
Case Added to Tracker: 22 Oct 2013 Last Updated: 14 Apr 2014
TrackGCIt's Posts
Posted in I-485 Forum on 17 May 2013
Topic: Am I eligible for AC21/H-1B transfer

I work for a client in Ohio under the EVC model. My spouse recently moved to Seattle on an FTE opportunity.
I have an FTE offer from a company in the area with very good pay and growth opportunity. My current client in Ohio has given me the opportunity to work remotely from Seattle as well.

I am debating if I should do AC21 with H-1B transfer and take the FTE opportunity or keep working for the same employer and client (by filing LCA & H-1B Amendment).

I have been with the same employer through the GC process. I am currently working on H-1B.

EB-3 India Mar 2005.
Applied 485 in 2007 and have EAD & AP.
Ported to EB-2 in Oct 2012.

Even though the roles and responsibilities are same, the pay is substantially higher(~30K) with FTE opportunity.

I am hoping my date will become current in the next visa bulletin. If I transfer, my current employer will cancel the I-140, which I think should not affect my I-485.

Am I eligible to do an H-1B transfer and still retain my I-485 and keep renewing my EAD & AP or would I have to start over with the new company?

Since dates are so close, I am debating if I should just stick with my current employer and work remotely for the client to avoid getting an RFE related to AC21 and discrepancy in pay.

Any suggestions or insights are greatly appreciated.

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Posted in H-1B Forum on 15 May 2013
Topic: Work remotely for client with H-1B

I am currently working for a client in Ohio. My spouse found a job in Seattle and so I am planning to move there.

The client in Ohio is offering me the option to work remotely for 40 hours a week from Seattle. Is working remotely like this allowed under the rules of H-1B?

So everything related to the current H-1B will still be valid, but instead of working at the client location, I will be working remotely from Seattle. If this is legal, would a new LCA/H-1B amendment be required even though the client is the same?

I have EAD but I would like to stay on H-1B. I will use AR-11 to move all pending AOS related applications to the new address.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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