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Member Profile: campaignforh4 (2 posts)

Hello, I'm campaignforh4 (report this user)
I am from India
I last logged in on 30 Mar 2014
I have been a member since 28 Mar 2014
I have added 2 posts in trackitt forums
I added my last post on 29 Mar 2014
campaignforh4's Posts
Posted in I-765 (EAD) Forum on 29 Mar 2014
Topic: EAD for H4 Visa Holders

I have created a twitter handle @SupportEADforH4. Let's start the social media movement and that's the only way to get attention. Also, what happened with the #cancelColbert movement this week is a stark reminder that we need to mobilize on social media :
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Posted in I-765 (EAD) Forum on 28 Mar 2014
Topic: EAD for H4 Visa Holders

I have a few suggestions on how we should follow-up. Most election campaigns these days are fought through social media. The most effective ones, especially for democrats, has been twitter and facebook. I noticed that there is already a facebook page for H4, we need to restructure that a bit - brand it in the right way. Also, we should launch a campaign on twitter. This will basically bring this topic to the attention of millions in the right way.

Based on the facts, democrats are essentially playing vote bank politics and even through republicans are the ones who are in favor of legal immigration they are not able to do anything because democrats (including obama) will not pass restructuring the legal immigration system unless it involves solution for the undocumented population.

The branding campaign on twitter and facebook should be focused on the following items that resonate well with the american public and they favor in huge numbers:

- H4 issue, at the end of the day is essentially a women's right issue (#H4womensright, #supportH4EAD)

- Make the american public aware of the H4 issue (most of them don't even know what a H4 visa is) (#H4islegalimmigation, #supportH4EAD)

- Target the incumbents (democrats and republicans) who are running for re-election on their twitter page (#stopvotebankpolitics, #supportH4EAD)

- Finally, associate Obama's twitter handle with the above hash-tags so that he learns to execute on his words (#obama, #obamaactonH4, #supportH4EAD)

We need to keep the buzz going on in twitter, the more we tweet the above hashtags and associate it with the people that can actually take action - #obama, #OIRA, #DHS, #stopvotebankpolitics, #supportH4EAD, etc)

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