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Member Profile: hardik (3 posts)

Hello, I'm hardik (report this user)
I am from India
I last logged in on 15 Nov 2017
I have been a member since 01 Apr 2009
I have added 3 posts in trackitt forums
I added my last post on 30 May 2014
hardik's Posts
Posted in Atlanta PERM Forum on 30 May 2014
Topic: Jan_2013 Audit cases only

Got approval yesterday.

Filed On : Jan 25 2013
Audit Received on: 12 July 2013
Audit Replied on: 25th July 2013
Approved on: 29th May 2014
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Posted in Atlanta PERM Forum on 12 Jul 2013
Topic: January 2013 PERM Cases

got audit today. eb3 to eb2 priority date 01/25.
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Posted in I-765 (EAD) Forum on 11 Dec 2012
Topic: EAD for H4 Visa Holders

What a wonderful news for the H-1B professional families! USCIS has just initiated the rule making process for proposed H-4 employment authorization rule. Hats off to the USCIS leaders!!

As we published last year, this rule proposes extending the availability of employment authorization to H-4 dependent spouses of principal H-1B nonimmigrants who have begun the process of seeking lawful permanent resident status through employment and have extended their authorized period of admission or "stay" in the U.S. under section 104(c) or 106(a) of Public Law 106-313, also known as the American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act of 2000 (AC21). Allowing the eligible class of H-4 dependent spouses to work encourages professionals with high demand skills to remain in the country and help spur the innovation and growth of U.S. companies.

It is going to take a little bit of time for this proposed rule to complete the rule-making process, but it is a fantastic news that after over a year since the plan was published in the Fall 2011 Semi-Annual Rule Making Agenda, the agency is finally starting to implement it from a stage of a plan to actual rule-making process. We have the best leadership in the INS/USCIS history!

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