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Hello, I'm jan2004 (report this user)
I am from India
I last logged in on 10 Jul 2014
I have been a member since 20 Jun 2007
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Posted in I-765 (EAD) Forum on 10 Jul 2014
Topic: EAD for H4 Visa Holders


If you talk to an American about the poor response from lawyers, they wouldn't be surprised. If somebody is helping for free, it would be an exception. As an occupation at times its clubbed with used car salesman.
This also reminds me of a harsh/cynical joke I heard when I reached shores of US

Question: Whats the difference between a lawyer and a bucket of sh**.
Answer: bucket
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Posted in I-765 (EAD) Forum on 13 Jun 2014
Topic: EAD for H4 Visa Holders

To DataGuy03:

Great post.
May be I am digressing (and sorry to reiterate if known to many )but writing great memos is one of the most important requirements for reaching higher echelons of power. You are hired!
.If you don't believe, read this link where Howard Marks advices Wharton students.

Extract from the above article
He encouraged audience members to polish their writing skills, describing it as a good way to distinguish oneself from competitors in the workplace: “You can get a lot of favorable attention when the recommendations that you submit are well framed and well argued.”
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Posted in I-485 Forum on 10 Jun 2014
Topic: Injustice done to EB3 India

Agreed. I think all will agree that its unfair to spill over everything to EB2.
If EB2s feel bad about persons getting through EB1, imagine how bad EB3s feel when they see 1000's going to EB2 and few if any trickle to EB3s..

This is not meant to start a "civil" war within Indians or start another flower programme, but just to highlight the perplexing rules of green card journey.
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Posted in I-485 Forum on 08 May 2014
Topic: 2014 Inventory April Released

To gimmegreen,

To your math - I would say you are either optimistic or may be pesimistic too.
If I take a look at EB3I data, between Apr 2013 and May 2014, there has been a total decrease of
7285 ( 11263 - 3978) pending inventory. I added 2002 and 2003 pending inventory only.

It either means
1)Few thousand persons have ported to EB2I or
2)Many have gone back to India, came back as managers and ported to much maligned Eb1 manager category :-) or
3)USCIS liberally allocated beyond India's EB3 quota or
4)Some simply gave up pursuing GC or
5)The reduction was partially due to visas given in this FY?

If 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 are true you are sure to be current shortly. If 5 is true you may have some bad news?

Anybody else have any other thoughts on this.
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