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Member Profile: kgvin (3 posts)

Hello, I'm kgvin (report this user)
I am from India
I last logged in on 07 Jun 2017
I have been a member since 25 Jan 2013
I have added 3 posts in trackitt forums
I added my last post on 16 Feb 2015
kgvin's Immigration Cases
H4 EAD case: Pending for 996 days (928 days more than average)   (0 comments)
User: kgvin Nationality: India
Application Type:new applicationService Center:California
Filing Method:paper-basedApplication Filed:29 May 2015
USCIS Received Date:01 Jun 2015USCIS Notice Date:02 Jun 2015
USCIS Receipt Number:WAC15903XXXXRFE Received?:no
RFE Received Date:Reason for RFE:
RFE Replied Date:Application Status:pending
Approval/Denial Date:Card Production Ordered:
EAD Received:Total Processing Time:
Most Recent LUD:03 Jun 2015Days Elapsed:995 days
Case Added to Tracker: 18 Jun 2015 Last Updated: 07 Jun 2017
kgvin's Posts
Posted in I-765 (EAD) Forum on 16 Feb 2015
Topic: EAD for H4 Visa Holders

True, but AP needs "no visa stamping" in home country. However unfortunately H4EAD means you still have to go to stamping and all the hassles attached to it, when you travel outside of US. EAD only allows you to work. Correct me if I am mistaken.
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Posted in I-765 (EAD) Forum on 16 Feb 2015
Topic: EAD for H4 Visa Holders

Hey yourself and all the active advocates who worked so hard to make H4 EAD a reality, deserve huge kudos!. You guys are an inspiration.

Hope the end result is not too far and the momentum gives us ideas to push for I140EAD.

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Posted in I-765 (EAD) Forum on 15 Nov 2013
Topic: EAD for H4 Visa Holders

This from immilaw website:

11/15/2013: Time to Act on Pending H-4 Spouse Employment Authorization Rule-Making Process

USCIS initiated the rule-making process for this proposed regulation almost a year ago. Along the way, this rule-making process faced Senate's Comprehensive Immigration Reform S. 744 legislation process which also provided for the H-4 employment authorization in the context that conflicted with the USCIS proposed rule. Obviously, USCIS initiated the process because it had arrived at a conclusion that no legislation was necessary and the issue could be handled in a matter of "administrative fix" through rule-making process. By now, we know that S. 744 is practically dead and facing 2014 mid-term national election, there is no chance that this bill can make it in 2014 either. Under the circumstances, there is no reason why this rule-making process should be delayed. We urge the USCIS to complete this rule-making process as soon as possible.

Hope that they finally take some action on this.
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