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Member Profile: makesense88 (2 posts)

Hello, I'm makesense88 (report this user)
I am from India
I last logged in on 11 Apr 2016
I have been a member since 04 Jan 2015
I have added 2 posts in trackitt forums
I added my last post on 11 Apr 2016
makesense88's Posts
Posted in I-140 Forum on 11 Apr 2016
Topic: I-140 EAD approved by OMB

iv has grabbed money from people . Now they peaced out!!!!
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Posted in I-765 (EAD) Forum on 04 Jan 2015
Topic: EAD for H4 Visa Holders

I have been watching this forum for about a month and a half and during this time I have seen this forum going through cycles of extreme positivism and then negative extreme with some members loosing patience. I guess this might have been going on since 4-5 years that people think that they are about to achieve something and then something happens that pushes their hopes to the ground. Life on EB2/ EB3 and their spouses has become a roller coaster and in previous times people used to bring slaves from other countries. I strongly think that present society has changed and the technology advances have changed the lifestyle but the mentality seems to be same/similar in the brains. The EB category people go through mental slavery and phases of depression that in their lives happiness is no more there and their freedom has been lost. I am pretty sure sometimes everyone sit in quiet and think that if we were back home we would be more secure more happier. Although we might had lesser money which may not be the case always. We left our parents, families, festivals at young age and we had energy and enthusiasm to achieve something that we might not achieve in our lives due to rigidness, corruption and bullied system in our countries just for the sake of American dream. But the price of this dream is in the form of golden cage or mental slavery or exploitation by our own people such as some consultancy firms. Simple example is that normally a person comes on F visa goes to school for 2 years and then after that OPT and finding a job filing a H1 b visa lucky enough to get that in lottery almost 5-6 years are passed and then goes back and get married and the spouse who thinks that American lights are a place of heaven and after 6 months realize that it is a golden cage. The liberties and freedom is lost and she cannot work, if she wants to go back to country she has to go through stressful process of visa stamping that she might get denied and stay there. While a person crossing the fence is rewarded a EAD after 5 years of stay with no taxes being paid. I think this story has become really long than I anticipated but this is true story of hundreds of foreign professionals." Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches".

I wish you all the happiness and prosperity in your lives. Even though this is reality I pray and request that everyone to hope and inspire each other with those who are new in this cycle and have energy to give positive vibrations that one day light will come in our lives and we get full freedom where we can change jobs, go back to country without fear of non visa stamping and choose how we want to live our lives. AMIN!!!!
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