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Hello, I'm mygc2010 (report this user)
I am from India
I last logged in on 14 Oct 2014
I have been a member since 27 Jul 2010
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I added my last post on 07 May 2014
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mygc2010's Posts
Posted in I-765 (EAD) Forum on 07 May 2014
Topic: EAD for H4 Visa Holders


- It is absolute nonsense to make someone almost house arrested in the name of visa restriction. H4 people who are also ‘would be’ resident of US, do not deserve this treatment. There are criminals for this treatment.
-US as a country sends strong message to rest of the world on empowerment of women. Here is an opportunity to prove it. To my knowledge most the H4 visa holders are women. So, let’s do it. Here is a chance to prove why US. (****Can someone find data points to support this point, I could not find any?)
- All the administrative cost and renewal of EADs will generate more revenue for USCIS.

- Not significant. Because most of the H4 visa holders are highly skilled and would seek for jobs in the High tech/STEM related sectors. Unemployment rate in the high tech sector is almost nothing.
- Down the road we are considering stopping Diversity Visa (~170,000 per year including spouses and children), who gets Green Card irrespective of their skills. This does not make sense in today’s economic scenario. One year suspension will create enough supply for unfortunate H4 visa holders for next 3 years. These H4 people are already here and have a committed dream to pursue in US.

Do you guys think we should separate all the points into two sections, costs and benefits?
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Posted in I-765 (EAD) Forum on 07 May 2014
Topic: EAD for H4 Visa Holders

People that are opposing this rule need to understand that these would be residents are not even able to apply for jobs for which they are eligible for at least 5/6 years. Do we understand the problem of living in this country without SSN where every single thing relates to your SSN? I think these people are not afraid of unemployment, they are afraid of competition. One thing we need to keep in mind, fare competition makes us better and it’s always better to compete within US versus some other country. All these jobs will create more other jobs.

With that said, I think DHS needs to put a little clause to restrict the exploitation of this rule. Imagine a situation where husband and wife both are working on H1B and both of them have I-140 approve. In that case either of them can simply change their status to get into EAD. This is not the intent of this proposed rule. We must anticipate and stop this misuse.
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Posted in I-485 Forum on 21 Nov 2011
Topic: US Population diversity will still exist after HR3012 & S1857

I do agree with you. This bill is not introducing any entry criteria, this is just a status change for the people who are already here.

This may actually boost the economy since all these people will have more visibility on their lives and most likely they will invest in US housing. Don't forget first generation immigrants have more cash in their hands.
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Posted in I-485 Forum on 15 Nov 2011
Topic: Unfairness HR 3012

Well not everybody who applies for GC gets the green card and EB green card pre-requisites don’t ask where the candidate is coming from and if it does it is a violation and discrimination.

All the applicants have to go thru the same procedure and have to get the approval on each stage of the GC process. With having over 1.2 billions populations it is obvious that there will be more talented individuals available in India than anywhere else and if there have to be a cap it has to be in the proportion the country's population to the world population, then some one can call that as a near fairness.

There is a diversity quota and FB quota which is still running on the per country caps.

check this link

There is not even any room for India in diversity visa quota.

Check the Family based statistics. India stands right at the ROW on the FB preferences

Why are these sections not over subscribed by Indians.
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