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Hello, I'm pkumar3050 (report this user)
I am from India
I last logged in on 26 Mar 2015
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pkumar3050's Posts
Posted in I-765 (EAD) Forum on 12 May 2014
Topic: EAD for H4 Visa Holders

can somebody let me know.

after h4 holders get EAD, will they be required to maintain H4 status or their spouse H1 status.

this applies to people who are also holding EAD. They got married after getting EAD in 2007 and maintaining h1 also .

and these spouses wont get AP , ?

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Posted in H-1B Forum on 03 May 2014
Topic: h1 transfer

I applied for a job through IT consultant for his client.
I got selected and IT consulted asked all documents like my I-140 approval, ETA labour cert.

after reviewing, they said we cannot do h1 transfer as job you are getting for our client is of exchange engineer L3

while job code in your ETA says you are database and system administrator so it is not same job profile.

they said mine h1 transfer can be denied

is it true, had I been changing job on EAD can the same rule apply as I am interested in exchange engineer field

in my ETA it says maintaining database applications and doing system administration tasks of servers, lan etc.

so when can I change job in IT but in deferent sector like exchange and not system administration

should I have to wait till my GC


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