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Member Profile: rosharma (4 posts)

Hello, I'm rosharma (report this user)
I am from India
I last logged in on 07 Nov 2014
I have been a member since 13 Feb 2013
I have added 4 posts in trackitt forums
I added my last post on 13 Nov 2014
rosharma's Immigration Cases
I-485 case: Pending for 1358 days (684 days more than average)   (0 comments)
User: rosharma Nationality: India
Country of Chargeability:IndiaApplicant Type:primary
Service Center:TexasCategory:EB2
Priority Date:02 Feb 2009Application Filed:03 Sep 2014
USCIS Received Date:04 Sep 2014USCIS Notice Date:07 Sep 2014
USCIS Receipt Number:I-140/485 Filing:non-concurrent
I-140 Processing Type:regularI-140 Approval Date:07 Nov 2011
First Fingerprint Date:24 Sep 2014Second Fingerprint Date:
RFE Received?:noRFE Received Date:
Reason for RFE:RFE Replied Date:
Case Transferred to:Transfer Date:
Name Check Status:Name Check Approval Date:
I-485 Status:pendingI-485 Approval/Denial Date:
Card Production Ordered:Card Received Date:
EAD Applied?:AP Applied?:
EAD Approval Date:AP Approval Date:
EAD Received:AP Received:
Time to Get EAD Approval:Time to Get AP Approval:
Time to Get Fingerprinting Done:21 daysTotal Time to Get GC:
Most Recent LUD:Days Elapsed:1357 days
Case Added to Tracker: 09 Oct 2014 Last Updated: 09 Oct 2014
rosharma's Posts
Posted in I-485 Forum on 13 Nov 2014
Topic: I485 case suspended until RFE replied

I have got the same message. I am new filler - why am I getting RFE now - Didn’t dates retrogress already? Am I missing something here?
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Posted in I-485 Forum on 02 May 2013
Topic: EB2I Priority Movement in July

So what you expect in Q1 of 2014. Do you see retrograssion or forward moment. I have Feb 2009 Priority date. What you think?
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Posted in I-485 Forum on 02 May 2013
Topic: EB2I Priority Movement in July

to MATT2012:

I have been following this thread regularly. I have a question for you. Considering 15K-18K spillovers to EB-2I, PD may go as far as aug-08. And if I am not wrong all these cases are pre-adjudicated (awaiting Visa numbers only) so back log will be cleared at least till summer-2008. You may have remembered in Q1 of 2012 the PD advanced significantly in order to generate demand for visa numbers and to fill the I-485 case pipeline with post-summer 2007 cases. Do you see something similar happening in Q1 of 2014. I know we are only speculating at the moment but I just want your opinion on this.
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Posted in I-765 (EAD) Forum on 13 Feb 2013
Topic: EAD for H4 Visa Holders

Trackit Gurus,

I know we will have clear picture once the rule will be in public. However I need little clarification regarding the eligibilty to get EAD. I just want to make sure if following is the criteria to decide who will be covered by this initiative:

(1) whose H-1B husband or wife has already commenced permanent residence process after prolonged period of stay in the U.S. in a H-1B status and eligible for 7th year H-1B extension beyond the H-1B six-year limit under section 106 of the AC 21 or

(2) whose H-1B husband or wife has filed and obtained I-140 petition either through or without labor certification process but unable to file I-485 applications because of the immigrant visa number backlog for the category in the Visa Bulletin and eligible for H-1B extension in three-year increments indefinitely pending their priority current in the Visa Bulletin or

(3) who is a following-to-join spouse of the H-1B spouse who has already filed EB-485 but because of the visa number retrogression, he or she is unable to file I-485 application, and for the reasons, they are eligible for H-1B and H-4 visa status extensions in three-year increments indefinitely pending the visa number availability in the Visa Bulletin pursuant to section 104[c] of AC 21 Act. Accordingly, there are two things they should keep in mind. If the H-4 spouse wants to prove his or her eligibility for the EAD, they will have to prove that the H-1B husband is working in a H-1B nonimmigrant status and no other nonimmigrant visa nor EAD
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