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Hello, I'm senram (report this user)
I am from India
I last logged in on 15 May 2018
I have been a member since 23 Jun 2012
I have added 1845 posts in trackitt forums
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 15 May 2018
Topic: Yoder recommended for DHS subcommittee

Does it mean that he will have his say in proposed revocation of H4-EAD?

He does not have any say but could influence certain extent by sending queries, asking for update etc
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 12 May 2018
Topic: Business's on H4-EAD

Shit the diaper was not a joke. Its a fact. Stop calling it a joke. I still stand by it. Although i have stopped calling names now because its not worth it.

So was calling names before worth it? What was its worth? Why is it suddenly not worth it? Did you really think issues can be fixed by calling names?

I would love to call senators for L2EAD rescindment. But i shall partner with someone who has a future in usa. Not you. . People scared of H4EAD are on their last leg anyways. Just to clarify the relationship is indirect before you jump on me and say “how they are connected ?”

And, what would your reason be for calling senators to stop L2EAD? Maybe you and multi-millionaire dreamforever can band together and call senators? I am not scared of H4EAD. I dont like it because Obama should have given EAD for all. Why do they deserve EAD when H1s cant get EAD? Why are they special? It is all about fairness. Give EAD to all and make it a fair fight.

There is no point is supporting or opposing H4-EAD now. H4-EAD was introduced by rule making and removed by similar rule making. Only place you can support or oppose is in public comment. Other than that all are noise and cannot stop the process. Not only H4-EAD. Entire H1b program they are reviewing it and certainly there will be more changes including OPT and H1b. These may be needed badly for the excess happened for last 16 years. Still H1b program will survive with 100K new H1B every year. Already layoffs and replacing H1b was almost stopped. So the clean up process will be good for H1b program. Hopefully Trump will stay 4 more years for H1b clean up for good future of H1b. Survivors will have excellent future with at least saving the jobs of existing US workers. I am still thinking removing H4-EAD for existing people may be cruel but still no one can help when big changes happen. Still I hope most H4-EAD can survive with alternative options but there is no equivalent subsitute. Still many are exploring the lawsuit option but mostly not viable but nothing is for sure.
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Posted in I-485 Forum on 11 May 2018
Topic: July VB Predictions

Are you DAY DREAMINg Mr. Aceman. EB2 2009 india will take 5-6 years to complete. No spill over this year from anywhere. This FY 2018 will end with 2009 January 27/February 7th.

If you consider 3 day movement the next bulletin and no movement in the current bulletin and one week movement in the last bulletin will give 10 days a quarter. If we extrapolate it we get 40 days for 1 FY year.

Now this would result in 360 days for 10 years. This is also a mathematical model.

Change the above to this month and next month bulletin will give you 3 days for every 2 months.

This would give 360 days in 240 months. Even your May 2009 PD would take close to 10 years to reach.

You can change the month to just current with no movement to get even more depressing figures.

Or you can think positive and hope all the categories will be current for next month. It will make everyone happy. People waiting in queue can file for 485 and EAD.

The movement changes time to time. I think 2009 will be completed in 2 to 4 years.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 02 May 2018
Topic: Desis file H1B restrictions lawsuit against USCIS!!!

I am sure that these consultancy model aka desi consultancy have no guts to throw a stone on DHS. If DHS body ICE fixes their priority on them, they will be wiped out soon, right their topmost priority is illegal.

You think so ? Dont you think they are strong enough to resist it ? At the end of the day they pay huge taxes to the government and most of them are american citizens who have right to vote and donors to political parties . stop assumptions and live in real world .

Actually they can contest successfully some of individual cases but not class action suit. Only if it is class action it will be useful but that will be difficult.But rule making was accepted as valid by many courts. So H4-EAD recission cannot be contested successfully. Similarly DHS is planning for H1b rule making which starts on October. So not much will come out in lawsuits except some individual cases
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 29 Apr 2018
Topic: H4-EAD Is it even worth applying now

I would like to apply for H4-EAD for my wife based on my I-140. Since H4 EAD is going to be scrapped soon, I am wondering how USCIS would handle new H4-EAD requests at this juncture. Is it worth applying at this time? What are chances of approval.

I Would appreciate input and advice from fellow members.

It should be approved based on the processing time .So it depends on what decision they are planning to make for existing h4-ead. If they leave the existing H4-ead till that validity date then it is worth applying. So not a bad idea to try
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 29 Apr 2018
Topic: Is IV dead ?

Why is IV mute these days - no updates from them . Rest of the organisations working hard to clear GC backlog and h4 ead issues .

Resurrect when they need money(kidding)? Actually nothing is active in immigration in the hill So no use of just creating noise. Nothing happen in GC backlog and H4-EAD removal is a slow process and nothing will happen in that also. Only thing anyone can do is writing comments in the rule making process.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 29 Apr 2018
Topic: H4 EAD- Save Jobs Lawsuit UPDATES

I notice this selfish attitude from a lot of the Indians. Especially unmarried H1B bachelors. Trust me. They see H4 EAD people as a threat. Some are jealous of double income families who can afford a big house. One guy openly told me "I am selfish as I will have more opportunities now" His wife got H1B. So he doesn't care what happens to others. At least he is a bit honest. Some are extremely patronizing. Companies that hire H4 EAD people have no gripe. They are more than willing to hire them. One reason they hire them is because they can't find local resources. Majority of these jobs are testing jobs. Most of these H4 EAD holders are overqualified for such a job. So they are happy to hire them.

There is not much use is in whining. H4-EAD is there now. But this admin is rescinding by rule making same way how it was created. The process is supervised by the federal judge as DHS is updating the process in save jobs lawsuit.So there is nothing much can be done. Of course there is a small chance in lawsuit but that is unlikely. If there is some discrepancy in the process lawsuits can succeed some times. Also what happened after the VB lawsuit? Still people are paying for that by the slow movement of VB.So the lawsuits some time do harm than good.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 27 Apr 2018
Topic: H4 EAD- Save Jobs Lawsuit UPDATES

Many have commented that only way H4EAD can be saved is to file lawsuit. Government's argument is it's taking jobs away from americans. As per some comments it's also gender equality issue. Many are abusing H1B guys as low skilled. H1B guys are saying it impacts their job prospects as H4EAD undercuts the wages and there is no scrutiny like H1B. So there is clearly US citizens vs H4EAD vs H1B fight going on. If H1B guys join lawsuit and fight from Government side it will be detrimental to lawsuit. Lawsuit can become double edged weapon. I am sure there are more single wage earners on H1B than H4EAD couples so people will take both sides.

No way you can won by lawsuit. H4-EAD was introduced by rule making and will be removed by rule making. Also currently court allowing DHS to allow the process and DHS is updating to court each and every step of process. So what on basis lawsuit will be filed? After beating in DACA government is doing each and every step slowly. Only chance is at the comment process.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 18 Apr 2018
Topic: Hard H1 rules coming now

i think h1b as we know it will be finished in 2018. expect most transfers nd extns to be denied next yr. ive already mentally prepped myself as my exten is coming up next year.

It is not true. For genuine candidates no issues. In my company every petition or visa was approved for full time. some issues like 2 to 4 weeks of delay for contractors while stamping visa. Well regulated H1b system is good for everyone including H1b persons as there will be lesser competition with more pay. In fact contracting is not suitable for H1b and full time is better option
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 12 Apr 2018
Topic: Any hope for PD 2012

I feel some of your pain PD is Jan 2012, god knows when it will be current. Even if EB1C demand sunsets, I don't think it will make much of a difference. How about EB1A/Bs? Basically the problem is that the queue ahead is way too long. Best thing to do is to focus on acquiring new skills and job hopping until the date gets current.

You should get it anytime between 2022 and 2024, 2026 tops.

Under current scenario 2012 should become current in 2022. It could be up to -2 or +4 years. So anywhere between 2020 and 2026. Most likely later scenario but earlier also not ruled out. The reason for 2020 is when PD crossed 2010 April that should move quickly. So if April 2010 becomes current 2012 Jan could become current within 3 months.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 07 Apr 2018
Topic: RHC OR IV - whom to support ?

You really think of getting a greencard in 10 years :) you are so optimistic dude

Based on current waiting time it is 10 years. Though in theory waiting time is 20 to 70 years for those who applied after 2012. Practically I would say 10 to 15 years for both eb2 and eb3. The main factors affect the calculations are the following. There will be spillover in some years down the line. Also at least 20% of people will not be able to survive for 10 plus years and leave the country. Also the persons who have US citizen kids will get GC immediately when their kids turn 21 years. So I would say even by theory the waiting time should not exceed 20 years. So my optimistic calculation is 10 years and pessimistic calculation is 15 years waiting time. IV is creating 70 years waiting time to create a fear to apply more pressure
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 07 Apr 2018
Topic: RHC OR IV - whom to support ?

On the other hand - IV still trying to get co sponsors for their proposed bill .

They will try to get co-sponsor till 2018 December. They could get maximum. Then in 2019 they will start all over again. But there will not be removal of country quota but you will get green card as 10 years will pass fast. It is good time passing
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 05 Apr 2018
Topic: So what's future for HR392 or any new immigration bill ?

I think HR392 or any future bills will not go any where. As previous user said, we flooded the system.

What I anticipate is a slow and steady self deportation. Based on recent happening, slowly H1Bs with I140 approved will also face challenges and denied extensions. That will lead to employers reworking this I140. Then they can't file I485. Then slowly the backlogs will be reduced. As most of H1Bs are with their family every I140+H1B denial will free up more than 1 GC slot.

This is just my fear.

Hr392 will not move anywhere. Backlog will be reduced by itself and waiting time will not increase more than 10 years. That means current waiting time may continue. H1b and green cards for Row also will decrease
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 04 Apr 2018
Topic: Immigration potluck parties

we are unable to find solution for any problem and it is because we are not able to properly talk to one another. It will be a good idea to have weekly potluck party in one of our house on Saturday or Sunday and discuss for future plans. If you planning to appear in exams we can do combined studies and like how we did in college. If I am trying single it is becoming very hard and lots of disturbance. Our wifes can also get company and we will discuss important details.
We can easily join 20-30 families in every small city

That is what IV is doing but in a big level. Not only get together with Samosa,lunch etc but you have good chance to meet law makers . You will get good connections and may be much useful if you have political intentions in future. Also many will get chance to talk and networking with different class of people. Excellent for improving communication skills and co-ordination skills
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 31 Mar 2018
Topic: RHC to IV - Open Challenge

All these RHC/IV/SIIA are mostly made and run by people with gc or citizenship. They are trying to make some quick buck by doing collection. I am sure they can do nothing in this country other than creating panic/dear amongst h1b group and try to use it for their benefits.

I remember bunch of goons in my home town who took pictures with politicians and celebrities. Then they collect money from local merchants showing those pictures.

I don't want to support any group that will collect money from public and won't show how they spend each peny. If they are legit, let them publish what they did with each dollar they collected till now before asking more...

This is a country of rule. I respect that.

You are right. There is no point in donating to IV or RHC unless you participate actively. If you participate actively like meeting congress and other Advoacacy actions then at least you know what you are doing. If you just donate without knowing how the money was spent then no point in blaming or no use of donation
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 31 Mar 2018
Topic: RHC to IV - Open Challenge

If RHC grows and positions similar to IV that is good for immigrants. Everyone aware that there is division about style of working of IV RHC could be useful if they really work for backlog reduction. As they are new we cannot suspect their intentions until we see their working for a few months. It makes sense for IV to prevent competition and so they will not like. But it will be helpful for immigrants. Also RHC suggests some improvements from HR392 though IV maintains that is nearly impossible. It is not a bad idea to try improvements. If HR392 is passed then next 10 years no legal immigration bill. So while trying if they work with improvement that will be benefit for Indian immigrant community. There is even possibility of getting agenda of IV and RHC which will be better option
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 28 Mar 2018
Topic: All the queries to IV (Immigration Voice)

Itguy and all the junta still in IV. Get vaccine for Rabies. Many on IV are rabid that their gaming got exposed.

What I understood is RHC learnt from IV that Indian H1bs are cash cows till backlog is there. IV enjoying the donations for 12 years and another 10 years guranteed as It will take 5+ years to pass Hr 392 and even Hr 392 is passed the average waiting time will restart with 5 years and slowly creep up. So IV will get donation for next 2 decades. RHC must have got this from anti IV people and got the idea from them . Now they suddenly organized so quickly and may dominate easily IV as RHC enjoys political support now and they want to survive even republicans lose the elections in future. It is a very clever design. RHC founders were not impacted by GC backlog still they made big impact in short span of time. I am not doubting intentions of RHC yet but they have clear agenda and marketing well(Even if no bill is passed they will make sure RHC will survive). It is always good to have a competition for groups like IV(That may make IV to work more efficiently)
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 28 Mar 2018
Topic: H.R. 392, Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act

Ok one last time I am asking you " WHERE DID YOU READ THAT HR392 IS DEAD". I repeat my question " WHERE THE HECK DID YOU READ THAT HR 392 IS DEAD". I will not ask you once again and also please stop sending some random links and yes I also read that thing on web. If you cant support your posting please dont do random talk, let me ask you the question once again "WHERE THE HECK DID YOU READ THAT THE BILL HR 392 IS DEAD"

They are not going to day the bill is dead. If they say there will not be IV. You have to understand by indications. IV is going to try till the bill is passed or till all financial support run out whichever is earlier. Basically if you and many are donating then they will lobby and advocating for HR 392. But my guess is both options are not going to work out. I am sure they will get more and more donations every year and conduct meetings with Lawmakers and also do more activities. You can watch the fun with lots of twists and turns. There will be many situations like the bill is almost done, narrowly missed and next year fill the gap etc etc. Anyhow my wishes always to succeed in passing the bill if they try
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 28 Mar 2018
Topic: H.R. 392, Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act

There will be no spill over from rest of world with economy growing at 3%.
Moreover eb1 is backlogged so there will be no spill over there as well.
We need this bill asap to give us good chance to stay in USA.

We needed this bill in 2012 when The numbers were bad. Now when the demand is low and the actual dates have started moving for my category, I honestly cannot support this bill as there will be more poison provision added to this.

If you don’t believe, just look back at the Irish poison pill which resulted in the death of Hr3012.

There is no interest in any immigration bill for the past 12 years. Hr3012 is no difference.The bill have created more than enough media attention and now most in congress knows about it. They agreed to add to DACA or house immigration bill which has no chance to pass. We need to see some immigration bill which has good chance to pass. That time they could add or drop this bill. That is many years away. Nowadays IV started blaming someone for failure of bill. Now they are starting to blame RHC. There will be oppositions and lot of background works will be done by many to prevent any bill. Lobbyists needs to work beat those also. Anyhow almost no chance in 2018. Let us see in 2019
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 13 Mar 2018
Topic: Cut off date introduced on EB1 India

USCIS and DHS needs to start a massive crackdown and investigation on EB1C approved GC's in the past 5 years. If found fraudulent revoke their GC's and send ICE to pick them up for deportation. Meanwhile there should be a complete halt to EB1C date movement.

Probably we can say that skill level required is same for EB3 and EB2. In future there will not be much difference between Eb2 and EB3 unless there is spillover from Eb1.
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