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Hello, I'm vinnu (report this user)
I am from India
I last logged in on 07 Nov 2016
I have been a member since 13 Mar 2009
I have added 65 posts in trackitt forums
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 07 Nov 2016
Topic: I140 application for CTS (Cognizant) employees

are you sure, we can use same PD if the I140 is revoked after spending 180 days with the company? any links on this please?
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Posted in H-1B Forum on 07 Nov 2016
Topic: Notice of alleged action 591- implications

Thanks Lampbreaker, there is one question in I485 in GC process, wondering whether the answer would be 'yes' based on my incident and how will it impact.
"Have you ever, in or outside the United States: Been arrested, cited, charged, indicted, convicted, fined, or imprisoned for breaking or violating any law or ordinance, excluding traffic violations?"
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Posted in H-1B Forum on 22 Oct 2016
Topic: Notice of alleged action 591- implications

We (myself, mywife and kid) travelled to EWR, NJ airport from Mumbai (india) recently, we had to check-in one cabin bag in the last moment of getting into flight as flight personnel said there might not be space in the flight, that bag has apple, in the cbp declaration form we ticked NO for all questions (food , raw items etc..), we completely forgot this.
An officer at baggage collecting belt asked that whether any fruits in the bag as the dog sniffed it seems, after thinking a bit, we said there is one apple for baby, then she has written an apple on cbp form, she asked if there is any rice or chickpeas, we said no, then we were asked to proceed to baggage inspection, where all our bags were went through xray, in one of the check-in bag there were few goose berries (apprx 8), they said these are not allowed, and since we did not declare them they said we have to pay a fine of $300, they gave us a 'notice of alleged violation-591', it's mentioned '10 goose berries' in that document (hand filled by officer), though we pleaded alot mentioning it's first and last time, the officer said they can't waive off fine, we were asked to send the money order or cashier cheque to cbp address.

Have couple of questions on this instance, please answer-

1) Can we call helpline/ customer care number and ask to waive off the penalty? any idea which number to contact.?

2) Does this violation have any implications on H1 visa renewal or green card process? I got my I140 approved, have H1 valid till 2019 jan.

3) Only my passport number and other details are mentioned in that notice, i believe this is on my name or will it be there on my wife name too? they took photocopy of both of our passports.

4) Will there be any record exists on their system? and it will flag every time when we go through cbp and will need to have our bags inspected? how many years will this be there? Can we anyways check whether our name or record is flagged?

5) What to answer for below questions in DS160?, or do we need to mention this in any other places like H1 extn applicaiton or background checks etc..



Thank you.
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Posted in H-1B Forum on 22 Oct 2015
Topic: Need suggestions on my current situation--Please help

Hi All,
Need your suggestions for my situation.
I entered US on H4 visa and got my H1B approved application in 2014 and have been working since then. My H1B got approved till Dec 2015. Due to personal emergency i travelled India a week ago(currently in India), my employer(small consultancy) filed my H1 extension two months ago(when i was in USA) which is still in process,since my sudden travel to India he recently converted my case to Premium processing(PP upgration was submitted yesterday).

My client (xyz) willing to take me full time and is in process of applying H1 transfer in PP too, but it will not start very immediately, may file in first of week of Nov. considering this situation, below are my questions, please address the same.

1) what is the best approach to take in this regard? should i go with my current employer and have stamping done and come to USA?, but as the consultany is small, should i expect any surprises in visa stamping.? btw, i have my paystubs, client letter, W2 etc..

2) My employer needs to run my payroll though am in India? is not required?

3) What is meaning of latest paystubs? i got paystubs till Oct-02-15. I may get one more for Oct-16-15.

4) Or should i wait till my client (xyz) process my H1 transfer in PP, then want me to go with visa stamping? My client is well known company.

Your suggestions are very well appreciated, thank you.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 19 Nov 2014
Topic: Approach in filing GC

Thank you for your reply. Need little more clarity on following.
My employer is strict in not considering that experience since we are not able get experience letter, hence it depicts that i have gap from education to start of my job (since not considering first employer exp), this gap really matters for EB3? Fyi- i have apprx 7.5 yrs excluding first company.

and one year employment gap for my wife would matter anyways in her GC filing.?
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 19 Nov 2014
Topic: Approach in filing GC

Hi There, Please check my scenario below.
1) My wife and me are currently on H1 having maxout 2020 and 2019 respectively. My wife has 4 years bachelor degree from India and has apprx 7 yrs IT experience in india, she moved to US on H4 and converted to H1 recently, she is working for last 2 months. I think she is clearly eligible for Eb2, please confirm.
2) Me too planning to for Perm, i really doubt whether i qualify for EB2 (after researching), if my employer files in EB3 then in future can i club with my wife GC process? at what stage this can be done? and how simple is that, please let me know if you see any complications on the same or any points that we need to consider in stepping towards that.
3) My employer (big IT firm)may file in EB3. My First employer is not providing me with experience letter and also confirmed colleagues and supervisor are not entitled to give affidavit (confirmed in email, this company is also big IT firm), I have total 10 years exp but due to unavailability of first company experience my employer said they will go with perm filing without considering that experience, will that cause any RFEs of not considering complete experience? or RFE on employment gap (gap from education to second company start date, since we are not considering first company). I have pay stubs, offer letter, relieving letter, service letter, tax statments from my first company, i really doubt whether my employer still considers them in Perm filing since they do want ignore that company experience completely.
I have second company and current company experience letters.
Any suggestions on my and wife approach on perm would be greatly helpful. thank you.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 18 Nov 2014
Topic: Green Card Progressive work experience means?

Am afraid you misunderstood my question. Yes, she can't work on H4 that's the reason she moved to H1 and has been working for 1.5 months on H1, while moving from H4 to H1 she din't work for a year.
She has 7 yrs continuous experience in india before moving to USA. In this case, what is her total years of experience to be considered while filing labor?
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 18 Nov 2014
Topic: Green Card Progressive work experience means?

Hi Imtired,
Another question, a person has 7 yrs work experience from India, and moved to USA on H4 and converted to H1. She could not work for one year since moving from H4 to H1, now the person is working on H1. In this case, how the experience is calculated/considered? and would one year gap in experience cause any issues in GC filing.? Thank you.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 14 Nov 2014
Topic: All former employers experience letters needed for GC filing.?

Hi There,
My company(cognizant) is in process of filing GC for me, for the same am trying to collate my former employers experience letters, i worked for two companies before joining Cognizant.
My first company was infosys, i contacted for letter and the email reply was that experience letters are not provided for former employees neither by HR nor employees/supervisors are not entitled to provide affidavits since there is change in corporate policy.
I inquired in Cognizant on this scenario, the reply was that company can go ahead with filing GC with available exp letters, that means ignoring infosys 'experience' and experience letter, is that a good move.?
FYI- i have almost 10 yrs exp.
apprx 4 yrs with Cognizant(has exp letter)
apprx 2.7 yrs with second company.(got exp letter from this)
apprx 2.7 yrs with first company, i.e Infosys- No experience letter.

H1 max out is 2019.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 06 Nov 2014
Topic: Experience Letter - Ex Infosys Employees

Hi There, iam an ex-infosian, i tried to get experience letter from infosys (Currently with Cognizant) for my GC process. i got below reply from

Dear Alumnus,
We would like to inform you that we do not provide detailed employment verification letters validating skills/roles/responsibilities, etc. Please note that neither Infosys HR nor any employee of Infosys is authorized to provide the same. The Company has revised its processes and now prohibits managers from executing affidavits or signing letters in their personal capacity regarding the details or prior employment.

The company only provides a standard service certificate cum Relieving letter and to receive the same, please raise an iServeCentrale request through the Alumni portal. The concerned team will revert within prescribed timelines. Do note that we do not give any additional letters and it will not be possible for us to make an exception.
Do reach out to us if you need help with anything else and we will be happy to help you.

Alumni Admin Team

How to go in this situation? i can not even ask my ex-colleague to provide a notary. Attaching this letter while filing GC would be enough.? what else we can do to avoid audits.?
I will try to include 'joining letter', 'relieving letter', form 16s, paystubs, any other official docs that i have from Infy. Your response is greatly appreciated.

Fyi- i have also worked with other company before joining Cognizant and am trying to get experience letter from this company but not able to get from infy (my first company).
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Posted in Atlanta PERM Forum on 27 Oct 2014
Topic: PERM application for CTS (Cognizant) employees

This could be off topic, but would like know some info on experience letters.
I worked for two companies before joining CTS in those one was 'Infosys'. I have total 9+ yrs exp.
Am in process of uploading documents for GC, i was told/ read in forums that Infosys does not provide experience letter, was anyone in the same situation? and how did you handle the same.? i know that we can produce affidavits from former supervisors/ colleagues, but anyone got audits because of these submissions? and how did you manage getting affidavits?(need process), cos supervisor or colleagues could be in different places/ states/ countries or might have left the company, how to make supervisor convince to get a notary on a normal paper, he/she even hardly remember me, would he be able to help? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated on the entire process. Meanwhile, am trying to manage getting letter from second company, its in the process.

FYI- i have Max out till 2019, ya i know you would be wondering how stupid am i to continue with GC,:) my immediate aim is to get I140 then think of something else, hope reaching I140 state would not eat my entire H1 Period.:)
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Posted in H-1B Forum on 12 Nov 2013
Topic: Work authorization possibilities for H4


Iam on H1B, got eligibility from 01-Oct-2013, am in US and working as contractor at client from indian services company. My wife and kid are travelling to US by this month end and they are on H4. My wife is Java developer with apprx 7 yrs exp, she had quit job in india and would like to explore opportunities here in US.
Based on my knowledge or little research i have done, am tryring to jott down the possible options, please guide me with all other possibilities.

1) H4 to H1- This can happen only by applying H1 on 2014 April time. Need to find prospective employer or consultancies.
We might have lottery again in 2014 and possibility of getting picked in lottery is doubt, so 'applying multiple H1s through multiple consultancies could increase the probability', if so, if i can find multiple employers who can sponsor then it's good to go..? if with great luck, if i have two H1s selected, then how to pick one and what to answer other consultancy or employer, what are the implications we need to face from him for denying it.

2) H4 to F1- As explained, we just need to have Visa status maintained and the goal is to 'work", we are thinking option of going to F1 and find a university or college which can offer online Ms program and has very short duration(1yr or so, any idea which univ has short duration courses and less fee?). If i go with this option, this would take another 3 to 4 months to get F1, then what is possibility of getting admission in colleges.? i really don't have knowledge on how the F1 and MS programs are conducted and info related to this. I only know that F1 allows you to work for 20 hrs per week so would like to take advantage of it by attending courses online.

3)H4 to F1 and H1- Applying F1 on own and H1 by employers, in this case i would get possibility of having one of them incase one gets failed. We have few permuttations here.
F1 approved then H1 approved, how to approach in this case.?
H1 approved then F1 approved, how to approach in this case.?
Either one of them approved, then would continue on other visa.
Both of them rejected, my bad luck :(:)

4) Any other possibilties that you can suggest, our intention is my wife to take job opportunity rather sitting in home idle.
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Posted in Tier 1 (General) Forum on 28 Mar 2011
Topic: Anyone travelling to UK in couple of months for job search?

Seems job market is good in UK, and coming financial year would fetch job hunters. So, anybody having plan to travel UK in couple of months(April, may..) ? if any intrested, we can get in touch.
Pls shoot me mail at below mail id or let me know your mail id..
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Posted in Tier 1 (General) Forum on 28 Mar 2011
Topic: Hunting for a UK job being in India

Hi Jithan,
Iam also thinking to travel in couple of months.
Can you tell me which technology you are working on and you are from which place.?

you can shoot me mail if intrested, we can have a discussion.
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Posted in Tier 1 (General) Forum on 18 Nov 2009

Nasi, the number on the passport may not indicate that its EC for Tier1 but clearly indicates that EC is applied for some category.
I heard from some ppl that there is a central database being maintained for all the countries for all the visa applications or refusals or any other statuses. So one country can know the details of previous visa details of other country..etc.. ( i heard this but not sure)

Its good that there is no question in US application, but interviewer may ask on this as he does not see the UK visa. I think it wont hamper US thing as long as we give satisfied answer. So, invest time , think nd move. all the best.

iam not getting what would be the correct answer for US interviewer question.:(
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Posted in Tier 1 (General) Forum on 17 Nov 2009

Nasi, thanks for the update.

After the appeal hearing, wt was your feeling? the attorney was satisfied to remove the ban, did you observe any positive singals (if any)?
But its a very strong lesson, the things which we feel insignificant importance could affect the whole life plans.
Undigestable situation, but believe in coming are happy days.
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Posted in Tier 1 (General) Forum on 11 Nov 2009

All the very best Nasi.
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Posted in Tier 1 (General) Forum on 11 Nov 2009


This is the content form Tier1GerneralGuidence.pdf

--Paragraph 245AA of the Immigration 87.
Rules states that we will only award points when an applicant provides the specified evidence that he/she meets the requirements for this category. The specified documents are as follows:
Original certificate of award of the
i) qualification. This document must be the original (not a copy) and must clearly show the:
applicant’s name; •
title of the award; •
date of the award; and•
name of the awarding institution.•
We will not accept original provisional certificates.---

Observe that "original provisional certificates are not accepted".

You are supposed to submit original mba certification along with provisional if you want while filing the application.

AR cases do not accept extra documents(to submit original certificate) along with appeal form.

You hav to apply freshely again.
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Posted in Tier 1 (General) Forum on 04 Oct 2009
Topic: Why to migrate to UK?

Hi Karuna,
Though thats a relief statement, can you elaborate with any substantial points/experience.??
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Posted in Tier 1 (General) Forum on 14 Sep 2009
Topic: Is this the right time travel UK for job search.???

Rajesh, thanks for the reply, but do you really feel advertising jobs in portal will reduce due to christmas season.? any substantial comment on that.??? but im getting lot of mails on openings not sure how far they are true..
anyways, after i sent my passport it took only 3 or 4 working days to stamp the visa, i did all my visa activities frm Bangalore VFS.
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