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temporary green card and divorce

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Posted by Akamal (2) 18 Oct 2009#1
I got married in Feb 2009 it was religious and bonafide marriage and my wife applied for my GC i got one in June but soon after that she started to treat me like a no one and still she is trying to use me for her family financially. since she could not do it now the whole family is threating me to deport from usa. I dont know what I should do in this case. we are still legally together but now for few days she is not living with me. please give me some advice for my immigration status what precautions I should take to avoid any sudden inciden also. my temp GC will expire in June 2011.
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Posted by teacher (181)   19 Oct 2009#2
to Akamal:

~Hello Akmal~

Firstly i am sorry to hear about your marital problems arising from your situation. I hope all works out and goes well for all involved especially you. Now In response to your concern, to be on the safe side of the fence avoid getting into any physical,emotional or verbal confrontations with your wife and her relatives (this could mean trouble if you do). It's better to live separately than to be involved in fights etc. If at any time you feel threatened in anyway by your relatives in law make a police report...for your own benefit and get out of the situation.

As it relate to your immigration status: YOU ARE LEGAL and there is NOTHING your wife can do at this time to stop your immigration process, you have your conditional green card for two years. They CANNOT deport you!! Gather all evidence that your marriage was bonafide (house lease with your names, joint bank accounts, magazine subscriptions, bills in both names ids with same address etc). Also keep a record/copy of all these documents including photos, passports, socials, anything that shows that you co-habit as man and wife. The reason you need to keep a record of all these is just in case things get worse and divorce comes in the picture. Please note that even if you get divorce you can still obtain your permanent green card without the help of your wife. For now i think you should continue your research, gather your evidence, keep your mail and green card safe. Your immigration status is fine and will remain unaffected for the next 2 years or until you guys divorce even at which time you can file for your papers with out her help.

Hope this helps..keep in touch.
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Posted by Akamal (2) 20 Oct 2009#3
to teacher:

thanks teacher for your detailed reply i still have one concern that inspite of all the proofs of lease, Auto insurance, health insurance and mutual bills and joint bank account, life insurance, she was living off and on with me for the time being due to the father and mother who wanted her to settle with me permanently in March 2010 as she was the bread earner in the family. we barely had physical contact due to the
father and mother instructions to her not to have it right now. does this matter later on at some point if she tries to usee this against me to go for annulment. if you have some info about this, please help me.
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Posted by teacher (181)   20 Oct 2009#4
to Akamal:

Please note that this is not legal advice: This is just my two sense on the issue.

I think there is no need for you to worry right now or later. First your immigration status is legal. You have the conditional green card already. I am assuming that you guys both went for an Adjustment of Status Interview with USCIS and that both of you agreed and stated that your marriage was bonafide....meaning that your wife would have no grounds to annul your marriage.

It's easier and much simpler for her to go for a simple divorce/dissolution of marriage. Annulment is very costly and can take years to complete. Did you consummate your marriage (have sex during your marriage)? Did you have a sex change? Are you bisexual and didn't let her know?...if your answer is no then it is very unlikely that your marriage will ever be annulled. I think you have nothing to worry about.

In many cases the US Citizen souse will try to "cry" that the marriage was a sham and that the immigrant "tricked" them into marriage:'s not that easy to state that without implicating self after the green card has been granted to the immigrant. Kee a clean track of all your papers/evidence of your marriage. Your marriage is very young..less than a year to date based on the given date of marriage ( feb.2009) However, that's no excuse for your pain and this will not be used against you in your immigration works ahead if your have reasons why the marriage didnt work and evidence that you married in good faith.

If you must try invite your wife for marital counseling: if she refuses. Do it on your own and keep a record of all the dates you attend the class/session as well as the name of your teacher/counselor. You may need to get a letter from that person later on to include in the package in two years time when you apply to remove the conditions on your green card!
~Hope this helps~ Remember avoid any physical/verbal/emotional confrontation as much as possible.~
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Posted by lonelygirl (1) 07 Jun 2010#5
to teacher:

anyone can help me about my situation?i am asian woman married to an american citizen.i can't stay with him no more coz he abuse me through emotionally and financially.i left him and i stayed to my girlfriend right now...and i don't know what to do coz my green card is good only for two years and he keep telling me that he going to deport me if i wont come back to him.but i dont want to be abuse anymore and i want to stay here in the united states.what should i need to do to stay here?how can i continue my green card without him?and he keeps texting me too that he won't file a divorce but he will gonna deport me...what im gonna do??please reply me as soon as you read my letter...thank you

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Posted by ilovetheusa (36) 23 Jun 2010#6
to lonelygirl:

He CANNOT deport you period. What you need to do is quite simple. Just like the other guy got a very detailed answer from Teacher, keep all the bills, insurance, bank accounts, etc and all the threatening texts that he has sent you. 90 days prior to the the expiration of your conditional GC, go to an attorney and file I-761 (I think) the one that removes conditions. When your interview for removal of conditions comes, explain to the IO the reason why you left the marriage. Your evidence will certaily help. Good luck
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Posted by alexxus87 (1) 02 Jul 2010#7
im from eastern europe, married an american citizen, who is 15 years older then me, although everybody told me it was a mistake, i beleived that our love is different, and we will not have any problems, but it was no exception. I still love my husband very much, but he no longer wants to be with me, saying that we are too different people, want different things from life and we argue a lot, he s told me to move out, and he would stay married to me for my second green card, which is not due till november, 2011. to begin with, I dont beleive him, he might mean it right now, but knowing him, i am sure he will change his mind, and i am afraid it will negatively affact my case. even though he abuses me emotionally (saying he doesnt love me anymore, i am not spacial to him and curses me out), I love him and dont want to lose him, for a week now, i have begged him to forgive me (actually, i didnt even do anything) and give our marriage another chance. I have been having panic attacks, and im in a very unhealthy life surrounding right now.
I think he is being serious and he wants me out of his life, and im so scared of that, as he is the only family i got, he is actually the reason im here, i was gonna leave the country for good in april 2009, but he begged me not leave and marry him. now he says that marring me was the biggest mistake of his life. I dont want it to be over, but i m starting to realize that it is inevitable. i told him i dont have anywhere to go and i cant afford a place of my own, he doesnt seem to care about it. I have a low paying job and all the money i make are going to pay all the bills, including his cell phone and car insuarance. he pays the mortgage, and the rest of the money he cashes out and spends on his own. before we got married he had me sign a prenaptual agreement, stating that the house is his and not ours, so he keeps paying for HIS house and im paying for OUR bills.
i have been keeping all the bills and bank statements plus tax return, that we filed jointly; i have done some research and found out that it would be really helpful to have children or joint property: he doesnt want to have children with me and did not put me on the title of the house.
What should i do?
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Posted by carlyn2010 (3) 28 Jul 2010#8
Hello people, my situation is this i've been married for almost 1 year and half so i have a recieved my green card but not the 10 year residency he petition me as a fiance so then i have to wait for 2yrs to get the green card for 10 year residency, but the sadly part is our marriage is not working out he is been accusing me of cheating on him and he also hits me but i am scared to call the police because if i do that im thinking that i might go back to my country and he wants to divorce me and im thinking if we do get divorce he can make things up like that im cheating on him and all that jelous side of him i am really confuse my question is am i still able to stay in america if he divorce me even though were only married less than 2 years?Or do i have to marry someone that is american citizen for me to stay?please help me i am really stressed.
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Posted by chucky12 (2) 28 Jul 2010#9
to carlyn2010:

if you have a 2 yeear green card you can apply for removal of conditions on your own after you divorce. make sure you have documentation that is required like bank and things. or jus file for abused spouse
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Posted by teacher (181)   29 Jul 2010#10
to chucky12:

To file as abused spouse you need to have "extensive" proof that you or your children were abused in the first place.
That includes but is not limited to : police report(s), medical reports, hospital bills etc, X-Ray of broken/scared limbs, social services evaluation especially in cases that US citizen spouse denies immigrant spouse of food, clothing, water, and shelter leaving the immigrant to seek shelter in homeless shelter or community based organisation, also any proof from pastor, friends, letter from psychologist, marraige counsellor etc, prescription etc..and any other way you can SHOW you were you ABUSED.

i think Carlyn2010 stated that she never reported the abuse the police out of she may need to seek alternative sources of proof..

*just thought i would add this to the list*
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Posted by miasurviver (8) 02 Aug 2010#11
Hello everyone, I'm coming to this site for some advice as for right now I can't really afford a lawyer. My husband (US citizen) and I met back in my home country. I followed him here after a couple of months with the intention of going to school up here. The school turned out not to be what I wanted, not to mention how expensive it was for my family to pay for it. I was getting ready to leave the country but my husband begged me to stay and asked me to marry him. I was in love, so was he, so we had a small wedding and move in together. As days started passing by I realized he was a completely different person: he smokes marihuana every day, he became emotionally abusive, telling me he loved me one day, then saying I should move out the next day. I stayed there by his side trying my best to make our marriage work. We had our first interview on July 21st, the case was approved and I got my green card today. The situation at home is simply crazy, he got fired from his job about a month ago and refuses to look for a new one, so I'm supporting us both financially. He's made it really clear that he has not romantic interest on me any more, although he claims he will not divorce me and will help me in two years to get my permanente GC (I don't even know if I can believe this coming from a pot smoker + I think he's only trying to get money from me at this point). I have found a good job and want to have the opportunity of a good future here. However I think that if I saty with him I will end up loosing my mind and self steem completely. We have only been married since February... Basically I want to know what I can do: should I just put up with the situation? Divorce me and apply for a CG on my own? How risky is this second option? I love the man I married but not the guys he's become and don't really know what to do anymore
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Posted by teacher (181)   02 Aug 2010#12
to miasurviver:

Hello Miasurviver,

Welcome to trackitt! i gather from reading your post here that your marriage is bonafide! The petition to adjust your sttaus in the USA was approved an dyou got greencard today: congratulations! I am sorry you seem to not be able to "celebrate" this occasion since so much is going on around you.

First i would say if you think your marriage can be fixed then you should explore all options ( marriage therapy, faith based help or other sources of help in your area : you can research FREE marital help in your zip code and see what's available, most will cost you nothing..if you too decide to try that). Also should the unfortunate happen and your marriage doesnt "mend" itself you will have all these of evidence that your marriage was bonafide and you made attempts to keep and make your marriage work- This will help you later when ou begin to file your removal of conditions).

In the meantime keep a record of all documents that you submitted to USCIS at interview and all letters from them to you and your husband. keep copies and originals of all these documents safe in the unlikely event that your husband should "switch" for the worst and decide to "sobatage" you.

To be FRANK you dont need your husband help to complete any further immigration process from this point on, since you said you got your greencard in hand today. So please do not feel that you are BOUND to subject yourself to abuse in any shape, color or form. OK. Also do not be held hostage by his demeaning ways as well. when the time comes and you need to remove the conditions on your greencard you can always file a waiver and do it yourself without your husband. for this to work to your advantage you MUST be divorced and have divorce decree in hand to file with. OR IN CASES OF EXTREME CRUELTY AND ABUSE you dont need to have divorce papers to file.

Also i dont think you need to hire a lawyer at this stage in your immigration process..your journey is practically over..just with a little more distance to go :)

Should you have specific questions you may always repost and ask them here!

:) just for you.....
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Posted by miasurviver (8) 03 Aug 2010#13
Thank you so much for your reply teacher, waking up to it was a really nice start. I have suggested marriage counseling several times but my husband was never open to it. As much as it hurts me I don't see how our marriage can ever work out when all he cares about is pot. I really don't wish to live with him anymore. Last night as many others, he was up until really late hanging out with his friends and I hardly had any sleep which is affecting my work and health. I keep trying to see the man I fell in love with but he just seems harder and harder to find. I'm really happy about getting my temporary GC but this situation is really bad and I basically want to know what I can do on my own to be able to stay and not depend on him. There has never been physical abuse from him ( I mean he's lost but not a bad person) so I have never called the cops. I know he'd divorce me if I ask him and pay for it, however beign we have only been married since February I don't know how strong of a chance I stand self petitioning for a waiver based on a bonda fine marriage. I wish we could be happy but he simply does not longer care. What do you suggest I do? Thanks again
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Posted by chucky12 (2) 03 Aug 2010#14
I do have a question. My ex sent her I751 in and it was returned because of sending in too much money. Her conditional green card expires in Nov 2010 and has yet to refile her I751. If she doesnt file in the 90 day window what will happen? I know about the letter that you can write explaining that why she is filing late. Second question, if she put down an incorrect address on the first I751 what will happen if she resubmits this I751 with a new or still using the old address? Thirdly, if she doesn't refile, how long will it take before she is put in removal conditions?
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Posted by carlyn2010 (3) 03 Aug 2010#15
Hello i have a question ive been married for 1 year and half and my husband peition mo as fiance but things are not working out i got my green card last year but it's the conditional one so im planning to divorce him and apperantly i couldn't find our marriage papers or even my green card, can i still divorce him?and my other question is if i divorce him am i still able to stay here in america?
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Posted by teacher (181)   04 Aug 2010#16
to miasurviver:

Hello Miasurviver,

Since you can no longer co-habit with your husband as man and wife, i suggest you start looking into a divorce. However, before you do that you can also get yourself a marriage counselor or pastor or any organisation that helps to mend marriages. This has many benefits to you. Your marriage breaking away is really hurting you and affecting your job and more than likely your social life: seeing a counsellor will put you on record (as trying to get help for yourself and your marriage) get documents of your sessions as well as keep their contact info for when you are ready to remove the conditions on your current greencard. Even if you eventually get a divorce you will still have these sources of evidence that your marriage was indeed bonafide and you sought help to put it together. Ok.

It doesnt matter much that you were married since February. You can wait until next february to make it one year even to start your divorce process: during this time you dont have to "live" with him. That part all depends on you. In the meantime all i can say is for you to gather all the evidence that you can that shows that your marriage is bonafide. Also research the divorce laws in yor state since the laws vary from state to state. Also get all info and documents you can of your husband. In most cases it really doesnt matter who files for the divorce: you or him.
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Posted by miasurviver (8) 13 Aug 2010#17
to teacher:

Thank you for all of your help teacher. I already have an appointment set up with an immigration lawyer this coming Monday. My mother-in-law has managed to brainwashed my husband into making him believe I was cheating on him, and that I only want to move out to be with the other guy. She's offered to pay for the divorce since he's still unemployed. I'm really concern because even though our marriage was real I don't have much more proves than what we brought to the initial interview on July (same apartment lease, same joint account, no joint property, no recent pictures) I am devastated with all of this. I can't believe the same guy who went down on one knee and asked me to marry him is now risking my stay in this country and treating me like crap.
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Posted by teacher (181)   13 Aug 2010#18
to miasurviver:

Hello Miasurviver,

I understand all you are going through now, but the good thing is that you will be able to go thorugh with your divorce.
Beware of moher-in-law and her "help-ful" ways, make sure you keep records and copy of all documents involved in your marriage
as well as divorce. It's ok if mother-in-law wishes to pay for divorce, but watch any unreasonable clause/statement used on paper. The most common one
is that you married him to escape immigration out ok.
Dont worry about additional eveidences, keep the old ones safe, also in the mean time see who knows both of you and will be willing to write a letter
stating that your relationship and marriaage was real. The more people who knew this and can attest to it will be better for you.

Dont let any immigration lawayer extort you..ok.. if you have it all worked out: this is something you can do by yourself.
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Posted by miasurviver (8) 18 Aug 2010#19
to teacher:

Dear Teacher,

Thank you for all the advice you have given me. I just wanted to keep you updated on my situation as I think I'd be helpful for others who are facing it. I went to see the lawyer on Monday (no worries she didn't charge me a penny for the initial consultation and really took the time to give me her advice based on the cases she has handled) She disagree with you for the most part, as she says the marriage is way too young for immigration to see it as legit at this point if I get a divorce now and file for self waiver with no additional evidence than what I presented at the first interview. She recommended I delay the divorce process as much as possible and in the mean time aim to get further evidence; eg: get health insurance for me and my husband, open additional bank account on both of our names, get a credit card on both of our names, etc. The only thing that concerns me here is that I won't have any more pictures. You make it sound like it will be easy but honestly I'm freaking out. I have talked to my husband, who managed to stay off weed for a week now and it's a lot more lucid, we have agreed that we can't keep living together and he says he will help me up until I get my permanent residency, but I don't even see how that's even doable with us not living together or being a couple anymore. I am really nervous and don't really know what path to take here, I don't want to have to leave the US.
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Posted by teacher (181)   20 Aug 2010#20
to miasurviver:

Hello Miasarviver,

Thank you for posting an update on your case. I is beneficial to all of us "trackers".

The thing with US immigration process is that no two cases are the same. Everyone no matter how similar the case/situation is
in th eyes of USCIS the cases are all VERY different. Modt of the info we share with each other here is really in general and is to be used
as general guidelines and not really for specific situtaions. Also it is GREAT that you sought the help of an immigration lawyer since most of us
"trackers" are non lawyers going through the immigration process.

I know your situation is hard an di really hope that i DIDN'T in anyway undermined what you are going through and your concerns.
Sorry if i made it appear to be an easy task ahead of you. But again i express that it is doable and that you will not lose your immigration status
here in the USA as a result of a divorce after 1 year of marriage provided the marriage was bonafide to begin with and
that you file removal of conditions /I-751 with all available
supporting documents 90 days before the 2nd anniversary of the date you received temporary greencard.

If you are able to stay in your marriage for the needed documents, then that is your choice. But please know that there are no rules that state
that you must stay in a broken marriage ( that may or may not result in danger to you). As i told you before, since you have never had to make a police report against your husband ( which would serve as evidence of your situation), another recourse is to seek "help" from people who can provide
evidence that you tried to keep your marriage when it was failing. These can be pastors, marriage counsellors, or social case managers. For example:
if your husband gets "high" and you cant take may sleep at a homeless shelter or a protected shelter if you are afraid of what may happen if he gets "high"...just saying.... The shelter will provide you with a letter or a document explaining that you sought refuge there as a result of your husband. That will serve as another source of evidence should the divorce come sooner than you hope.

My dear do not become a "prisoner" of anyone here in the USA. The lawyer failed to explain that there are laws to protect migrant women/men
from which you can benefit in your situuation. Do not panic, think on your feet, do more research, seek advice from at least two more sources as well.
You are already a permanent resident ( look at your greencard) only thing is you have 1 condition: that you file to remove the conditions on your card!
read up more on filing I-751.
Please post a follow up...thank you.
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Posted by miasurviver (8) 22 Aug 2010#21
to teacher:

Hello teacher,

first of all I wanted to thank you again for all the support you are giving me and all the other tackers who come across this forum. 

This whole situation has become an emocional drain for me. After moving to a small room ( leaving my marriage, the man I love and my puppy behind) I decided enough was enough: I had cried, begged and suffered so much it doesn't make any sense I'm still in love wishing my marriage would work. My husband seemed to be ok about the whole thing and once again told me we should remain married and he'd help me remove the conditions on my GC when the time comes. He offered his friendship and support since I really have no friends or family here. Two hours later he is angry asking me if I have been with someone else which brought me down to tears. I am still in love with him while he just swipes the floor with me. He goes from hating me to loving me a bunch of times all through all the day and I am just really hurt and tired. I know I can't trust he will help me remove the conditions when the time comes. Ho does someone that said they loved you turn to screwing you up like this? He has made every single menthal justifiation to his behavior while blaming me for everything that happens in his life ( even with me no longer being a part of it) I'm really tired of him and his family saying I only used him and I was the only one who got something good ou of this situation while making me up stories about me. I know this is not a psychologycal site but I just have no people can talk to about this. 

Besides the emotional instability my life is going good. I have a full time job that pays good and some freelance projects that allow me to save money ( I was thinking to get a car but now I think I just need to save in the event things don't go well) I know you have comfored me before but again the main issue here is that even thou the marrige was of good faith it's only been 6 months since the ceremony And a month since I got my temp GC I wouldn't believe me if I was the immigration officer. I can try to strech this situation to the aniversary date but honestly I would so much rather not have anything to do with my husband because it simply hurts so much. If it was a regular marriage that's what I'd do, stop contact and move on.  

I know I am not alone in this situation and others have it a lot harder. I want to share with you about the proofs I have about our marriage being of good faith:

The apparment lease on both of our names that is up on January

Two joint bank accounts ( one he still uses and I obviously have no acess to and where hardly any money is being deposit since he's out of job)
The other one i took and I'm using it as my saving account where money goes with saving purposses exclusively.

Light bill with both our names on it, I have the last bill but I don't see how I'm going to get mire after this point.

Gym contract on both our names valid until February next year.

Photocopie of both our lisence with the current adress on them.

I am going to include him in my health insurance and life policy.

I would include him in my tax retuns but I don't know if he'd do the same with his.

I am going to start attending marriage counseling at a near by church.

I have couple of friends in common that can write affidavit letters ( do this need to be notarized?) but none from his family or him ( I don't think)

As for pictures I have extensive pictures of our relationship back in our home country, plenty of our wedding/ reception and plenty of our married life up until his bday on the 11th I don't see him cooperating to get new pictures taken.

I feel under the time guidelines I feel frustrated and like he is in absolut control of me being able to have a life here. He's sort of suggested we date ( which only sounds to me like he wants to use me for sex) I have reached the point where I don't know if I should just leave to my home country and try to make a life there, it just seems so unfair, but I'm just so tired and hurt I don't know how to act anymore

Sorry is this is too long I just wanted to give you the details

Thanks again
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Posted by teacher (181)   23 Aug 2010#22
to miasurviver:

Hello miasurviver,

Thank you for your posting. I admit that whereas we are neither pychologists nor lawyers here...we are indeed HUMAN, migrants
in the American Immigration process. We are only victims if we see ourselves as such. ok

My opinion is that you quit worrying so much, keep working, save some money for rainy days, collect as much evidence as you possibly can that
shows your marriage was bonafide. You are still married and every day will this case. ok.

Since you have separated from your spouse now, but still married...maybe you could let some more time play out before filing for divorce.
Even though you dont live are still married. Only make sure that your timing is perfect and that you check out the divorce laws
and process for the State you are in as well as ensure that you file your I-751 form 90 days before the second anniversary of your temporary greencard.
It is much easier and you can file by yourself provided your divorce is final by before that timeline runs out.

Some of your evidence are "futuristic" ( you say you will add him to policy etc). Please add him to anything else you have NOW while you are still married.
Make sure you have actually copies of these light bills etc with both names.

I think you will be fine and that if you quit worrying about the immigration process NOW and start planning for LATER you will
go through the curves so smooothly and come out the other end triumphantly. Like i said i am in the process myself. My situation may be a bit different
from yours but i am in the process all the same.

Go do your counselling session even by yourself and let it be documented for evidence later on. i know you have only been married about 7 months according to what you explained and counting since youre still married...give it a year and file for divorce then ....if it makes you feel more "safer"
with immigration. Also when you worry so much you may be your worst enemy and "draw' suspicion to yourself. Take it easy and plan your steps.

Your spouse no longer has "absolute" control of you being here...ok. Please research. In fact he is responsible for your well being here, but not in control of you being here...since you got your greencard. For your spouse to proof that you married him for fraud...he will also have to prove that he DIDNT married you for Fraud as well....which will put him in a sticky and risky situation. Anyways from what you have written about him...he doesnt seem to ne the type to go through all that....not with his "little herb smoking" habit....he just wants to be happy and maybe it's not with you. This could be a good thing for both of you. Maybe it will help you focus on you more....

This is not therapy or legal advice ok...just friendly well researched words from a fellow tracker in cyber space. Sometimes we are all we've got...

One love....Bob Marley
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Posted by miasurviver (8) 24 Aug 2010#23
Hello Teacher,

Thank you again for all your support. I have realized there is no point on me worrying, regardless of the outcome. I can only do my best and like you said plan my steps. I will continue to collect as much evidence as I can so I will have a stronger case when the time comes. Have a great day
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Posted by dhwf (55) 04 Sep 2010#24

Anybody knows what are my options if I am not divorced, but can't get my husband support to remove the conditions of my residence? My time to file is running out, so I am thinking I might get deported in December, and although it doesn't bother me to go back to my country, I would like to stay here. Thank you for your comments.
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Posted by athena28 (1) 05 Sep 2010#25
I am a Filipino and I got married to my american husband (5 years my senior) in december of 2009. I left my job,family and friends just to be with him. In the first months of our marriage I know something isn't right, we always argued and we can't even talk like normal people, we can't discuss topics without having an argument, aside from that, we also have a sex problems. Aside from our sexlife sucks we also suck. We were usually okay for a couple of days and after a couple of days, u can expect another word war 3 and this kind of relationship is so tiring. He's not abusing me physically but he abuses me mentally and emotionally. He cursed a lot,never in my life I was being disrespected, He treated me so bad, he treats me like a garbage. I'm trying to understand him,he is the most difficult person I have ever met, I had a degree in Psychology way back home so I dealt with different personality all the time as part of my previous job but he always told me I'm the one who needs help. I always wanted to leave and just go back home and start my life without him until I got a job in one of the biggest companies in america, i started to appreciate my worth as a person. He owns a business and Im also working,Im helping him w the bills,I am not a freeloader in their house but he treats me like a worthless person. We are undergoing marriage couseling but I don't think he's gonna change,He sees himself as a perfect person,he always points his fingers at me telling me I am always at fault and I don't wanna do this for the rest of our lives. My question is do I have the right to file a divorce?
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