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20 Oct 2013
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27 Nov 2013
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Need to enter country within 5 months.

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Posted by aarkay18
27 Nov 2013 #1

HI, I am in US for past 7 years, have US Master's degree. Have GC EB2 with I-140 approved with Priority date Feb 2013. Long way to go...

In the process or after getting Australia PR, will it affect any way US GC process ? Will it cause any issues while filing 485 later ? PR is just a visa in passport ? no other change to passport or citizenship right ?

Please advise. I would like to start Aus PR process now.

Posted by PRwaiter
01 Dec 2013 #2
My GC EB 2 is in progress and my 8th year H1 extn is in progress. I am in the last stage of Aussie PR.
In Aussie PR document they asked if I have PR from any other country. For me the answer is "no". But eventually, when I file I-485 for the US, if they ask me the same question, I'll have to say "yes" and in comments mention that I will renounce Aussie PR. Hopefully that'll work. So, I don't knwo the legal or correct answer to your question. But since my visa is stuck at BALCA, I'll ready to take the risk.
Posted by aarkay18
02 Dec 2013 #3
Thanks very much for ur reply PRwaiter

After you get Aus PR, is there any rule that you have to visit or stay in Aus for some time ? I mean is it possible to stay in US even after getting Aus PR ?

Can you please share any links about all the process to start Aus PR application ? How much is the fees ? I am married, so will my wife also needs to give separate application and fees ?

What do you mean by ur visa stuck at BALCA ? is ur PERM pending ?

Thanks very much in advance for ur reply!
Posted by PRwaiter
06 Dec 2013 #4
Gosh,...you sound just like my situation.
Here's the website where you can find everything about it. http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/
For you and your wife...just the aussie PR part will be approx $5200. But with IELTS exam, skill assessment it'll total to about 7000 USD.
If your wife is not working and doesnot need to give IELTS, skills assessment, u'll save some cash....but u'll get 5 points less in your skillselect points process. I decided to add my wife and happened to get 80-85 points. I got an invite to apply in under 5 days.

Yes, my PERM is pending - case of roving employee.

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