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Canadian Experience Class case: Pending for 4697 days (-4364 days more than average)
26 Nov 2009
Buffalo, USA
05 Jan 2010
02 Sep 2010
02 Sep 2010
4671 days
17 Apr 2009
08 Jul 2014
Application recvd by office on September 10th 2009. Had to resend due to IELTS req.

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Posted by aasghar
17 Apr 2009 #1
Hey guys. This seems like a very useful portal.
I've monitored some cases, and it appears as though i should have heard something back by now (returned app, AOR, or cashed Draft) - cause for concern ?
Posted by kaswardy
07 Jun 2009 #2
its been a long time.... you should have heard back. Did you inquire into it?
Posted by aasghar
21 Jul 2009 #3
I did. it appears that they have either lost my Package, or the package was lost in mail back to me.

I'll be reapplying this week.

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