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Canadian Experience Class case: Pending for 3860 days (-3527 days more than average)
04 Mar 2013
Ottawa, Canada
15 Apr 2013
05 Jan 2013
18 Nov 2013
04 Mar 2013
05 Dec 2013
13 Dec 2013
03 Jan 2014
03 Apr 2014
14 Apr 2014
3032 days
26 Feb 2013
30 Apr 2014
# 18 Nov '13 --> Received request for Police Certificate. Same was submitted already when applying initially., so ignoring this as instructed in e-mail # 5 Dec '13 --> Received request for RPRF payment, Medicals, Bio-Data

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Posted by SKK18
28 Nov 2013 #1
Did they ask you for Police certificate ?? If yes where did you get it? Through BLS...it seems Police certificate through Indian consulate take 6 weeks and CIC has mentioned no later than Dec. 20th I don't think I will get in time.

Posted by findingmyself
28 Nov 2013 #2
I've been asked for the RCMP finger print check - which also I submitted earlier with the application itself.
As for the Indian PCC - suggest you mail the scanned copies of your receipt to CIC telling that you've already applied for it, and it MIGHT go beyond 20th December.
Posted by anyta66
08 Jan 2014 #3
Question, did you get your Medicals sent date from your doctor? or is it already posted in ECAS? Just wondering as I also did my medicals in December and are not showing yet in CAS.

Posted by findingmyself
08 Jan 2014 #4
Didn't get anything on paper from the doctor - but generally they do tell u if call them up and ask. The formal date can only be said as the one when it gets updated in ECAS.
I've also heard that sometimes CIC gets delayed in updating ECAS but still moves on to the next stage.

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