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Canadian Experience Class case: Approved in 329 days (4 days less than average)
13 Mar 2013
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
22 Apr 2013
02 Feb 2013
22 Apr 2013
10 Dec 2013
12 Dec 2013
16 Dec 2013
27 Dec 2013
05 Feb 2014
05 Feb 2014
06 Feb 2014
329 days
10 Jul 2013
11 Feb 2014
Even after receiving the Medical request, in ECAS it is still showing as 'Application Received' ---- RPRF, Biodata request received on 11.Dec RPRF paid on 12.Dec ---- travelled on Open Work Permit and reached there on Jan 27th, same day sent for immi

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Posted by solankiatish
22 Oct 2013 #1
Hi did your status change from received to progress
Posted by desigui
03 Dec 2013 #2
Hi Solankiatish, how do we know that it is changed from received to progress, let me know I will check it immediately
Posted by desigui
10 Dec 2013 #3
Even after receiving the Medical request, in ECAS it is still showing as 'Application Received'
Posted by smeet2002
13 Dec 2013 #4
How come you got your RPRF request before you did medicals? Is that a mistake?
Posted by desigui
13 Dec 2013 #5
Lol :-)
Question to be posted to CIC...
Posted by Dipy
20 Jan 2014 #6

My status is i have sent medicals on 17 Dec and now waiting for next step.

1) how did you received passport request..email or mail?
2) Did they ask you only for passport or ask you to do landing as well
3)Did they ask you specific border office to do landing
4) If you are in toronto can you let me know where do you go for landing

Posted by Dipy
20 Jan 2014 #7
Sorry sent medicals on 17 Jan 2014
Posted by desigui
23 Jan 2014 #8
I received the passport request via email
email stated to submit the passport
nothing information about landing office
I will be going to border near Niagara falls

note: I have applied via lawyer, hence before I goto to the border, will check with her. I have a open work permit and valid visa for travel.
I am traveling on 26th jan, will post you once stamping is done...
Posted by Dipy
06 Mar 2014 #9

I got passport with approved status, Also its mention that it’s not necessary that you go on border and do the landing, you can take appointment and go to Canada immigration office, what’s the difference if you to go border and do landing or go to immigration office
Posted by desigui
06 Mar 2014 #10
Did they say which is the immigration office? if not to my knowledge its still the border...
are in Toronto, goto Fort Erie one, its much faster and easier which is closer to US border.

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