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Canadian Experience Class case: Approved in 111 days (222 days less than average)
22 Oct 2008
Buffalo, USA
06 Nov 2008
15 Nov 2008
27 Nov 2008
22 Jan 2009
10 Feb 2009
10 Feb 2009
111 days
30 Nov -0001
10 Feb 2009
No Documents Requested.No interview required. RPRF paid and received by CIC on Dec 8. Medical Results received by Ottawa on Dec 12. RECEIVED PPR TODAY!!!Ecas updated to Medicals Received.

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Posted by iceman82
11 Dec 2008 #1
hi menezesm, out of interest, did you submit IELTS results with your application, or a written declaration? thanks!
Posted by menezesm
12 Dec 2008 #2
I submitted a written declaration.
Posted by wclstream
16 Dec 2008 #3
Just curious to know. Did you apply with 2 yrs work experience or student work experience?
Posted by bkumar
29 Dec 2008 #4
Hi Menezesm, I am also planning to apply for Canadian PR , I have been working in Canada since 2004.
Could you please provide me the written declaration format you sent with your application , please mail me at [email protected]
Thanks in advance ,
Posted by menezesm
01 Feb 2009 #5
hey rajdeepa, i studied here for 3 years and worked for 1 year prior to sub imtting my ap, i began my second year of employment 3 months before submitting my CEC application.

2 more weeks and i should have an answer from CIC ...PPR hopefully!

Bkumar.........my written declaration format was exactly waht they requested in teh guidelines. i grew up in Ghana which is officially english speaking so that is what i mentioned plus i attended a british school and did all the Cambridge University exams. My letter was very simple.

Take care all
Posted by iceman82
02 Feb 2009 #6
Congratulations menezesm! My IA was only 11 days after yours so fingers crossed the PPR will come in the next 2 weeks.
Posted by iceman82
02 Feb 2009 #7
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the "passport requested" date on trackitt should be the one listed on the letter, not the date that you received it? I think that's what the other two put down.
Posted by menezesm
02 Feb 2009 #8
you are right. the date on the leetter was Jan 22 2009 i will correct it asap. Thanks man !
Posted by wclstream
02 Feb 2009 #9
congrats menezesm!
Posted by incanada
05 Feb 2009 #10
hi...congratulations....are you going in person or mailing in your passport for stamping
Posted by menezesm
05 Feb 2009 #11
Hey i'm going in person this coming Tuesday.....at 8am.......do you know if i have to make an appointment? It doesn't say so on the sheet of paper they sent me so i'm guessing i just show up and wait in line?? wish me luck!
Posted by incanada
05 Feb 2009 #12
hi...you do not need an appointment......you can just go there and submit your passport and you would get it back the same day!!!! shortly after you would be doing your landing so in person is pretty straight forward i guess...... i hv mailed my passports to buffalo and am now waiting for the same to come back after stamping
Posted by menezesm
06 Feb 2009 #13
thanks so much! i wonder what happened to coolkiller hahahha he has not come back perhaps ? hmmmmmmmm
Posted by canon
06 Feb 2009 #14
he's out coolkilling
Posted by canon
06 Feb 2009 #15
or may be he got cornered by the paparazzi for being the first person to land under the cec:)
Posted by FunkyMunky
06 Feb 2009 #16
so when are you going?:) or mailing it? I wish I could just take a day off work and go myself but alas I dont have the US visa to enter Buffalo.. passport will be done next week and will land some time after!
wow :)
3 months - noone believes me
it took my 2 close friends 18 months.. they're so jealous and a bit angry, I feel bad :)
Posted by menezesm
06 Feb 2009 #17
i'm going on tuesday :) yes it may be better to just mail it and then do the landing later....i have friends in niagara so its not too much trouble....yes this will be my first day off in two years! hahaha what a workaholic i am...now i think i should relax a bit.......
Posted by menezesm
10 Feb 2009 #18
Details of my trip:

Left Burlington ON at 8am >> Arrived in Buffalo at 9.15am
Went through US IMMIGRATION: Had to get out of car and go inside Port of Entry Office. Index fingers scanned, Eyes photographed. Paid $6US to enter buffalo and was released at 9.45am
Continued to HSBC CENTRE > tallest building in buffalo. Found parking, went inside, waited in line in front of elevators for 20 mins. Went upstairs to Consulate, waited in line for 5 mins and handed over Passport, Letter, Passport Pics. Was given a card with a number.
Went downstairs for coffee and came back at 11am. Went upstairs and was called for passport at 11.10am
Then i had to wait for 3 hours before i could land in Canada as the computer system takes 3 hours to update your records.
Reached Canadian Border at 2pm. Was given landing document and cleared customs at 2.37pm
LEFT BUFFALO!!! PR Card will be mailed to me within 4-6 weeks.

10 Feb 2009 #19
Congratulations !!! menezesm....
Posted by iceman82
10 Feb 2009 #20
Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your story. I'm eagerly awaiting my own passport request now. Go and celebrate!
Posted by endlessecho20
10 Feb 2009 #21
thanks for sharing your story menezesm, you make it sound so easy lol.. congratulations... anyway since you're an Indian just like me I was wondering didn't you have to get a US visa to enter in Buffalo? or did they ended up giving you US visa at the port of entry?? Cheers-- :)
Posted by menezesm
10 Feb 2009 #22
I did have a US visa but they made me get out of my car and go and get fingerprinted and scanned. They said its just like going by air.
Posted by endlessecho20
11 Feb 2009 #23
that make sense then
Posted by cc2tor
13 Feb 2009 #24
Hi..do you know when your RPRF draft/money order was encashed? I'm trying to see if that will help me figure out when I should expect to hear from Buffalo..thanks
Posted by birdish
17 Feb 2009 #25
call your bank (or Canada Post if you bought Postal Money Order) to find out the status of your draft.

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