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Canadian Experience Class case: Approved in 321 days (12 days less than average)
16 Apr 2013
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
07 Jun 2013
16 Apr 2013
12 Dec 2013
16 Dec 2013
17 Jan 2014
20 Feb 2014
03 Mar 2014
03 Mar 2014
08 Mar 2014
Rainbow bridge
321 days
30 Sep 2013
10 Mar 2014
done complet medicals on 15 Jan 2014

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Posted by Dipy
04 Oct 2013 #1
Hello All,

I got my AOR on 7 June, does any one got anything after they received AOR this year.

Posted by harsingh
04 Nov 2013 #2
Hi Dipy,
Did you get your medicals yet?
Posted by Dipy
08 Nov 2013 #3
I haven't received my medicals yet, however, I have recently changed my employer so I sent this information to CIO Sydney Search Office. They replied back saying that they do not have my file any more since it has been transferred to Case Processing Pilot Ottwa (CPPO).
Sent it now to CPPO and hopefully will get a response soon.
Posted by Dipy
12 Nov 2013 #4
Hi All, I got my GCMS notes today. In that the latest Application Status appear as "Open", but the Application Status Reason appear as "TFR-Eligibility". This reason makes me nervous. Does anyone has any idea what this is? I tried to find out about this but couldn't find anything useful.

Thanks in advance!
Posted by harsingh
15 Nov 2013 #5
Its an internal system thing I believe. No need to worry.
Posted by ecstrom
20 Nov 2013 #6
TFR means temporary foreign resident. I think cic is checking your eligibility of status in Canada. As long as u have work permet during ur stay in Canada, you should be fine. Don't worry.

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