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Canadian Experience Class case: Approved in 245 days (88 days less than average)
United Kingdom
17 Mar 2014
Ottawa, Canada
04 Apr 2014
12 Oct 2013
04 Apr 2014
26 Sep 2014
03 Oct 2014
14 Oct 2014
27 Nov 2014
17 Nov 2014
27 Nov 2014
245 days
13 Jan 2014
27 Nov 2014
Nov 21 - Received CoPR. Nov 20 - Received email for landing interview. Has option to cancel and do a border run instead. Will take the interview because sod driving for 7 hours. Interview is Nov 27, 2014.

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Posted by mazu99
26 Sep 2014 #1
Congratulations...good to hear that you request has arrived.
Posted by arowberry
26 Sep 2014 #2
Thanks! Feels like it has been a long road, but almost there now :-)

Hope you get yours soon
Posted by ojohnson
26 Sep 2014 #3
Hey Arow,

quick question.

have you been checking your CIC application online? just was wondering if your status changed a few days before your medical arrived or not. A friend of mine told me that his status adjusted from "application received" just wanted to know whether that was always the case.

Posted by Olacman
26 Sep 2014 #4
Hi Arow and John.
I also have the same question.
Since my application was received in April, it has remained as application received - We received your application for permanent residence on April 4, 2014.
There hasn't been any changes since.
Is this normal or according to other peoples experience staying as it has for so long is not normal.
Thanks for any help!
Posted by arowberry
27 Sep 2014 #5
Hi guys,

My status is still 'Application Received', despite having received my medical request and I have not noticed any updates at any time. Other than being able to update your address, I would say that checking your application online in this way is a waste of time.

To check where my application was in the process and to estimate when I would receive my medical request, I monitored apps that received their AoR at a similar time to mine so I knew where mine sat in the queue.

If you would like to know more about the different stages through the application process, the following link is really useful:

Hope that helps a little :-)
Posted by devpannu
27 Sep 2014 #6
hi there,
could you please tell me if march 17th was the date when you mailed your application to cic or is it the date when they received it?
Posted by arowberry
27 Sep 2014 #7
March 17 is the date that my application arrived in Sydney, NS.
Posted by devpannu
27 Sep 2014 #8
oh okay thanks....mine is the same date....still waiting....fingres crossed
Posted by arowberry
27 Sep 2014 #9
Hopefully you'll hear on Monday :-)
Posted by devpannu
27 Sep 2014 #10
thanks for sharing your positive energy....:)
Posted by Littlepops
16 Oct 2014 #11
Hi! Did you get an email to say your medical had been sent, or was it an ecas update?
Posted by arowberry
16 Oct 2014 #12
ECAS. When I log in, it still just says 'Application Received', but if I click this, then I go to another screen where it indicates that the medical has been received. Doesn't give the received date, but I am pretty amazed to see something update on there!

Still looks like a long wait for the passport request.
Posted by Littlepops
16 Oct 2014 #13
Ah, I see. Yes, it's good to actually see an update! Mine still only says the date they received my app back in March. Apparently ECAS is only updated once a week, on Tuesdays, so I'll check again then.

Yup, although I'm hoping that following the passport request "freeze" (Jul-end Sep), once that backlog is gone, we might see a surge. Maybe. :-)
Posted by ojohnson
16 Oct 2014 #14
They had a passport freeze between those dates? Man I sure hope its all done and this application picks up again. I got my aor about two weeks before arow and I'm still waiting for the request. Anyone have an educated guess as to why some of us have much slower processing times?
Posted by arowberry
16 Oct 2014 #15
Took me about an hour to log back into ECAS (truly a technological wonder), the text it gives is simply:

"1. We received your application for permanent residence on March 17, 2014.
2. Medical results have been received."

I am somewhat optimistic that things will speak up again, but still not seen many passport requests in the past couple of weeks! Hopefully this surge will happen...

@ ojohnson:
The passport request fee is guesswork from people on various immigration forums. From mid-July no passports were requested until recently. Some have suggested that this was due to the period being a heavy processing period for student visas. Now that these visas should have been fully processed, people think that processing should switch back to other areas.

I personally think that a contribution to the slow processing time is simply the summer period of vacations.

No idea why some applications seem to take a bit longer to go through phases, hopefully you will get your medical request soon.
Posted by arowberry
16 Oct 2014 #16
*The passport request FREEZE is guesswork...
Posted by Littlepops
16 Oct 2014 #17
Oh yes, it's all guesswork for sure. We're all so anxious for updates all of the time that we cling on to any possibilities and develop wild theories but the truth is, we don't actually know what goes on in the CIC offices, haha. I'd love to be a fly on THOSE walls. :-)

All the best, guys! Hang on in there ojohnson!

Posted by cad13
04 Nov 2014 #18
What is your online status??

Posted by arowberry
10 Nov 2014 #19

My online status was 'Application Received' until November 6 when it updated to 'In Process'. That's on the main page.
Posted by Littlepops
11 Nov 2014 #20
I just logged in and am seeing the same as you arowberry! Any idea how we will hear (email/letter) about the decision? Do we not get our passports requested?
Posted by arowberry
11 Nov 2014 #21
The UK is a visa exempt country for Canada (e.g. we don't need a tourist visa to come here), so there's no passport request :-)

Next step is getting the Confirmation of Permanent Residence letter from the CIC, which will hopefully take less than a week yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
Posted by Littlepops
11 Nov 2014 #22
Thanks! We're within touching distance!
Posted by cervelat
17 Nov 2014 #23
Did you receive your letter?
Are you sure that visa exempt countries don't need a passport request? My status changed to "Decision made" and I am kind of nervous that I did not receive a PPR (I am from Switzerland, so I assume it is the same with my application).
Posted by arowberry
17 Nov 2014 #24
Not yet, but I'm not as concerned as much as I am just looking forward to having the whole process finally come to an end.

People from non-visa exempt countries have to mail their passport to their local immigration office in advance to coming to Canada to get a visitors permit. When they send their passports as part of this process, they get a entry visa for the validity of their passport / PR status. As we don't need that visa, there's not need for them to have our passports.

We have already had a trusted panel physician look at our passport and an immigration officer will also see it when we 'land' in Canada as well.

I will most definitely update my case very promptly once I finally have that letter!
Posted by cervelat
19 Nov 2014 #25
Thanks! Looking forward to see a (hopefully positive) update on your case.
Posted by Littlepops
24 Nov 2014 #26
Congrats! One last step in the process (just a formality) now :-)
Posted by arowberry
24 Nov 2014 #27
Thanks Littlepops! Pretty great feeling knowing it's (basically) over. Feels weird to not check my email/ECAS several times a day!
Posted by unluckygy
01 May 2015 #28
Special thanks to Arowberry in helping me with my case ..

To Arowberry, I have received my passport with landing document on 29th April 2015... Thanks again.

Please keep up the good work !!

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