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Canadian Experience Class case: Approved in 629 days (-296 days more than average)
30 Jun 2012
Ottawa, Canada
22 Nov 2013
29 Nov 2013
02 Dec 2013
19 Mar 2014
21 Mar 2014
629 days
11 Mar 2014
21 Mar 2014

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Posted by Bluesky1980
12 Mar 2014 #1
I am also a June 2012 applicant. I did my medical on Feb. 2013 but I am still waiting for final decision! Good luck
Posted by Bluesky1980
12 Mar 2014 #2
Have you received an email from CIC requesting you to pay Right of Permanent Residency Fee (RPRF)?
Posted by mithu44
12 Mar 2014 #3
thank you.I have paid my RPRF on jan 14,2014.
Posted by mithu44
12 Mar 2014 #4
i am so frustrated right now.A lot of things happened to my case.By the way do u think Visa officer JP5777 is the cause of this delay.
Posted by Bluesky1980
13 Mar 2014 #5
I received my RPRF from JP5777. I inquired CIC a few times and always JP5777 replied my email and said "your application is pending the results of background check". I really have no idea what has made such a lengthy delay! What happened to your case? Did they interviewed you? I have seen a number of applicants who received an interview request by CIC after a lengthy delay. I haven't received such a request yet. I believe security/background check is the reason of delay which is common for some nationalities. What factors have made your case this much lengthy?
Posted by mithu44
13 Mar 2014 #6
i have appliesd on june 2012.In feb 2013 CIC shows 'Decision made'.But they didn't contact me further.I got married on march 2013 and add my spouse in my application.
Posted by mithu44
13 Mar 2014 #7
Surprisingly no mail/ans yet about what 'decision made'.My visa was expired on december 2013 so i applied for a bridging visa on October 2013.Then CIC replied to me my application was rejected due to my employment letter which is not satisfactory to them.I was so disappointed,contacted a lawyer he told me to reapply.But my employer insisted me to contact CIC,give them my new employment letter and other official document.I did that.Then CIC asked some documents and replied 'A new visa officer review my case and reopened my case.'then they sent me the Medical request with my wife..A very long story

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