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Canadian Experience Class case: Approved in 354 days (-21 days more than average)
20 Feb 2014
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
15 Mar 2014
17 Aug 2013
27 Aug 2014
26 Sep 2014
05 Oct 2014
09 Feb 2015
09 Feb 2015
25 Feb 2015
25 Feb 2015
Rainbow Bridge, Niagara falls
354 days
07 May 2014
27 Feb 2015
Application status changed to withdrawn by mistake...correct value = pending. ecas status changed to "Decision made" on 10th Feb 2015. RPRF Received on 6th Nov. Paid on 7th Nov.

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Posted by Patient123
28 Aug 2014 #1
what time did you get the email?
Posted by devpannu
30 Aug 2014 #2
just wondering bro the email for MR was sent to you by CPC Ottawa or some other address?
Posted by PuneWarrier
02 Sep 2014 #3
@ devpannu - email was sent to me using email id Client-update-mise-a-jour@cic.gc.ca
Posted by PuneWarrier
02 Sep 2014 #4
@Patient123 - It was sent to me in the evening around 4:30pm
Posted by devpannu
02 Sep 2014 #5
okay thanks for your reply.....good luck for further step
Posted by Sammyboy1610
11 Oct 2014 #6
Have you completed your medicals

Any news on your passport request
Posted by PuneWarrier
11 Oct 2014 #7
@Sammyboy1610, yea completed medicals...it was submitted on 4th October ( got delayed from my side for some personal reason). Haven't heard anything from cic yet on rprf or passport request. Waiting for it.
Posted by Patient123
10 Feb 2015 #8
You received passport request yesterday but you already withdraw your application?
Posted by PuneWarrier
10 Feb 2015 #9
@Patient123 - no status change was by mistake. Changed the status to pending again.
Posted by upendargr
10 Mar 2015 #10
My Status is updated on Ecas on march 3rd as Decision Made but as of now I dint get PPR .Please let me know first you got PPR ? or after changing your Ecas status you got PPR ? and PPR will come in email or Post?

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