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Canadian Experience Class case: Approved in 462 days (-129 days more than average)
19 Mar 2010
Seattle, USA
20 May 2010
09 Jan 2010
11 Nov 2010
15 Jun 2011
24 Jun 2011
27 Jun 2011
27 Jun 2011
Coutts, AB
462 days
19 Mar 2010
27 Jun 2011
Case transfered to Seattle on 2010.11.11. E-case showed "Medical results have been received" on April 19th, 2011. Email response asked for RPRF on April 21th, 2011. Passport requested via email on June 15th, 2011. Landed at Coutts, AB.

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Posted by naelaj
27 Apr 2010 #1

Hey Joey, have you heard anything back from CIC yet??
Posted by joey712
27 Apr 2010 #2
Hi naelaj,

I haven't heard anything back from CIC yet. My documentation hasn't been returned, and I haven't gotten file number either.

What about you?
Posted by naelaj
27 Apr 2010 #3
Still nothing. I'm watching 3 other cases for people who had their files received by Buffalo between March 18 and 26, and two of them got their bank draft cashed. So you might want to check with your bank to see if the money order you sent was cashed out or not, I'll be going to my Bank this Friday to check, if I don't hear back from them.

I'm getting more anxious as the time to find out if our files have been rejected or not is closing in.
Posted by joey712
27 Apr 2010 #4
I see, I will probably go to my bank this Friday too, keep in touch.
Posted by naelaj
30 Apr 2010 #5

I checked with my bank a few hours ago, still nothing. What about you?
Posted by joey712
30 Apr 2010 #6
I made a mistake that I mailed out my copy of money order too, so I was requesting a work from the bank to check the number of my money order, and I am still waiting for my bank to reply.
Posted by joey712
06 May 2010 #7
Hi naelaj,

My bank called me this morning, and they told me that my money orders for both CEC and FSW cases have been cashed out. Therefore, I believe they won't return my application now.
Posted by naelaj
06 May 2010 #8

Really?! I honestly throught that they were going to mail it back to you, especially after you mentioned that you sent your copy of the money order and not their copy. This is great news, I hope they won't mail mine back then. I haven't checked with my bank since last Friday. Which bank do you deal with?
Posted by joey712
06 May 2010 #9
Hi naelaj,

Actually I mailed both my copy and their copy of money order to them. My bank is CIBC. I think you won't mail back your application either.
Posted by naelaj
06 May 2010 #10

oh I see, I deal with CIBC too. quick question, was March 19 the day you filed your application, or the day the Consulate received it?
Posted by joey712
06 May 2010 #11
Hi naelaj,

March 19th was the day I mailed them out, and one of them arrived on March 22nd, the other one arrived on March 23rd.
Posted by naelaj
25 May 2010 #12

Congrats on the AOR Joey! I hope mine arrives soon as well!
Posted by AbhiR
12 Jan 2011 #13
Hey joey ,

Congrats on your AOR and hopefully by now i hope you'd have recd. your IA as well. i wanted to ask something ! how many days did it take after you had recd. your AOR for the status on the CIC online application (ECAS) to show in process for your application . i recd my AOR on Dec 15th , 2010 but when i go to check my application status it says that 'nothing can be found ' ! thanks and good luck
Posted by joey712
12 Jan 2011 #14
Hi AbhiR,

It took about 2 weeks for me to be able to check my online status.
You can also try to use your client id on your work permit or study permit to check the status.
Good luck,

Posted by catalyst
23 Feb 2011 #15
hI joey
Even my processing is getting delayed. Its been over 1 year and 3 months. The last AOR which i received was somewhere in august 2010. Since then , I haven;t heard anything from them. I do mail them once in every month but no response is coming. Do you think, its a good idea to mail them frequently. I heard mailing them frequently will only delay our processing time. Your reply will be appreciated!!
Posted by naelaj
02 Mar 2011 #16

Hey Joey, have you heard anything new from Seattle?
Posted by naelaj
09 Apr 2011 #17

Hey Joey! they sent me an email for my passport finally! have you heard back from them about yours? You might want to email them if you haven't!
Posted by joey712
09 Apr 2011 #18
Hi naelaj, congratulations!
I still haven't heard anything from them at all, I emailed them before asking what was going on, but only got automatically replied emails. Did you get PPR by mail or email?
Posted by naelaj
09 Apr 2011 #19

I got it via email, they originally sent it on March 11, but they mistyped my email address! so I sent them an email on April 4, and they replied back on April 7 saying that they mistyped my email and that's why it didn't reach me, so I could have had the Visa in my hands by now if it wasn't for that mistake!!!
What did it say in the automated reply? That it's still in process?
Posted by joey712
09 Apr 2011 #20
That is terrible naelaj, the good thing is you wrote to them and got it solved. The automated reply email was made by the computer, saying that they have received my email, and that is it. When I checked my status online, it is always in process, so basically it is useless, like:

We started processing your application on May 20, 2010.
We transferred your application to the Seattle office on November 11, 2010. The Seattle office may contact you.

I have ordered caips in March 8th, so at least I know I will get the notes soon to see what is going on in Seattle. The thing I don't understand is, with the same work experience, language and education, I got medical request for my federal skilled application, and the interview was waived. In addition, I also got my alberta immigration provincial nominee in March. However, I don't even get medical request for my canadian experience class application. It was like my file went to a black hole when it was transferred to seattle. I would prefer buffalo to seattle, at least they replied my emails, not like seattle, no replies at all!
Posted by naelaj
09 Apr 2011 #21

I don't know about the other immigration categories, but for CEC, that automated email is normal, I received that too when I emailed Seattle on April 4th, then an actual person emailed me back on April 7th asking for my passport. When did you email Seattle?
Posted by joey712
09 Apr 2011 #22
I emailed them on March 25th, and no replies at all so far, only automated computer replied email says that they got my email.
Posted by naelaj
09 Apr 2011 #23

ok, that's a long time, you might want to check your junk/spam mail just to make sure, and if there's nothing, forward that email to them and briefly ask if everything is fine because you didn't receive a response till now, add your full name, file number and date of birth.
Posted by yayajessie
09 Apr 2011 #24
hey, Joey,
I ve got similar situation here in Vancouver, quick question, Do you know if I am still in Vancouver, would they require my Passport for the Visa or they would just send me to there local office to get the PR Card?
Posted by naelaj
15 Jun 2011 #25

congrats joey! finally they asked you for your passport! alot longer than expected but it's better than never!
Posted by joey712
15 Jun 2011 #26
Thank you naelaj! That is so true!
Posted by LuckyToronto
30 Jun 2011 #27
Congratulations joey.
Posted by joey712
30 Jun 2011 #28
Thanks man.

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