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Canadian Experience Class case: Approved in 420 days (-87 days more than average)
25 May 2010
Buffalo, USA
06 Oct 2010
18 May 2011
18 May 2011
18 May 2011
08 Jul 2011
19 Jul 2011
19 Jul 2011
22 Jul 2011
420 days
05 Jun 2010
22 Jul 2011
Application received on June 03rd, 2010 // M/O cashed on July 22nd, 2010. Email received from Buffalo requesting for my passport.

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Posted by care
14 Sep 2010 #1
Hey Friend,

can you help me with the following

The CEC language requirements for Skill Level A are:

CLB Level 7 or higher for each of the language abilities, or
CLB Level 6 for any one of the language abilities, 7 or higher for any other two of those abilities and 8 or higher for the remaining ability.

NOC CLB Level Test result for each ability

0, A 8 6.5 7.5 6.5 6.5
0, A 7 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0
0, A, B 6 5.5 5.5 5.0 5.5
B 5 5.0 5.0 4.0 5.0
B 4 4.0 4.5 3.5 4.0

I require some clarification on the process to map IELTS results to CLB Level.

If you have the following score in IELTS

Speaking 7.5
Listening 8.0
Reading 6.0
Writing 5.5

Q1. Do they map to the following CLB Levels?

Speaking - 8
Listening - 8
Reading - 7
Writing - 6

Q2. Does this mean that the above score qualify for Skill level A? (CLB Level 6 for any one of the language abilities, 7 or higher for any other two of those abilities and 8 or higher for the remaining ability)

Thanks in advance for your help.
Posted by cdndesi
02 Oct 2010 #2
Im sorry bud! Im unable to answer this question for you as I am not doing IELTS as I underwent my education here in Canada. But from other threads I imagine that the score has to be 6 or higher! Don't quote me on it but that's what Ive been told.
Posted by CECdream
23 Mar 2011 #3
Did you hear anything about file trnsfr?????????????
Posted by cdndesi
03 May 2011 #4
Nope but I did just check the online status and my mailing address was wrong! So I sent them an email.
Posted by care
20 May 2011 #5
Did you receive medicals request from the Buffalo office?
Posted by cdndesi
23 May 2011 #6
Yes...I did!
Posted by cdndesi
23 May 2011 #7
Oh...and my file was not transferred CECdream. It has been in Buffalo all this while.
Posted by AnApplicant
23 Jul 2011 #8
I noticed you did your landing in Edmonton? Did you do it in Canada place or Airport? I called CIC to set an appointment but was told it would take 6-8 weeks. Would you please share your experience?
Posted by cdndesi
26 Jul 2011 #9
I flew to Buffalo and got my visa stamped on my passport and on my way back to Edmonton did my landing! The wait to do it from within Canada was way to long for me...Hence I just flew out...it was also cheaper for me that way instead of sending my passport and then driving to the border!!!
Posted by AnApplicant
26 Jul 2011 #10
Thanks for your reply. I have also decided to do my landing in Edmonton airport as I am traveling out of country next week. I haven't read a lot about landing procedure in YEG. How was that? Did they ask you for proof of funds?
Posted by cdndesi
29 Jul 2011 #11
nahhh...not a question was asked! It was straight forward. He asked me for my personal details -if I was married, my current address! I pulled out all my docs to show proof of funds and employment and he said dont worry about it! That Buffalo verified everything and that Im good...! Just take ur employment letter, and proof of funds and ur good just in case they ask for it! Good luck my man!

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