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Canadian Experience Class case: Approved in 325 days (8 days less than average)
24 Jan 2011
Detroit, USA
22 Jul 2011
15 Aug 2011
22 Jul 2011
03 Aug 2011
11 Aug 2011
08 Dec 2011
15 Dec 2011
21 Dec 2011
325 days
26 Jan 2011
21 Dec 2011
Drafts encashed on 2nd March 2011. I received FN and ME by mail on JULY 22 also e-CAS status is activated Aug 15, file has been transferred to Detroti on 8th Dec got Passport Request

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Posted by tzuser
10 May 2011 #1

Did you get an AOR yet? Is it possible to get your file number from the cashed draft ??

Posted by ksscec
19 May 2011 #2
hi tzuser,

No i did get my AOR still waiting ........yes it is possible to get from the cashed draft ..check from your bank ..that DD has been cashed and if yes then ask them to provide the copy of the back of the DD. It contains your file number. Its a sticker from CIC with the file number on it.
Posted by luke42878
22 Jun 2011 #3
Hi ksscec

I am a bit confused, do you mean the CIC assigns us the file number when they cash out the bank draft, but they send us the file number when they assess our files several months after?
Posted by LuckyVancouver
26 Jul 2011 #4
Did you get your FN and ME by mail or email?
Posted by ksscec
26 Jul 2011 #5
To LuckyVancouver,

Yup i got my FN and ME by post mail...!!
Posted by LuckyVancouver
26 Jul 2011 #6
oh ok, thanks for the update!!!

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