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Family Class case: Approved in 183 days (258 days less than average)
05 Aug 2009
Singapore, Singapore
Spouses & Partners
01 Sep 2009
04 Feb 2010
05 May 2010
183 days
13 Jan 2010
06 Nov 2010
I am from Vietnam. they replied to us "The file has passed the initial stages of processing. Your husband will be receiving a letter from us in the coming weeks outlining the final steps in the process. Hang in there." i has been two months since they r

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Posted by shawnsarker
13 Jan 2010 #1
Hi MaryDuc,
I think you are getting the passport request soon because that's what they say to Shamsur and he got the passport request after 2 months. So keep your eye open for the mail. good luck
Posted by MaryDuc
13 Jan 2010 #2
Thanks Shawnsarker. My wife asked them again 2 days ago. they haven't answered. We are so frustrated and stress because of waiting.
Posted by shawnsarker
13 Jan 2010 #3
if they do not answer it is a good sign at this moment because they only answer if you have any problem with your files. They are really good at their word sometimes hahhaa. But I would not bug them anymore since they mentioned about sending a letter. Does your ecas shows medical received. If so when?
Posted by MaryDuc
13 Jan 2010 #4
my ecas shows medical received around at the end of November 2009. what does it make any good sign? we did the medical check in July 2009 before we sent out our files.
Posted by shawnsarker
13 Jan 2010 #5
My ecas shows medical result have been received on nov 02-09. Eventhough We did it on July 09, it showed on nov 02. After exact two months, I received a letter to submitt passport for a visa. It does indicate that applicant has no health issue and passport request could come with in 90 days. But depend on how much evidence did u submitt. I sent them like thousand evidence and evetually they got sick of it and sent me passport request. when u email them again do not ask them about status. Just trick them for example say if u send us any letter, could you let us Know by email. My wife loses mail when I send something. Just make something up. No worries my friend u are almost there.
Posted by shawnsarker
13 Jan 2010 #6
According to my research, average time for Vietnam people to get visa is 220 days if u have submitted everything perfectly.
Posted by MaryDuc
13 Jan 2010 #7
Thanks you so much Shawnsarker. We did ask them if they send any letter and timeline. Because I moved to other place when my wife left for canada. we also are worried if the letter is lost. And for my working now. it's so complicated, my company wants to know my plan (if I leave or stay with them) I have to answer them next week. I don't know what to do? I also lost many good chances to earn money because some people do not want to work with a person like me who could leave whenever go a visa.... thanks again for your experience
Posted by shawnsarker
14 Jan 2010 #8
Ask them to send the letter to you stating ur address plus you wife's address as well. I told them that to send it my address in canada and they did it. Do you have a file number to get access to ur ecas? It will show u which address they will send it to? do not get access using ur wife's client Id cuz it won't show ur mailig address. In the passport request mention do not sell properties or quit jobs until the decision is finalized so it is ur call buddy.
Posted by MaryDuc
19 Jan 2010 #9
Hi Shawnsarker, thank for all sharing. we don't have file number. can you please tell me how to get the file number?
Posted by shawnsarker
20 Jan 2010 #10
I emailed singapore for the file number then replied with my wife's file number. thanks
Posted by MaryDuc
04 Feb 2010 #11
Singapore just emailed my wife "I have checked the file and the address were changed and reflects your new address on Dupont. We are sending the letter requesting your husband's passport for visa issuance. He should wait for the letter as it contains further instructions."
I feel so happy. Thank you so much! I will be with my wife soon. Hope all you guys always be happy
Posted by fruitem
05 Nov 2010 #12
Did you get an approval for your case
Posted by MaryDuc
06 Nov 2010 #13
Yes I got the visa 7 months ago. sorry I didn't update

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