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Family Class case: Approved in 151 days (290 days less than average)
13 May 2010
New Delhi, India
Spouses & Partners
12 Apr 2010
13 May 2010
18 Jun 2010
22 Jun 2010
18 Jun 2010
07 Jul 2010
23 Aug 2010
01 Sep 2010
08 Jul 2010
11 Oct 2010
16 Oct 2010
22 Oct 2010
151 days
19 Jun 2010
31 Oct 2010
PPR letter dated july 8 delivered to me on July 21! Phone call received on Aug 23rd 2010 asking for FBI PCC as I stayed in US for more than 6 months. Sent on Sept. 1. PP with Visa delivered to me by registered post.

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Posted by ravindersingh
17 Jul 2010 #1
hi xyrus,
did u get ur ppr or any other letter from chc nd?
Posted by xyrus
17 Jul 2010 #2
Not yet! Eagerly waiting.....But its too early I guess...I'll leave a comment when I do...
Posted by ravindersingh
17 Jul 2010 #3
ok........keep in touch...by the way our timeline is same ...................
Posted by robinhood
17 Aug 2010 #4
Hello Xyrus, Any news from CHC yet on your passport?
Posted by xyrus
17 Aug 2010 #5
nope nothing yet!! Don't know what's taking them so long! Trying to be patient! did u email them asking about your status?
Posted by robinhood
19 Aug 2010 #6
Well they had asked few more docs from us like marriage photos and recent communication details between us, which we have sent during Aug first week along with passport. Still we have not heard anything yet from CHC. By next week if i dont get any update, i shall send a mail.

Keep us posted once u receive any update! All the best.
Posted by DJPToronto
23 Jan 2011 #7
Hi Xyrus,

I have applied for my wife and she had also worked in US for more than 6 months. I had read your comments and seen that you had send FBI Pcc in one week. Can you tell me how long it take to you to get FBI PCC for your wife.

Posted by xyrus
24 Jan 2011 #8


I had applied for FBI PCC for myself from India on June 25th and received the clearance by mail on Sept. 1st. I received a phone call from CHC ND on Aug 23rd requesting the same. It got delivered to CHC ND on Sept. 2nd. I used Blue Dart Courier.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!
Posted by DJPToronto
25 Jan 2011 #9
Thanks Xyrus,

For immediate response. Had they asked for US state police clearance ? I heard that they are asking to few people. Also had you attached return pre-paid courier or they send on their own.

Posted by xyrus
25 Jan 2011 #10

I believe they do not accept return pre-paid courier and send PP back by speed post only. I received mine by speed post.

I submitted the state clearance certificate just to be sure there is no further delay but the rep. from CHC ND on the fone told me that it is not necessary in my case.

Good Luck!

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