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Family Class case: Approved in 265 days (176 days less than average)
06 May 2010
Moscow, Russia
Spouses & Partners
12 Apr 2010
06 May 2010
14 Jun 2010
29 Jun 2010
29 Jun 2010
06 Jan 2011
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26 Jan 2011
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29 Jan 2011
Toronto, ON
265 days
30 Aug 2010
29 Jan 2011
My Wife and Step-Son Recived there Visa's On the 26th, and right now 29th their in the air on the way to Canada. "Love you can find anywhere, but True Love you would cross oceans for" ~ Cupid

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Posted by shawngt2
18 Sep 2010 #1
Hey Tallen, I bet you're at the edge of your seat!!!? My wife tells me she's wrote a couple times to your wife in the Russian forums :) Gotta love our wives! Can't wait to hear the next step, I can only wish I was at your stage right now.
Posted by Tallen
20 Sep 2010 #2
We are hoping the best too, and Maria is simply amazing as you say "got to love our wife’s.." and I so do we were married on Feb 4th in such a beautiful ceremony, and I have twice since our marriage one time to work on our paperwork and we both just missed each other terribly, and once again to take our first true family vacation on the Black Sea. It was amazing and we only miss each other even more now. We both Pray each day and hope for our process to be quick.
We are both doing as best we can, we sill spend wow like 5+ hrs a day together, talking mostly on ICQ and SMS’s, and watching movies together, she is more then just my wife she is also my best friend, and I love her so.

Good Luck to you an your Wife!
Posted by shawngt2
25 Jan 2011 #3
DUDE! Congrats! Sounds like you'll be done VERY soon and recieving a passport request shortly. Again, Congrats! I'm sure you feel much better now, I keep positive that it will end shortly for myself (1-3 months).

Posted by VanS
25 Jan 2011 #4
Hi Tallen. Great news about your CAIPS notes! Can you tell me if you ordered them more than once? Also, how did you go about submitting additional information about your application? I am thinking of doing the same thing for our file...
Posted by Tallen
25 Jan 2011 #5

Thanks buddy, think the nightmare is coming to an end lol.


We only ordered our CAPIS notes once around the 6.5~7 month mark. We received 12 pages and it was very informative. For the $5 it costs it was prices less to know how our case was going. I highly suggest people order them if you wish to know what is going on with your case. Our ECAS never changes, and we have had a document request, acknowledgment of documents received, Interview Waived, and other things that usually come up in ECAS.

We just mailed the office another package of Proof of Relationship, with a cover letter with all our case details and a list of what was included in the update;
- 3 Pages cover letter describing the update with all our file numbers, birth dates, etc for verification.
- 17 Page Update to IMM 5490 / “Has your sponsor visited you?” Two Additional Visits (Trip write ups, Visa’s, Boarding Passes, Plan Tickets, Hotel Receipts, etc.)
- 120 Page Update to IMM 5490 / “How and how often do you communicate?” (33 Pages of e-mails, 23 Pages of various postcards / greeting cards, 8 months of phone records, 17 pages of SMS messages, etc)
- 8 Pages Update to IMM 5490 / “Do you receive financial support from your sponsor?”
- 80+ Additional Pictures (Our Family Vacation to the Black Sea, Re-marriage under God in our Church in Moscow)
- 30 Pages of other proof

Some people suggested not to send in any additional information, however after reading our CAIPS notes it was this additional information that covered the two previous concerns the IO had, and changed our status from “Interview Required” to “Interview Waved” I think there is nothing wrong with sending in one update 6 months into your case if you have more trips and such to help with the proof of continuing genuine relationship.

I am really impressed with the CAIPS notes and would say to Order them for sure.

Posted by VanS
25 Jan 2011 #6

This is great information, thanks very much. One more question for you, did you send the additional information directly to the embassy in Moscow?


Posted by Tallen
25 Jan 2011 #7
Yes you should send it directly to the Office processing your application, in our case Moscow Embassy. We had put at the top of almost all pages (or cover page of a stack) our info “Client# ______ / Kit ID# __________ / File# B__________ / Last name, My First Name & My Wifes First Name” in the header so that if anything got misplaced it would be easy to know it’s for our file. May sound like overkill but I would take no chance with hearing all the stories of lost documents lol.

We would get very little information on the status of our case, even when we asked if documents were received we more or less got a generic response. So the CAPIS notes was nice as we learned (a) They received all the documents with none lost from Mississauga (Police clearances, Medicals, Marriage Certs, etc) (b) They received our update and added it to our file (c) any concerns they had, which would be very good to know if you do have an interview pending (d) we no longer required a interview, when we last herd we would have one. (e) we are no longer going crazy not knowing what is going on and worrying about an interview. (f) why our TRV sent in December was never denied or approved. They are holding her Pasport for PR rather then issuing us a TRV. Best $5 I ever spent. We asked for our notes on CD so it would be easy to email to my wife but they just sent paper, so just scanned them all.

Even though we talk most of the day and try to share as much time as possible the 8hr time difference is very hard and I miss my wife and step son dearly. On Feb 4th it will be our 1st anniversary and I so hoped we would be together.. but at least we know the end is near.

Posted by Tallen
26 Jan 2011 #8
Letter today;

"Your file appears to be complete and we are now prepared to issue your permanent residence visas"

"You may submit your documents for visa issuance to the Visa and Immigration Section of the Embassy of Canada in Moscow on any day except Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays from 9:00am to 10:30am. Visas are released the same day as soon as they have been printed."

Happy Dance!
Posted by Calvados
26 Jan 2011 #9
Tallen, congratulations!!! I am very happy for you guys! So, my guess about the reason of their silence on TRV application was right. On a Russian forum, your wife suggested that I am a double agent and work in Moscow mission, LOL.
Posted by shawngt2
26 Jan 2011 #10
I CANNOT wait to have the feelings you are having right now! Congrats again, very happy for you and LadyHawk/Alberta, you guys deserve to be happy now :)
Posted by shawngt2
29 Jan 2011 #11
OMG, I feel the energy man!!! :D WOHOOOOOO!!!!
Posted by Tallen
29 Jan 2011 #12
Yeh it is pretty amazing sitting in the airport right now waiting for them. There flight is delayed about a hour.

It is a strange feeling to have it all done, like no more paperwork no more need to have 3 clocks in my taskbar (my time, her time, days since our app)

People think they have it hard we all have it very hard being time displaced 8hrs. Was not fun getting home from work at 2am her time and she waited up so we could share a little time togther. It wll be so amazing to have all night with her where in stead of sharing a few sleep deprived hrs we can have over 8hrs togther a night. To know she is safe and that o can comfort her when she is felling down.

They are going to love Canada, and I am so looking forward to starting this chapter of our life truly together.

Getting our visa so quick was really a merical as I so wanted us to be together for my birthday and anniversary (feb 4) we already missed to many special occasions together and so wanted her here for our 1st annaversy.

So all is great. Our io never updated ECAS even once and it still says still in process
Posted by shawngt2
29 Jan 2011 #13
Well yeah I can imagine how you feel! I cannot wait until I am driving in my car with Tanya, showing her my place for the first time, driving around Toronto and not having that little voice in the back of your head that tells you that we'll have to seperate from each other at one point. It's over! Forever by each others side!

P.S. We're even thinking of sending an update, just to prevent anything from happening. I doubt they will doubt us and our relationship, but better safe than sorry...It can't hurt!

Again, congrats man, I know how the downs feel, and there are a lot of downs due to distance and time difference for sure. I will Skype with my wife in 5 minutes for about an hour... Not the greatest way to enjoy a relationship, I know...

Posted by shawngt2
29 Jan 2011 #14
Oh and one last thing, I hope she's bringing back a nice bottle of russian champagne!

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