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Family Class case: Approved in 246 days (195 days less than average)
14 Oct 2010
Moscow, Russia
Spouses & Partners
02 Aug 2010
15 Nov 2010
01 Feb 2011
24 Nov 2010
17 Jun 2011
17 Jun 2011
04 Jul 2011
09 Jul 2011
246 days
04 Feb 2011
23 Jul 2011
still cant believe this is over.

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Posted by dmitrii
05 Feb 2011 #1
Feb 1 2011 - In Process
Feb 2 2011 - Additional Proof of relationship sent to CIC-Moscow(Voluntarily). Should be delivered Feb 7 2011
Feb 4 2011 - ECAS: Medical results received
Feb 4 2011 - ECAS: "Medical results received" disappeared
Posted by shawngt2
05 Feb 2011 #2
Hey Dmitri, if you're up for a discussion, let me know, we'll swap numbers or something :)
Posted by VanS
05 Feb 2011 #3
Dmitrii, can you give me some idea what you provided as additional proof and what the motivation was to do this? I have been thinking about this as well. I visited for 2 weeks over christmas and I'll be going again March for a week to spend Woman's day there and attend the wedding of one of my wife's friends. We have thought about doing this too.
Posted by dmitrii
05 Feb 2011 #4
ok alot of people are scared of sending additional stuff but in my opinion nothing to be scared of. i was visiting the sife for 5 weeks during christmas so i sent them boarding passes with e-tickets, phone records from the time application was submitted to mississauga till now, photos, western union receipts and a letter from work where i took 5 weeks off work for vacation. now i am thinking of sending another one at the end of february with february phone log and western union receipts and then every month send little updates. and also every month get caips to see whats going on there
Posted by dmitrii
18 Feb 2011 #5
Feb 18 2011 - Ordered CAIPS
Posted by dmitrii
21 Feb 2011 #6
Feb 21 2011 - "ECAS: Medical results received" appeared again
Posted by VanS
21 Feb 2011 #7
Mine did exactly the same thing! By the way, it seems that the CAIPS system has been updated to a new system; GCMS is the name of the new system. You should see a reference to "Application GCMS" in the AOR letter you received back on the first of Feb. It is listed with the UCI and the paper file number. I only figured this out about 3 days ago and I am hoping that my request for information was generic enough so that I still get what I asked for...
Posted by dmitrii
21 Feb 2011 #8
hmm, but in one of the form for capis it asked for uci so thats what i put, hopefuly goes through

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