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Family Class case: Approved in 70 days (372 days less than average)
10 Feb 2011
New Delhi, India
Spouses & Partners
06 Jan 2011
09 Mar 2011
22 Mar 2011
09 Mar 2011
30 Mar 2011
21 Apr 2011
04 May 2011
70 days
12 Feb 2011
04 May 2011

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Posted by airforcerally
12 Apr 2011 #1

I also submited @ same time as yours... Did you received passport request or any letter from New Delhi... ? I didnt received it yet.

Posted by amal21
12 Apr 2011 #2
My file was transferred on the 9th March 2011, and New Delhi received the file on 22 March 2011.
I got the PPR on the 9th April 2011 and was dated 30th March 2011.
hope this info helps you! And don't worry u will get it soon inshallah!!
Btw which city/state in India the applicant is ???
Posted by airforcerally
12 Apr 2011 #3
Thanks for info... Jaipur, Rajasthan.. How about you..
Posted by amal21
12 Apr 2011 #4
kolkata....but i guess you be receiving the PPR within few more days ...all the best :) !!
Posted by airforcerally
13 Apr 2011 #5
did you received PPR via registered post or regular post ?
Posted by amal21
13 Apr 2011 #6
Regular post ...................it took 9-10days to arrive Kolkata, India !!
Posted by airforcerally
14 Apr 2011 #7
thanks amal....
Posted by jpabla
05 May 2011 #8
Congrats on your Visa, did your online status update before you got the passport back?

Thanks in advance,

Posted by amal21
05 May 2011 #9
Hey jpabla,

Thankss...........yes my ecas got updated before I got my passport, ecas was updated on the 24th April 2011, and file was processsed and visa stamped is dated 21st April, 2011. ND posted via mail on the 27th April 2011 and I recieved it on 4th May 2011.

hope that helps you and good luck hope to here good news from ur side too :) !!
Posted by jpabla
05 May 2011 #10
Thank you,

Looks like they update E-CAS 3-4 days after a decision is actually made.

Enjoy Canada, its a great place.

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