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Family Class case: Pending for 5235 days (-4794 days more than average)
03 Mar 2008
Islamabad, Pakistan
Parents & Grandparents
21 Mar 2013
22 Mar 2013
22 Nov 2012
24 Nov 2012
03 Jan 2013
11 Jan 2013
5174 days
24 Jan 2013
30 Jun 2014

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Posted by engimran
25 Jan 2013 #1
Hi good to see you on this forum. Do you mind in telling what Documents were requested ? Do you have dependents in your application.

Posted by shashmi
25 Jan 2013 #2
I guess that a generic template request they send to every one. In the request they asked to submit police clearance, landing fee ........ in a nut shell all the forms that most of us already submitted here in Canada.
**The only tricky one is the family tree which has to be completed by the sponsored person in my case my father and mother.
In that form they go up to your grand grand father their name DOB..
Posted by engimran
25 Jan 2013 #3
Thanks for the quick reply. I am waiting for AOR as well therefore was inquiring and, if possible to get ready in advance. Is the family tree was requested only for principal applicant ? Also was there any family tree form attached with the request ? Which items that they requested takes the most time to produce?

Posted by shashmi
25 Jan 2013 #4
If you already submitted the Police Clearance Certificate than this form will will take most of your time to complete because its really difficult to collect ancestors information
Posted by MAC712
28 Jan 2013 #5
Welcomed to Trackitt forum .. wish you best of luck as medical is only step left ... hope soon that will also accomplished :)
Posted by hira
27 Mar 2013 #6
Congrats shashmi :)..
Posted by manukhan
20 Apr 2013 #7
hey brother, any change on your ecas status? does the line " medical results have been received" appears?
Posted by shashmi
20 Apr 2013 #8
Yes since 8th of April I can see the only update on my ecas "medical results have been received""
Posted by manukhan
20 Apr 2013 #9
oh thats some great news... passport request is coming your way too inshAllah :)
Posted by hira
26 Apr 2013 #10
hello shahsmi.. We did our medicals on 28th January but my mother was requested to do the sputuum test aswell.. Sputuum results take 8 weeks.. So that's the reason we suffered additional waiting time.. Our ecas started showing medical received on 15th april.. But it still show's application received :(.. I dont know why are they taking so long for us now :S.. Anyways u should get the ppr soon in sha Allah :).. Did ur status change to "In Process"? or still shows "Application received"?
Posted by shashmi
26 Apr 2013 #11
Its still showing Application received, Do you think its better to do some follow-up instead of just sitting?
Posted by hira
26 Apr 2013 #12
There are just 2 ways to do follow-up.. One is sending them an email,to which they give a very generic reply that your case is under process and no action is required.. Secondly , GCMS notes can be ordered to see at what stage our case is.. But i think it's too early to do any followup.. We should atleast wait for another 2 months and see if they contact us or not.. I hope they send the ppr request within few days in sha Allah or max a month.. The day the ecas start's showing in process, then the ppr is defintly a few days away.. So at the moment we can just pray! Best of luck to us :)..
Posted by hira
16 May 2013 #13
Any update? ^_^... I guess they have gone into a deep sleep again :S..
Posted by shashmi
16 May 2013 #14
I had send a follow-up email too but as you said deep deep or may be I can add one more deep sleep (:
Posted by hira
16 May 2013 #15
When did u send a follow up mail? They usually take 1.5-2 months to reply to an email :P.. Lol True "Deep Deep Deep Deep............ sleep that is :).. I guess we have to stop thinking about it now(Which is next to impossible , but we can try) , this is the only way we could stop torturing ourselves..
Posted by hira
11 Jun 2013 #16
Did u get any reply from CIC? Any update?
Posted by Wajea
29 Aug 2013 #17
salam shashmi, can we get contact by email or phone call ( maybe in skype ) because same kind of situation is going on with our case also, my email address is wajeaa@gmail.com ,
Posted by Wajea
13 Sep 2013 #18
Canada’s foreign service officers on strike in 15 Countries !
Largest immigration processing centres — including Beijing, New Delhi, Mexico City and London other visa processing centres where immigration officers have walked out include Abu Dhabi, Ankara, Cairo, Chandigarh (India), Hong Kong, Manila, Moscow, Paris, Riyadh, Sao Paulo and Shanghai.
Posted by Wajea
13 Oct 2013 #19
Salam dears, I hope your physical health is fine can't say about Psychological health
Because everybody is Stand-By for results of their Immigration issues such as Medicals,Interviews, Documentation & Etc...
Eid Ul Adha 2013 also arrived ( last Eid Ul Adha 2012 ) I was thinking we'll be in Canada in Coming Eid Ul Adha 2013 ...
& it remained like a dream which is still like a dream which's unknown of coming true in coming Eid Ul Adha 2014 !!!
Or I will once again post words for you people for arriving of Eid Ul Adha 2014 & result be still unknown for Canada's Dream
Posted by manukhan
14 Nov 2013 #20
Any update shashmi? Any MP request or GCMS?
Posted by shashmi
15 Nov 2013 #21
I did receive the GCMS but nothing special there. I think they are done with the quota for this year.
They will re-start case processing once the new quota date reaches (1st of Jan 2014 my guess ) Allah knows better
Posted by manukhan
16 Nov 2013 #22
Lets see...
Posted by Wajea
17 Nov 2013 #23
I guess Visa Bullets of Immigration for 2013 Year are already Finnished & Embassies Might Wait for Coming 2014 New Visa Bullets to Start Proccessing For Left Cases !!! I am also waiting for Passport Request My Medical was done in March 2013 , I have another 4 Months still & after that my Medical is Gonna Expire !!! Which is a bad news for me & my family then we'll have to go again the Medicals , I hope it don't happens !!!
Posted by Wajea
17 Nov 2013 #24
I guess Visa Bullets of Immigration for 2013 Year are already Finnished & Embassies Might Wait for Coming 2014 New Visa Bullets to Start Proccessing For Left Cases !!! I am also waiting for Passport Request My Medical was done in March 2013 , I have another 4 Months still & after that my Medical is Gonna Expire !!! Which is a bad news for me & my family then we'll have to go again the Medicals , I hope it don't happens !!!
Posted by Wajea
17 Nov 2013 #25
I guess Visa Bullets of Immigration for 2013 Year are already Finnished & Embassies Might Wait for Coming 2014 New Visa Bullets to Start Proccessing For Left Cases !!! I am also waiting for Passport Request My Medical was done in March 2013 , I have another 4 Months still & after that my Medical is Gonna Expire !!! Which is a bad news for me & my family then we'll have to go again the Medicals , I hope it don't happens !!!
Posted by Wajea
25 Dec 2013 #26
Hello Everyone as i am having an analyse about Canadian Immigration : I think the 2013 visa issuance process is ended up, But in second week of January 2014 their new process will start for all waiting cases which's ( A : Background/Security Check is Done. B : Interview is Done. C : Medical Test is Done. D : Passports Request is received & Passports have already sent to Embassy for Issuance of Visa ) ...
Important Note also : There are many number of people waiting for their ongoing visa process for Canada, so we a few number of people in this Track IT Community hope to get done with it in this coming 2014 year, as we know we are all tired of waiting & give up with it .
Tell me as feedback do you agree with my analyse ?
Thank you & Best of Luck for all of you .
Posted by Wajea
24 Jan 2014 #27
Dears All Please Check Efforts of Canada Citizenship & Immigration Ministry In Order to preform a faster process for our & future Applications.

Check it once it will really give you an answer of your some questions


Thanks, I hope it helps you.
Posted by talash
20 Feb 2014 #28
Hi, any update now that your medical expiry is coming close?
i would strongly recommend to send an email, inquiring about your case status to CIC and in the subject line highlight that :Medical expiry approaching.
All the best
Posted by shashmi
21 Feb 2014 #29
I highly appreciate your suggestion and actually I already send them twice but result "Complete Silence". I think you know the frustration level here but we cant do anything. Just Pray

Posted by manukhan
17 Mar 2014 #30
You still have some time. Talk to your MP
Posted by shashmi
30 Jun 2014 #31
Dear Sir/Madam,

This is in response to your enquiry.

Please be advised that your application has been transferred to London, UK, for onward processing.

We understand that you may have concerns regarding this change, however, we would like to assure you that your application has been transferred to London as part of an effort to improve services to our applicants. During this period of transition, we appreciate your patience.

Your application is in process or waiting to be reviewed by an immigration officer. No further action is required by you at this time.

Our office will contact the applicant when a decision has been made or if further information is required. Immigration decisions and information requests are sent by email or post to the addresses provided in the application.

We understand that your circumstances may change while you wait to hear from us. Please be in contact should there be a change in your family size or composition, or if you wish to change your address or contact information.

If you need to contact us, please use the below contact information. Please quote your file number(s) on all correspondence, including the envelope, and include FC – ISLAMABAD in the subject line of the email/letter.

We thank you for your patience and for keeping your correspondence to a minimum.

We appreciate your patience.

As your application is now being processed in London, UK, we request that you direct all your correspondence to our office in London, rather than our office in Islamabad.

Yours sincerely,

Client Service Unit (AMF)
Immigration and Medical Services Division | Direction de l'immigration et des services médicaux
Canadian High Commission | Haut-commissariat du Canada
38 Grosvenor Street
London, W1K 4AA | Londres, W1K 4AA
United Kingdom | Royaume-Uni

Note please sen
Posted by Wajea
07 Dec 2014 #32
Salam Dear Forum Members
This is Wajea once again after a long time but yes i have been reading all messages exchanging between members.
I just want to share some quick GOOD facts as outcome of 2014 year.

Canada's determination is applicable on two things in 2015 plan.
1 Reuniting more families.
2 Reducing backlogs and improving processing time.
For year 2015 Canada's plan announced as following:
A. The Government of Canada is planning to welcome between 260,000 and 285,000 new permanent residents in 2015, an increase of approximately 19,000 planned admissions over last year ( 2014 ) .
B. Estimated immigration increases for 2015: 64.9 per cent for economic immigrants (181,300), 24.4 per cent for family class (68,000), and 10.7 per cent for humanitarian and compassionate cases (29,800).
In Reducing Backlogs and Improving Processing Times Section:
The backlog of applications across all immigration streams has been cut by nearly 45 percent from the end of 2009 to the end of 2013.
The Economic Class inventory has been reduced by almost 57 percent.
The Federal Skilled Workers inventory having been reduced by almost 92 percent.
The Parents and Grandparents inventory will have been reduced by over 70 percent by the end of 2015.
The Humanitarian and Compassionate inventory has been reduced by 43 percent.

Administrative Process Data: For those whose Decisions are yet to be made & showing on their online status (application in process) not written (decision made).
CIC Permanent Resident Applicants Awaiting a Decision
In 2009, 972151 Total Applicants Decisions weren't made and were waiting.
In 2010, 996804 little increased Applicants Decisions weren't made and were waiting.
In 2011, 1012920 more increased Total Number of Applicant's whose Decisions were pending.
In 2012, 616271 Solid decreases of Applicants waiting for their Decisions to be made, as result of many decisions were made to reduce BACKLOG.
In 2013, 544888 Good decrease! Number of Applicant
Posted by Wajea
07 Dec 2014 #33
Update until 2nd July 2014:
406389 Applicant's are waiting for their Decision to be made.
This number will decrease estimate to 267890 in 31 December 2014.

2015 Upcoming Plans:
A. For 2015 year 267890 applicants will be all Decision made & Over.
B. In 1st January 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will launch a new electronic system called Express Entry to manage applications for permanent residence under these federal economic immigration programs:
The Federal Skilled Worker Program,
The Federal Skilled Trades Program, and
The Canadian Experience Class.
C. The backlog is projected to be at zero later in 2015 at the current rate.
D. In 2016 Year Applicants Applications will be processed in Real time & every application will be processed in 1 Year.

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