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Family Class case: Approved in 224 days (217 days less than average)
25 Jan 2013
Mississauga, Canada
Spouses & Partners
01 Jan 2013
04 Jan 2013
19 Feb 2013
06 Feb 2013
19 Feb 2013
09 Mar 2013
06 Sep 2013
11 Sep 2013
29 Sep 2013
224 days
06 Feb 2013
07 Nov 2013
eCas status changed to "Decision Made" on 6th Sep 2013.

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Posted by sunnysidhu
19 Feb 2013 #1

Congrats on your sponsorship getting approved and best of luck for the next steps. I applied a little later than you from Montreal.
Can you please let me know how did you get informed that your sponsorship is approved; is it through email or mail??
Do you live in Quebec state?
Posted by gupta417
04 Mar 2013 #2
Hi Sunnysidhu,

Sorry for the late response. No I do not live in Quebec. I live in Toronto and I got email regarding sponsorship approval. Now my application is in New Delhi and waiting for Passport Request.

Posted by sunnysidhu
10 Mar 2013 #3
Hi Gupta Sir

Congrats! I hope very soon you will put the last update of approved, passport received...
I am little later than you..Can you please let me know how did you get asked to send the passport? Through email or mail? What about status of the application on cic

Posted by gupta417
11 Mar 2013 #4
Thanks SunnySidhu.
My Passport request came through email and status of the application on CIC didn't change. It still shows as "Application Received".
Seeing your case, most probably even you should get Passport Request in a day or 2. Good luck to you.
Posted by gupta417
11 May 2013 #5
Still no change in status... my e-Case status still shows as "Application Received"... hoping to hear good news soon...
Posted by sanali
11 Jun 2013 #6
same with me.. status still shows APPLICATION RECIEVED.. i sent my passport on 24th may...
Posted by nanediniz
11 Jun 2013 #7
There is a strike going on the visa offices across the globe http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/temp.asp
Posted by tpatel
21 Jun 2013 #8
any update gupta jii
Posted by gupta417
21 Jun 2013 #9
no tpatel... nothing so far.. what about you??? any update from your side??

- Gupta
Posted by ashvin22
24 Jun 2013 #10
Hi, did you request GCMS notes for your case? If so, how long did it take to receive?
Posted by ashvin22
24 Jun 2013 #11
Hi, did you request GCMS notes for your case? If so, how long did it take to receive?
Posted by gupta417
24 Jun 2013 #12
I applied for GCMS but still waiting to receive it. Due date for it is 28th June... so hoping to receive it in this week.
Posted by ashvin22
24 Jun 2013 #13
wish u all the best and hope u hear from CIC this week or next, keep us updated on what you find on the GCMS notes!
Posted by gupta417
24 Jun 2013 #14
sure buddy... will keep you guys updated... and good luck to you too... :)
Posted by tpatel
10 Jul 2013 #15
wat your GCMS note result ia that worthfull
Posted by gupta417
12 Jul 2013 #16
Hi tpatel, it is worthful to get GCMS.. atleast I came to know that by May 29th nothing has been started on my file... :( only medical status was passed and remainng like background check, security check etc are not started and my wife's passport has been received by NDVO and they have not requested for any further documetns as of May 29th...
I applied again for GCMS at begining of this month... wait for this this report now...

- Gupta
Posted by tpatel
13 Jul 2013 #17
Thank you gupta,
thanks for information,atlast you where your application stuck, i am thanking to apply for GCMS also
I wish this july end we will get some news....... finger cross
as per e case they update qutarley and there last updation was 24 april
Posted by gupta417
15 Jul 2013 #18
hmm... I strongly suggest you to go for GCMS... you should have done this by now... but better now than never... there is no harm in applying for GCMS notes... I applied mine in end of May for which I got notes in June end and in first week of July I applied again... now waiting for this request to be processed... hopefully I will get them within next 2 weeks.

- Gupta
Posted by KiranDhaiya
19 Jul 2013 #19
Got a call from NDVO .... Hope 2 get a good news soon...
Don't knw still how much time it gonna take .... Fingers crossed
Posted by gupta417
19 Jul 2013 #20
wow.. great news KiranDhaiya... good luck to you.. what did they tell / ask you in that call??? hope you get your visa soon...

- Gupta
Posted by KiranDhaiya
19 Jul 2013 #21
Hope so ...
I wish every1 here vil get there visa...

They enquired about our relationship .... Like my husband's Name , Date of birth , his arrival to India , our Visit and more abt our marriage ... Don't knw how much more time they gonna take ...
Posted by gupta417
19 Jul 2013 #22
did you ask them, how much more time they are gonna take to complete your file processing???

- Gupta
Posted by KiranDhaiya
15 Aug 2013 #23
Ecas Update showing "In Process from 8th August 2013" ....
How much more time it Gonna take .... Any Idea ??
Posted by gupta417
19 Aug 2013 #24
wow.. thats a good news KiranDhaiya... fingers crossed... I hope soon you get your VISA...
Good luck..

- Gupta
Posted by tpatel
05 Sep 2013 #25
Hi Gupta ji how r you..... did you got any update in your application there is no update in my case called city MP they says they cant take any action till application is in time period..... i have a question can i apply for GMCS note I am in canada and I sponsor my husband do i need ( IMM5744) to be fill by my husband and detail information in GMCS note is my husband or mine.....please give me detail abut GMCS note......... thank you
Posted by nanediniz
05 Sep 2013 #26
Hi Tpatel.
The application for GCMS notes can be done online, by a Canadian citizen in behalf of the principal applicant. You pay $ 5 fee and fill out the data online. Your spouse must complete and sign the consent form, which has to be attached to the request for GCMS. So again you have to be a Canadian citizen to order the notes and prove (with copy of drivers license) that resides in Canada and also attach copy of document proving citizenship (passport). Sounds complicated but is pretty simple. You shall receive the notes 30 calendar days after the request.
Here is the link: https://atip-aiprp.apps.gc.ca/atip/client.do
Obs: order the notes in the eletronic form (e-mail) this way it won't interfere with the PR application processing.
Good luck :)
Posted by gupta417
06 Sep 2013 #27
Hi tpatel... today my eCas status changed to "Decision Made". I hope my wife will recieve her passport soon... will update you all guys in this forum once she recieves her passport.
And regarding GCMS notes, I strongly suggest you to apply for it. This can be applied by anyone who is living in Canada (Citizen or Permanent Resident or Temparary Resident). You will be requesting your file's information on behalf of your spouse in India. So you will need the consent form signed by your spouse. I am just pasting below one of my old post regarding GCMS. Hope this will help you in applying GCMS notes.
First go through the information about this at below site,
You also have link to download consent form in above site (IMM 5744).
So download consent form and fill it. This form needs to be filled by you (I am assuming you are in India and your spouse is in Canada). So full name in this form will be yours and designated person will be your spouse in Canada. Sign this form and scan and send it to your spouse in Canada.
Now your spouse in Canada can apply GCMS notes online on your behalf at below site,
Applying online is pretty easy and details are self explanatory. While applying it will give option to upload consent form and also in other documents section, your spouse in Canada will need to upload scan copy of his / her PR card as a proof that he / she is Canadian resident. At the end it will ask you to pay fee of $5. Pay the fee. Once done you will get an confirmation email along with fee receipt.
Hope this is clear.

Posted by ashvin22
06 Sep 2013 #28
CONGRATS!!! Wishing you a wonderful family life ahead in Canada!
Posted by gupta417
06 Sep 2013 #29
Thanks ashvin22...
wish you too good luck.

- Gupta
Posted by tpatel
06 Sep 2013 #30
Congrats.........really happy to hear that finally you wife got the visa
Happy family life and thanks for information.
Posted by gupta417
06 Sep 2013 #31
thanks tpatel... it is close to an year since you applied... You should have gone for GCMS notes much earlier... I think, if I remember correctly, I adviced you to apply for GCMS notes long back... there is no harm in applying for it.. you will get lot of information from that report... I know cases, where people missed PPR mails and they came to know about it only through their GCMS report...
anyways better now than never...
your case was in my watch list since the day I added my case... I really hope you get the good news of DM soon... wish you good luck.

- Gupta
Posted by jpatel01986
07 Sep 2013 #32
hi gupta
did ndvo call your wife for phone inquire?
Posted by gupta417
08 Sep 2013 #33
No jpatel01986... they didn't do any phone inquiries...

- Gupta
Posted by jpatel01986
09 Sep 2013 #34
Thank you
Posted by gupta417
11 Sep 2013 #35
Wifie received her passport today with Visa stamped... :)

- Gupta
Posted by jpatel01986
11 Sep 2013 #36
Posted by RobinPandey
12 Sep 2013 #37
Hello Gupta Ji,
I have observed that you are one of the most active, helpful and quickly responding member on this forum.
And congrats that your wife's application is approved and you are soon gonna meet your wife.

Well, I am a newbie here and below is my case:

Category........: Family
Visa Office......: New Delhi
App. Filed.......: Apr 2013
AOR Received.: May 2013
File Transfer...: June 2013
Med's Done....: Mar 2013
Passport Req..: June 2013 (But I requested CHC for later submission upon decision making)

I got married in Feb2013 and my wife is Canada citizen and I am an Indian living & working in USA.

I see in yours and some others cases that cases are being worked upon irrespective of the strike(this is something encouraging)...

Well ,I have a few questions and hope you can take some time in answering these...

1) Though CHC Delhi requested me for passport immediately after they received the package, I(through my lawyer) requested them that I will submit it when they are in final stages of decision making. I hope it isn't a problem?

2) The case status says "Application received", even after 5 months of submission. Should I be expecting anything more to that. I see few people mentioned status like 'Medicals received' as well...?

3) And a lil info about my medicals experience is as below:

When I went for the medicals in canada, the doctor after making all the necessary tests said , he'll send my whole file 'electronically' to Canadian consulate, and jus gave me an acknoledhment print out.

I came back and gave it to my lawyer for submission, but she jus insisted on some old process related papers (IMM1017b), I turned back to doctor and all he said again was , the process is new and no more such forms. This made me turn back to my lawyer and a chain of emails could not convince her. I finally asked her to call embassy and she got the answer exactly as the doc said.

Now I just want to know, if this sounds anything familiar to
Posted by RobinPandey
12 Sep 2013 #38
And one more thing I forgot to add, Your case mentions 'Mississauga Canada' as visa office. I am lil confused here... Is that the reason the 'STRIKE' didn't impact your application processing.

I was assuming your application got processed in New Delhi.

Posted by gupta417
13 Sep 2013 #39
Hi RobinPandey ji,
Thanks for your wishes and I wish you too good luck and hope for a speedy processing of your file.
Regarding your questions, I think you did the right thing by not sending your passport now. You can send it at the final stage after Decision is made. I read about couple of people doing same. This should not be a problem at all. The only thing that can happen is little bit of delay in the over all processing time, I guess it may take max of a month more time. But since you are in US, it is not recomended to send your passport now and get it blocked with NDVO for long time. The good thing in your case is, you can try to go for visit visa to Canada, so that you can travel here to visit your wife.. or else, even she can visit you any time in US...
Regarding eCas status, it is not reliable. So do not worry about eCas status... my eCas always said as application received until 5 days prior to recieving passport. It directly changed to DM from Application Received.
Regarding your medicals being sent electronically, I think it should be fine, since it has been confirmed by embassy too (as per your lawyer).
Good thing is you didn't get any documents request so far... I hope as per documents they are good and satisfied. May be in next month you may think of applying for GCMS notes just to get a bit more information about your file processing. About GCMS, you can check my earlier comments (posted on 6th Sep) above.
And regarding my visa office, first I submitted all the documents to Mississauge Office (which is same for all of us, even your forms might have got submitted to Mississauge by your wife) and after sponsorship approval file got transfered to my wife's residence country which is India. Even for you it will be same. But if you are staying for longer time in US, then not sure if you can get the file transferd to US instead of India. Because, you can not post your passport to India while you are in US. May be you can try emailing Canada Immigrati
Posted by gupta417
13 Sep 2013 #40
continuation to my above comment,
May be you can try emailing Canada Immigration (Mississauga or NDVO) or ask your lawyer to get that information for you.
Wish you good luck and hope you get your passport soon. :)

- Gupta
Posted by Atulmaini
15 Sep 2013 #41
Heartiest congratulation on getting your case approved.my query is that do all photocopies of necessary documents in file need to be attested by notary ???
Posted by bobby85
01 Oct 2013 #42
Hey Gupta! I just received my GCMS notes today. My notes consisted of 28 pages. Did your notes have that many pages as well? Do you know where in the notes it says whether the interview was waived or not? I read over my notes twice now and couldn't find anything about the interview. How are things on your side? Did your spouse book her plane tickets yet?

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