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Family Class case: Approved in 2453 days (-2011 days more than average)
08 Jul 2008
Islamabad, Pakistan
Parents & Grandparents
08 Mar 2013
15 Mar 2013
19 Mar 2013
05 Jul 2012
10 Dec 2012
13 Dec 2012
18 Jan 2013
04 Feb 2015
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02 Apr 2015
2453 days
03 Mar 2013
04 Apr 2015
Alhamdulillah- Mother and Sister both got the Visa.

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Posted by hira
03 Mar 2013 #1
Welcome on trackitt..
Posted by Fahad205
05 Mar 2013 #2
Thanks Hira
Posted by hira
10 Mar 2013 #3
Congrats fahad! That was quick :)
Posted by hira
10 Mar 2013 #4

Is ur sister still
Posted by hira
10 Mar 2013 #5
Is your sister still below 22 years of age? If yes than she qualifies to be a dependent.. BUt if she is above 22 now, unfortunatly she wont be a part of the application.. Also you have to inform CIC about the changes in ur application, that ur sister is married now.. Taking blood pressure pills is not a problem. One has to have a very contagious disease(God Forbid) , in that case the applicant fails the medical..
Posted by hira
10 Mar 2013 #6
Have a look at this link for more info :

Posted by Fahad205
10 Mar 2013 #7
My sister is 26 year old now. I called CIC and they told me they look at the time of application received. Because I did argue that i cant keep my sister unmarried so, she can immigrate to Canada.
Posted by Fahad205
10 Mar 2013 #8
Medical is booked for 15th March. I was not able to put a future date on this website.
Posted by hira
10 Mar 2013 #9
wow if that's the case, than it's amazing :).. Otherwise they have a clause that the dependent has to remain unmarried till they get the visa in their hands.. Because the definition of dependent as per CIC is:

1) Is under the age of 22 and does not have a spouse or common-law partner;

2) Is over the age of 22 and has been continuously enrolled as a full-time student and depended substantially on the financial support of a parent since before the age of 22;
became a spouse or a common-law partner before the age of 22 and has been continuously enrolled as a full-time student and depended substantially on the financial support of a parent since becoming a spouse or common-law partner, or

3) Is over the age of 22 and depended substantially on the financial support of a parent since before the age of 22 because of a physical or mental condition.
Posted by hira
10 Mar 2013 #10
Yes the age get's locked in.. For instance if a dependent was 21 at the time of application filed, he/she would remain 21 till the visa gets issues..
Posted by hira
15 Mar 2013 #11
How did the medicals go?
Posted by Fahad205
15 Mar 2013 #12
Medical for mom went well. Sister too. But no X-ray done for sister as she is expecting mother now and due in 6 months. Not sure how will it impact the case. do you have any information about it? I know about a lady in Philippine had a 4 year old with her by the time she got her visa. Same case. Not sure about her spouse status.
Posted by hira
15 Mar 2013 #13
Ohh that's great.. For ur sister ,they would call her for the xray after her delivery(I am not sure whether they will call and ask for the xray later on or you guys should be proactive in doing so). BUt i am sure , she has to go for the xray after her delivery .. So this would delay the case a little bit..
Posted by Fahad205
22 Mar 2013 #14
So, you think. We have to wait 2-3 months to know what is happening?
Posted by hira
23 Mar 2013 #15
Yes you should hear from them in 2-3 months time in sha Allah.. :)..
Posted by manukhan
20 Apr 2013 #16
any change in the ecas status?
Posted by Fahad205
01 May 2013 #17
Nothing, I guess it will take 2 months at least from the date of medical.

Posted by Manoo786
01 May 2013 #18
Fahad what's your Ecas status showing..???
Posted by Fahad205
02 May 2013 #19
In- Process
Posted by lucky786
12 May 2013 #20
If you have informed CIC about your sister's marital status and interested to keep her on application then you have to wait 6 + months to complete the medical.An X-ray is a must and they will wait for that.Otherwise make changes to your application and remove your sister so your Mom's application get processed.
Posted by Fahad205
16 May 2013 #21
I will wait Lucky, As I waited for 5 years and would like my sister to come here as well.
Thanks for the head up.
Posted by lucky786
16 May 2013 #22
Best of luck with that.What does your ecas shows?
Posted by Fahad205
07 Jun 2013 #23
My elder brother called IMO to get my sister x-ray done. But they told him that we have to wait for the instruction from the high commission. My mother medical was done on March 15.
Posted by hira
08 Jun 2013 #24
well that's weird.. If u guys are willing to get the xrays done now , they shoudnt have a problem as medicals have been done and just the xray part is left now :S..
Posted by Fahad205
11 Jun 2013 #25
Also the status is not updated for medical done. Still in Process. Almost 3 months to medical now.
Posted by hira
11 Jun 2013 #26
Probably they will update it only when ur sister gets done with the xray.. They just update the medical part once only , when everyone's medical has been completed and is clear..
Posted by Fahad205
27 Jun 2013 #27
How can I withdraw my sister application? If I choose to, will it delay my mom case??
Any suggestion?
Posted by hira
27 Jun 2013 #28
Why so? U have waited for such along time .. Then suddenly why this urge to withdraw her from the application? I guess u should keep her on the application.. I know it would take time.. But at the end it will be worth the wait.. But anyways at the end its ur choice :).. You can fax them and send an email to.. Also u can write a letter explaining that u wish to withdraw ur sister from the application and courier it to Islamabad.. I dont think it would delay the case..
Posted by Fahad205
14 Jul 2013 #29
AoA Hira,

I like to discuss something personal to me. Regarding my mother and sister sponsorship case. Will you mind dropping a line at my email address. I will let you know my concern. [email protected]
Posted by Fahad205
15 Jul 2013 #30
OK, Hira, Here is the question, are we able to re-enter a withdrawal request or withdraw a withdrawal request if there is a change in marital circumstances. I sent in a withdrawal request for my sister on July fourth due to her being married and no longer being dependent, however now I wish to proceed with a medical and the sponsorship for her. What should I do, please suggest?
Posted by hira
15 Jul 2013 #31
W.Salam.. I am sorry i was away for the last one day.. U can write to me at [email protected] , if i am not able to respond on time here or u have any other concerns.. Though i am not an expert but ill help u in whatever way i can..

Anyways now coming to ur point.. See ur case hasnot been finalized yet.. That means ur file is open , so whatver changes u have or u want to make u can surely write to them.. You can write to them stating that u wish to withdraw previous request due to the reaason's best known to u.. Explain them the reason's that what made u withdraw the request and now why do u want to include ur sister again.. I am not sure what their response is going to be but there is noo harm in trying..
Posted by Fahad205
17 Jul 2013 #32
Aoa, Thanks for the help Hira,

My sister got her x-rays done today.

So, Medical tests are done. for Mother and sister both.

Posted by hira
17 Jul 2013 #33
W. Salam.. Ma Shaa Allah that's a great news :).. Told u everything would fall in place .. Best of luck for the remaining process..
Posted by Fahad205
18 Aug 2013 #34
Status Update. Medical received :)
Posted by farah242
22 Aug 2013 #35
Hi Fahad,
Just a quick question, when the ISlamabad office requested additional docs, what were they? Any thing new or specific?
Posted by Fahad205
22 Aug 2013 #36
HI Farah, They will specify in the letter what are they looking for. In my case they were family tree, my sisters education status, fees slips and enrollment confirmation etc were asked.
Posted by farah242
23 Aug 2013 #37
Tnx for getting bk Fahad. The reason I asked the question was that I wanted to know that if the local visa office will ask again for the proof of income from you just to make sure that you still earn the same amount as when the case was approved from CIC- Missisauga. But seems that they did not ask you for that. Also what is very intersting and confusing for me is that your sis more than 22 and she can still accompany you. And here my lawyer told me that if my sister wants to be still part of application she has to continuo studying as a full time student after she turns 22 till she gets her visa otherwise she will be dropped from the case.
Posted by Fahad205
23 Aug 2013 #38
OK, Lawyer is correct. My sister stayed student for 4 years after I applied. She done here MBA an year ago. This rule is changed now, I believe new age limit is 19 years for dependent.
2nd thing. They wont ask for Income verification. In case they do. You need to send your last income assessment which is 2012.
Posted by hira
25 Aug 2013 #39
Congrats :).. Ma Shaa Allah a great progress :)..
Posted by Wajea
29 Aug 2013 #40
salam fahad, can we get contact by email or phone call ( maybe in skype ) because same kind of situation is going on with our case also, my email address is [email protected] ,
Posted by Fahad205
29 Aug 2013 #41
Thanks, Hira, our case is pending now for some legal documents. Asked by high commission. Hopefully, will be able to provide in 2-3 weeks.

Wajea, you can write me at [email protected]
Posted by farah242
30 Aug 2013 #42
Hi everybody, just saw CIC website and there was a news about visa officers across the world and in canada are on strike! Expect delays....as if things are not delayed already......
Secondly while its a good sign that I saw today on cic website that they have reduced the wait times for processing the parent sponsorship in step one category....the step two category that involves wait times in local visa offices keeps increasing.....every week 1 more mon is added to a it times. For example islamabad and new delhi wait times are now 58-59 months.... Thats horrible....where is the cic promise of cutting back the wait times???? Are the fooling us? Reducing wait times for step one of the application but increasing the step two part of the process??
Please comment I want to know what other members think about it...we all are tired of such a long wait times...
Posted by farah242
30 Aug 2013 #43
Hi dear forum members....specially those who have cases dealing with CIC - islamabad.... i just spoke with my lawyer here and asked about the wait times that has increased and keep increasing in LVO Islamabad..he was not optimistic at all and hinted certain political and terrorist activities affecting the wait times.....he said it will keep increasing...i mean the wait times......he said that his daughter application took 32 months to sponsor her husband and it was a perfectly normal and simple case while those in new delhi can still comes in 3-4 month on a spouse sponsorship......he said muslims are suffering due their own wrong doings.....he left me so confused..
Posted by Manoo786
31 Aug 2013 #44
Hi farah242, Can you please post the link where you find about the strike?

I think, the lawyer you spoke to have narrow mind towards Muslims. Therefore, he gave such a comment. Don't get confused as they try to make you confused and then try to make money by taking advantage of your confusion.
Posted by Fahad205
31 Aug 2013 #45
Agree with Manoo, Farah don't believe on such things, and don't waste your time in listening to stupid people. Follow the process. Provide the documents. And wait for your turn. Coming to Canada is not the end of struggle. It continues until we integrate and learn the way of living in this part of world. Relax and keep your mind clear of baseless points of discussions.
Posted by farah242
01 Sep 2013 #46
Here is the link....its open as a small window which you go to cic website and click on processing time tab.
Strange thing is that my lawyer from pakistan...a muslim. Lol. What is confusing and also given me some hope is that I see members here whose sposborships have been approved in 5 years total both for step one and step two....and the timeline posted on islamabad website is now 58 months.....so 3 years in canada add that to 5-6 years in islamabad thats almost a decade....but members here have received visas here in a much less time recently....do you guys think the timeline posted is wrong? But they keep updating it and each month i just see a increase in wait times nothing more...
Posted by Fahad205
01 Sep 2013 #47
People tell stories for many reasons, Some time they lack the knowledge of their profession, some time its to prolong the conversation with a person. etc etc. Depend upon the context in which your lawyer has said it. I wont worry about it.

Wait time is for max. length for 80% of cases. Case finalize early depend upon policies and country quotas. I applied the case in 2008 for my mom and sister and stayed busy in my own life. As i know when they will have their "Rizk" in Canada they will be here. Until than I have to wait. I send documents when Immigration office/ CHC ask. Check my email regularly to stay inform.

I hope this will help you too.

Posted by farah242
01 Sep 2013 #48
Yes Fahad... I hope what you say turns out to be right Inshallah...:)
Posted by Wajea
04 Sep 2013 #49
STRIKE or CANADA Embassy Workers !!! Say Something About Strike is it Ended or it is still continuing ???
I checked in Google but couldn't find any good source to knew it's ENDED or it's still ONGOING ???
Posted by Manoo786
07 Sep 2013 #50
salam - I got the call back from MP office and found this information
elgibility has been approved

background check is in progress

medical has been passed and expiring april 2014
Posted by Fahad205
07 Sep 2013 #51
This is good Manoo, Keep the fingers crossed.
Posted by Manoo786
07 Sep 2013 #52
Salam Fahad and Hira - I called MP office and asked about the progress but they gave us the information that I already know from ecas. I remember in one of Fahad's comments that the MP contact can be used to push the chc Pakistan to expedite the case. I wonder if I can call to the MP that Fahad mentioned. I was in the impression that I can only call to my local MP but when I called the office they didn't even asked my address. They just asked my parents file number, name and took my phone number and called me back after 5 days. I think, I can call any MP office and they will use their special contact to enquire.

I have one friend in Toronto whose parents medical was submitted back in Feburary 2012 but they haven't heard back from chc Pakistan yet. Another friend's parents' medical was submitted one and half years ago but they haven't heard anything yet. It looks like if somebody asks or pressurize chc Pakistan then they do it otherwise they keep the file for longer time.

Please advise.
Posted by Fahad205
07 Sep 2013 #53
Keep trying Manoo, we are not the only one approaching MP,s.

I know many people have their cases pending, but trust me there must be something that cast the doubt in the authorities minds. People share their problems but they don't share reasons causing the problem or may be they don't know the reason.
MP,s write email to CHC or Immigration minister on family and humanitarian bases. For that you have to make a case and than approach MP again in 6-8 weeks.
Posted by Wajea
13 Sep 2013 #54
Canada’s foreign service officers on strike in 15 Countries !
Largest immigration processing centres — including Beijing, New Delhi, Mexico City and London other visa processing centres where immigration officers have walked out include Abu Dhabi, Ankara, Cairo, Chandigarh (India), Hong Kong, Manila, Moscow, Paris, Riyadh, Sao Paulo and Shanghai.
Posted by Manoo786
20 Sep 2013 #55
Any update about strike?
Posted by kdaniyall
27 Sep 2013 #56
PAFSO reached a tentative agreement with Government of Canada. Strike is over.
Posted by hira
29 Sep 2013 #57
MA Shaa Allah Congrats :).. PPr should be just round the corner In Shaa Allah :)
Posted by Fahad205
03 Oct 2013 #58
aoa, Hira, Still waiting for an official document I need to submit. May be next week or so.
You tell me how is life in Canada so far?
Try employment agencies to get into the job market.
Posted by Fahad205
04 Oct 2013 #59
Alert – Strike Action

The Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers (PAFSO) union is currently taking strike action. PAFSO union members responsible for processing visa applications have been walking out of offices in Canada and overseas.

Posted processing times for both temporary and permanent resident visa applications do not take into account work stoppages.

Anyone applying for a visa should anticipate delays and submit their application online as far in advance as possible. Electronic applications give CIC much more flexibility in moving case processing to offices with the capacity to handle them.

Contingency plans are already in place to ensure all offices remain open and are providing at least a minimum level of service. Priority will be placed on urgent humanitarian applications.

CIC continues to closely monitor the situation.
Posted by Wajea
13 Oct 2013 #60
Salam dears, I hope your physical health is fine can't say about Psychological health
Because everybody is Stand-By for results of their Immigration issues such as Medicals,Interviews, Documentation & Etc...
Eid Ul Adha 2013 also arrived ( last Eid Ul Adha 2012 ) I was thinking we'll be in Canada in Coming Eid Ul Adha 2013 ...
& it remained like a dream which is still like a dream which's unknown of coming true in coming Eid Ul Adha 2014 !!!
Or I will once again post words for you people for arriving of Eid Ul Adha 2014 & result be still unknown for Canada's Dream !
Posted by Fahad205
18 Oct 2013 #61
Any update guys? Anyone know about any activity since the strike ended on Sept 26???
Posted by Fahad205
20 Oct 2013 #62


although above link is an old news. But it can help us understand that even in 2014 Canada plan,s to take 25000 PGP plus 5000 new applications.
Which means 2014 will also bring many families together.Applicants are getting responses since the strike is over. Lets see.
Posted by manukhan
21 Oct 2013 #63
Lets see
Posted by nabeel
29 Oct 2013 #64
2014 plan level yesterday passed in parliament

Posted by nabeel
29 Oct 2013 #65
Can I get ur skypr? Mine is nabeel.faisalabad
Posted by nabeel
29 Oct 2013 #66
Email:: [email protected]

Can I get urs?
Posted by Fahad205
29 Oct 2013 #67
my elder son name. i am going to add u now
Posted by nabeel
29 Oct 2013 #68
just got an email from cic news......

News Release — Slashing backlogs, reuniting families

Canada welcomes largest number of parents and grandparents in nearly 20 years
Ottawa, October 29, 2013 — Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander today pledged aggressive action to reunite more families in 2014. Alexander also announced that the backlog of Parent and Grandparent (PGP) program applications will be almost 50 percent lower by the end of 2013 than it was just two years ago.

for further read link below.......


Posted by Wajea
29 Oct 2013 #69
my skype is babrakzaii : it's good that parliament passed the budget for 2014 year to Ministry of Immigration & Citizenship i hope alot of families will be reunion during coming 14 months period .
We hope so but mr.nabeel i don't know up to which month we'll be active users of www.trackitt.com & exchange these information between each other ( me & my family are out of patient ) really 7 years waiting is a long period , don't know how much people without knowing about www.trackitt.com are waiting for their results ???
Posted by Fahad205
30 Oct 2013 #70

20,000 parsons are less than 25,000. Compare to 2012-1013 quota of the year. But not bad as they will take 5000 new application a year from 2014.

Posted by nabeel
30 Oct 2013 #71
I thnk they wrote additional 20000.......didn't they?
Posted by Fahad205
30 Oct 2013 #72
Additional in 2014 to 2012-2013 (50,000) , 25, 000 each year 2012-2013.
Total 70, 000 in 3 years.
20,000 are parsons not applications. As my application hold 2 parsons. Some have 5 or more parsons in one application.

Correct me guys If I am mistaken.
but its still good, as in 2014 only 5000 new applicants will be added. So, this will clear backlog.

Posted by Wajea
17 Nov 2013 #73
I guess Visa Bullets of Immigration for 2013 Year are already Finnished & Embassies Might Wait for Coming 2014 New Visa Bullets to Start Proccessing For Left Cases !!! I am also waiting for Passport Request My Medical was done in March 2013 , I have another 4 Months still & after that my Medical is Gonna Expire !!! Which is a bad news for me & my family then we'll have to go again the Medicals , I hope it don't happens !!!
Posted by Wajea
25 Nov 2013 #74
Fahad 205 : Did you got Passport Request After Medicals were done , you know your medicals are Valid until March 15 2014 , If you don't get Passport Request then you or your family will be Re Medical test !!!
Posted by Fahad205
26 Nov 2013 #75
Hi Wahea,

Nope. Not yet. But it was because of us. As they asked some documents in July 2013 and we submitted those in October 2013. And I don't see any movement in Isb. So, just waiting. Will go to MP this week and will submit GCMS notes in 3 weeks.

Posted by Wajea
01 Dec 2013 #76
Hello Dears, Since 6 Months or Several Months Nobody Heard Anything so it's Frustration for everybody Inside Trackitt.com & also for the one's Who don't know about Trackitt.com !!!
Posted by mukhtica
02 Dec 2013 #77
Hey @fahad205 - I am looking to get more information regarding submitting gcms notes and contacting mp.

- Do I need to submit the consent form in the application while I am the sponsor and I wanna get information about my parents?

- Last time I contacted MP a month ago. They asked me the file number and didn't even bother asking if I leave it their local area. They called me after a week and gave me the same information that I can read at ecas. Is there any good mp whom can apply some pressure at cic?

- Does it help to get gcms notes and contacting mp after every while?

- There are a few success stories like @hira, @shamyil. @can4me, @musketeer and @eshazu. There are people who applied around the same time as the success stories did or even before but they didn't get any answer yet. The only pattern difference I can see in their cases and other people cases is they have more comments. I think, they somehow communicated more to cic and pushed them in some way. Please all you success stories help us out here.

Look forward to hear from you all soon.
Posted by Fahad205
03 Dec 2013 #78
Yes, submit the consent form.
Going to MP is just another way of finding out the status. Try again in few months.
Depend which visa office have ur case. Isb seems to be out of quota. GCMS notes are good if there is not activity in ur case in 3-4 month.
I believe we will see activity in second week of January 2014.
Posted by Wajea
25 Dec 2013 #79
Hello Everyone as i am having an analyse about Canadian Immigration : I think the 2013 visa issuance process is ended up, But in second week of January 2014 their new process will start for all waiting cases which's ( A : Background/Security Check is Done. B : Interview is Done. C : Medical Test is Done. D : Passports Request is received & Passports have already sent to Embassy for Issuance of Visa ) ...
Important Note also : There are many number of people waiting for their ongoing visa process for Canada, so we a few number of people in this Track IT Community hope to get done with it in this coming 2014 year, as we know we are all tired of waiting & give up with it .
Tell me as feedback do you agree with my analyse ?
Thank you & Best of Luck for all of you .
Posted by pakimunda
16 Jan 2014 #80
fahad which doc they asked???////
Posted by Wajea
24 Jan 2014 #81
Dears All Please Check Efforts of Canada Citizenship & Immigration Ministry In Order to preform a faster process for our & future Applications.

Check it once it will really give you an answer of your some questions


Thanks, I hope it helps you.
Posted by Wajea
18 Feb 2014 #82
Dear sisters & brothers we know we have been all waiting to receive ( Medical, Re-Medical, Decision Made, Passport Requests ).
Even my family case has been running since January 2008 in Islamabad... 11 Months Since my family did their Medicals in Islamabad IOM office but yet no PPR request ( one month is remaining for medical expiry date ) i am quite sure that my family has to do another Medical test also.
I know all are tired of this frustrated immigration process... but i hope all to accept an additional patient until this process gets finalized finally.
Your anxious Sister
Posted by talash
20 Feb 2014 #83
Hi Fahad205,

Any update? have you received the passport request yet??

if not, i would strongly advise to write a quick email to cic, and in the subject line put, MEDICAL EXPIRY APPROACHING. hopefully it will wake them up.
and if your case is complete then do update here for others :)

all the best!
Posted by Wajea
20 Feb 2014 #84
11 Months Since my family did their Medicals in Islamabad IOM office but yet no PPR request ( one month is remaining for medical expiry date ) i am quite sure that my family has to do another Medical test also.
I know all are tired of this frustrated immigration process... but i hope all to accept an additional patient until this process gets finalized finally
Posted by Fahad205
21 Feb 2014 #85
I sent the documents last week, Lets see.
Will wait a week and than will sent the email.

Haven't seen the case approved from ISB for a while.

Posted by talash
21 Feb 2014 #86
Hi Fahad
i do not think you should wait another week for sending an email. its not that they check mails immediately! plus your mail could be just about giving them an update...e.g you can say that "as per your request on such n such date, I have submitted the additional documents. Hope those documents meet your requirements and our application could be expedited as the medical expiry is extremely close"

thats my suggestion, plus there is nothing else we can do but keep reminding them
all the best
Posted by manukhan
21 Feb 2014 #87
I second talash on that. I too think you should send an email AND A FAX informing them that you have sent all the required documents.
Posted by Fahad205
25 Feb 2014 #88
Thanks, Talash and Manukhan,

I just sent the email.
I hope ISB, start moving.
all the best to you guys as well.
Allah Haffiz
Posted by manukhan
17 Mar 2014 #89
Too bad.. just a couple days left foryour medical expiry. So frustrating. Lets just keep praying
Posted by Wajea
07 Dec 2014 #90
Salam Dear Forum Members
This is Wajea once again after a long time but yes i have been reading all messages exchanging between members.
I just want to share some quick GOOD facts as outcome of 2014 year.

Canada's determination is applicable on two things in 2015 plan.
1 Reuniting more families.
2 Reducing backlogs and improving processing time.
For year 2015 Canada's plan announced as following:
A. The Government of Canada is planning to welcome between 260,000 and 285,000 new permanent residents in 2015, an increase of approximately 19,000 planned admissions over last year ( 2014 ) .
B. Estimated immigration increases for 2015: 64.9 per cent for economic immigrants (181,300), 24.4 per cent for family class (68,000), and 10.7 per cent for humanitarian and compassionate cases (29,800).
In Reducing Backlogs and Improving Processing Times Section:
The backlog of applications across all immigration streams has been cut by nearly 45 percent from the end of 2009 to the end of 2013.
The Economic Class inventory has been reduced by almost 57 percent.
The Federal Skilled Workers inventory having been reduced by almost 92 percent.
The Parents and Grandparents inventory will have been reduced by over 70 percent by the end of 2015.
The Humanitarian and Compassionate inventory has been reduced by 43 percent.

Administrative Process Data: For those whose Decisions are yet to be made & showing on their online status (application in process) not written (decision made).
CIC Permanent Resident Applicants Awaiting a Decision
In 2009, 972151 Total Applicants Decisions weren't made and were waiting.
In 2010, 996804 little increased Applicants Decisions weren't made and were waiting.
In 2011, 1012920 more increased Total Number of Applicant's whose Decisions were pending.
In 2012, 616271 Solid decreases of Applicants waiting for their Decisions to be made, as result of many decisions were made to reduce BACKLOG.
In 2013, 544888 Good decrease! Number of Applicant
Posted by Wajea
07 Dec 2014 #91
Update until 2nd July 2014:
406389 Applicant's are waiting for their Decision to be made.
This number will decrease estimate to 267890 in 31 December 2014.

2015 Upcoming Plans:
A. For 2015 year 267890 applicants will be all Decision made & Over.
B. In 1st January 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will launch a new electronic system called Express Entry to manage applications for permanent residence under these federal economic immigration programs:
The Federal Skilled Worker Program,
The Federal Skilled Trades Program, and
The Canadian Experience Class.
C. The backlog is projected to be at zero later in 2015 at the current rate.
D. In 2016 Year Applicants Applications will be processed in Real time & every application will be processed in 1 Year.
Posted by Fahad205
09 Mar 2015 #92
Passport request on February 04th submitted on February 24th. Remember us in your prayers. ..
Posted by pakimunda
09 Mar 2015 #93
Congrats fahad. ..
when u got 2 nd medical request
Posted by Fahad205
09 Mar 2015 #94

First week of December 2014.
Posted by Fahad205
31 Mar 2015 #95
Decision Made... lets see what is the result of almost 7 years wait.
Posted by nabeel
31 Mar 2015 #96
Congrats bro...
Posted by farah242
31 Mar 2015 #97
Hi fahad, congrats for the passport request. your case was not transferred to London visa office? becoz everyone got their file transferred from islamabad to london as Pakistan is no longer dealing with parent sponsorship.
Posted by pakimunda
31 Mar 2015 #98
Congrats bro...
Posted by Fahad205
04 Apr 2015 #99
Good news Guys, my mother and sister both got the visa.
I have a question and will call CIC on Monday but if anyone of you know the answer please reply. Deadline for the entry is December 2015. But I would like my sister to come early as mom need more time to wrap up matters back home. Can a dependent on file travel alone? She is over 22 and have separate COPR.
any suggestions?
Posted by farhan
05 Apr 2015 #100
Congratulation. It is opposite . your mother has to come first as she is principal applicant. sister can come later on.
Posted by farhan
05 Apr 2015 #101
see page 51 17. Procedure: Issuing visas
Posted by farhan
05 Apr 2015 #102
see page 51 17. Procedure: Issuing visas

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