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Family Class case: Approved in 253 days (189 days less than average)
United States
11 Feb 2008
Buffalo, USA
Spouses & Partners
07 Jan 2008
03 Mar 2008
25 Mar 2008
30 Jun 2008
28 Jul 2008
18 Oct 2008
21 Oct 2008
21 Oct 2008
253 days
30 Nov -0001
23 Oct 2008
Received PPR in todays mail. No change on the e-case. Picked Visa up in Seattle 10 / 21. Still nothing on ecase. Landed 10 / 23 All done!! Best wishes for all!!!!

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Posted by tamee
08 Feb 2008 #1
welcome and good luck
Posted by littlerani
06 Mar 2008 #2
Hi Rick,
My timeline is very close to yours. I am watching your case very close so that I'll be able to know when t o expect an answer. Goodluck!

Posted by rgvinson777
06 Mar 2008 #3
Just received info. on e-case for the first time. They began processing my wife's (sponsor) application on March 3, 2008 and sent out the letter on the same day regarding the "decision made." Its March 6th today and no letter yet.
Posted by Fretwork
14 Apr 2008 #4
Wow, forwarded to Seattle! You might be almost done, let us know what they say.
Posted by rgvinson777
14 Apr 2008 #5
I'm figuring 2 more months till landing. I hope. I will post their comments when I get the letter!
Posted by rcodron
14 Apr 2008 #6
Thats exactly what mine said, except it was sent to Los Angeles, which is the closest office to me.
Posted by rgvinson777
14 Apr 2008 #7
The letter said, "In order to expedite the processing of your application, your file has been sent to Seattle." "The Canadian Consulate General in Seattle will complete the analysis of your application and determine if a personal interview with a visa officer is required." "Your file number remains the same." " Do not request the status of your file within ninety days of the date of this letter."
Posted by tamee
14 Apr 2008 #8
thats a pretty typical letter template. everyone gets that letter once transfered, its usually to expidite the processig tie so its most likely good news
Posted by GGKK
30 May 2008 #9
Isn't the waiting driving you nuts?!?? You are a month ahead of us, we are hoping you get your passport request really soon!
Posted by pendergirlie
08 Jun 2008 #10
I'm going to watch you as I (hope) it will be indicative of my own application.
We were forwarded to Seattle on May 28.
Sending positive vibes your way :)
Posted by tfandkc
18 Jun 2008 #11
hi - i didn't know where to post this response to your question. the CAIPS notes arrived within 30 days - and that's taking into consideration that i mailed it to the wrong office to begin with (it should go to Ottawa)
Posted by pendergirlie
24 Jun 2008 #12
No word yet eh? I know, I know - summer time takes longer, is busier....yadda, yadda, yadda :)
Posted by pendergirlie
26 Jun 2008 #13
rgvinson777 - on a board I post on, a lady sent me a msg that said her American husband's application was exactly 1 week older than mine. Sent in 1 week earlier, transferred to Seattle 1 week earlier - and on June 13 they rec'd his passport request in the mail.

I know they say don't contact Seattle for status on your application until 90 days - but I'd be inclined to send them an email anyways.
Good luck & positive vibes going your way :)
Posted by pendergirlie
26 Jun 2008 #14
I can't post their name as they sent me a private message with this information.
Here's the PM they sent me

dated June 13
I've been watching your timeline with great interest as my American husband's is very close to yours. He submitted his application one week earlier and so far, everything has been one week prior to your events, including the transfer to Seattle. I just wanted to let you know that we received his PPR in this morning's mail, so if all follows suit, you should expect to receive yours next week. Just thought you might like to know. We are in (name of town omitted) and now have to figure out what we will do with the landing and the importation of his goods. After what seemed like endless waiting, everything is happening so quickly now. Good luck
Posted by LovesickBlues
26 Jun 2008 #15
Wowie zowie! Such exciting news! *pumps fists*
Posted by pendergirlie
01 Jul 2008 #16
I can't blame you for emailing them. :)
I'd probably do the same - seeing people transferred to Detroit, etc & getting PPR within weeks.
For sure let us know what they say.
Our e-cas was updated yesterday (June 30) to show "medicals received" which at least tells me someone is looking at the application.
Though I also know that people frequently get finalized without ever seeing "medicals received" on e-cas.
Seems like with that it's hit or miss, no rhyme or reason to it
Posted by pendergirlie
01 Jul 2008 #17
Meant to ask - have you requested CAIPS? We're thinking that - if we don't hear anything by the end of July/beg of August that we might just do that. I have a few things that "may" be considered issues so....I won't be too surprised if it takes a bit longer.
Posted by pendergirlie
01 Jul 2008 #18
Yeah I know CAIPS takes approx 30 days - just wondering if you had ordered them
We're gonna order if it nothing else happens by our "self imposed" deadline because there is a chance (depending on how you read it) that one of my "issues" could be conceived as inadmissible
Hopefully someone comes into work at Seattle after the holiday & gets back to you soon.
Posted by pendergirlie
04 Jul 2008 #19
Awww geez...I'm curious on how much you submitted on the whole genuine relationship thing?
How long have y'all be together?

This is going to sound probably not so nice but - I am seeing people that really haven't known each other that long from "third world" countries who submitted at about the same time I did (so - after you) and they have PPR and in some cases their visas back.
Don't get me wrong - I love Canada - but the US is also a "first world" country and as a citizen, it's unlikely that you're going to be doing a MOC/ROC to get in - know what I mean?

Like us we don't have any shared banking accounts - I am VP of his biz and beneficiary on investments - but he's not joint or beneficiary on anything of mine (as I don't have anything...haha)
As far as photos together - eh...not so much as one of us was usually behind the camera.
I did sent excerpts of chat logs going back to '99 - but we've been "living" together for going on 3 years.
So no written communications since then..

As far as my "possible trouble" - it was on '99 and I did send along...can't remember the name of the document - but it was a notarized letter from the courts saying everything was resolved - at $5 each - I got 2 copies just in case - 1 to send - 1 to keep.
That sucks rgvinson - are you still in the same area as your trouble so that you can get your stuff quickly?
Took me a month - I had to submit a (notarized) request with all info - send it back east & wait for it to come back.
Am still sending those positive vibes your way!!!
Posted by LovesickBlues
04 Jul 2008 #20
I second all of pendergirlie's gripes! Canada should treat it's best friend, America with a little more respect. rgvinson, what documents were requested of you?
Posted by pendergirlie
08 Jul 2008 #21
Just a note a the bank accounts.
I'm pretty sure that they can't ask for a SIN.
In some ways Canadian banks are a lot different than US banks.
I opened an account w/Scotia bank using my US passport & my (NY) DL.
Granted, it's not a joint account and they would not put my CDN address on it - but all my statements, etc are online so I don't have to worry about that. My cheques have just my name & BC phone number on them - and they were sent to my Canadian address.
But yeah - get some letters (we sent a few from people that know us) - send the photos & anything else you can think of.
Get on as many of the bills as you can (cable, hydro, phone, etc...)
I'm only on the cable bill as a joint - the others...nah
As soon as I (hopefully) have my PR I will go on the biz acct, the biz credit card & the title for the house.

It boggles my mind that CIC wants some things that are quite difficult to get at times.
Eh - this too shall pass :)
Sent in your stuff - be a good boy & before you know it you'll be doing the PR dance also
Posted by mistydawn67801
08 Jul 2008 #22
Hi. I was just reading your comment about joint banking. I was able to open a CIBC account in BC on my own...we weren't even engaged yet. I just had to have an ID and my American Social. We not have joint acct in Ontario at RBC.
Posted by mistydawn67801
08 Jul 2008 #23
sorry...it's we now have...not, not... :-p
Posted by pendergirlie
08 Jul 2008 #24
Ah - see I didn't realize you were still in the States - I thought you were in BC.
Posted by dallasgal8050
11 Jul 2008 #25
My husband and I got a joint account at RBC in British Columbia and all they wanted was my American ID (drivers lic) and to see a copy of the Marriage Cert. and it was a done deal. I even ask them for documentation that I could send in to CIC and they gave me two nice letters stateing that we had a joint account.
Posted by Tibbychick
11 Jul 2008 #26
Just to reaffirm about bank accounts, I was also able to open one at TD Canada Trust while I was a student up in Toronto. Didn't need a SIN number or anything, just a Canadian address.
Posted by LovesickBlues
14 Jul 2008 #27
Hello everyone watching this guy's timeline! Do we have any updates!? It's been dead, dead, dead, hasn't it?! You can post updates for me on my comments section. I just chose to post here because lots of ppl watch this timeline. Thank you.

PS- I had my husband added to my CIBC bank account and my CIBC VISA account as a cardholder, so he has his own bank card and credit card with CIBC and his name is on the monthly bank statement. As far as I recall they didn't ask for any documentation proving citizenship or anything.
Posted by LovesickBlues
21 Jul 2008 #28
YES! Decision made and medicals received, too. I am completely floored. Now the final torture of waiting for the letter to see what the decision was.
Posted by pendergirlie
26 Jul 2008 #29
Definitely keep us informed - I'm getting a little skittish myself....though it seems as though maybe Seattle is slower than others...? No idea
Good luck & positive vibes heading your way!
Posted by pendergirlie
30 Jul 2008 #30
I'm really glad you were able to get that info into Seattle.
What was it like there? Were they cool with you dropping stuff off?

Sent off a request for CAIPS today, to try & head off any potential problems...
Still got those positive vibes going :)
Posted by pendergirlie
11 Aug 2008 #31
well RG - I have to admit I'm getting a little nervous/antsy as a bunch of people on another forum are getting DM & PPR left & right.
As much as 6 weeks after ours.
Hopefully CAIPS will come in soon (though I'm not expecting it before the end of the month)
My better half (BH) says - just wait till it's been 90 days...I know - easy for him to say! LOL
Posted by pendergirlie
11 Aug 2008 #32
It's mostly US family class applicants.
Haven't seen too many Seattle transfers - but Detroit & NYC
You should check it out - highly informative :)
Posted by pendergirlie
22 Aug 2008 #33
I'm guessing since you haven't updated that...there's nothing yet?
hoping for CAIPS notes soon ourselves
Posted by pendergirlie
28 Aug 2008 #34
No CAIPS yet - have you requested yours??
We did send an enquiry to the Seattle Consulate today (do not contact us until at least 90 days has passed, etc) we sent it via email so - who knows how long that could take. Have you done that?
My BH has sort of come to the realization it's not as "easy" as he thought it would be...."sigh"
Still sending those positive vibes for sure!!
I'm watching yours closely due to the similarities of our cases (IE - issues)
Posted by pendergirlie
05 Sep 2008 #35
Got CAIPS today - sent Sept 3
Will post more about it on RTC
Posted by schunnie
13 Sep 2008 #36
I was reading your story, it looks like you will be getting an soon since the summer is coming to an end. When they requested more documents from you, did the initial assessment letter say anything about your interview being waved or not?
Posted by schunnie
13 Sep 2008 #37
I don't think they bother with american/ canadian interviews much since our cultures are very congruent and it's not something to be as skeptical about. americans RARELY enter into arranged marriages. plus, most americans are patriotic about being american, and arnt trying steal canadian residency- just trying to be with the one they love. and if they arnt patriotic, americans at least enjoy life in a rich first world country, and have no reason to try to escape as desperatley as someone who is not so lucky. i guess the prospect of health care would be a big reason an american would want to escape to canada, but we really dont have it so bad here. people complain, but they really wouldnt want to live somewhere else
Posted by pendergirlie
20 Sep 2008 #38
Have you heard anything at all??
It's been awhile since you delivered your extra docs
I figure summer is over, student visas are done (for a while anyways)
They should be getting to our apps! :)
Posted by dallasgal8050
29 Sep 2008 #39
anything yet??
Posted by schunnie
05 Oct 2008 #40
What's going on with you? Did Seattle stop processing or is your case over thier heads?
Posted by pendergirlie
15 Oct 2008 #41
Well I've received back a reply from my email enquiry that the officer is reviewing my FBI report *sigh*
Will be requesting CAIPS again at the end of this month
Anything with you? Have you requested CAIPS?
Posted by pendergirlie
18 Oct 2008 #42
Posted by COtoTO
18 Oct 2008 #43
Finally, Congratulations to you both!!
Posted by schunnie
18 Oct 2008 #44
w00p!!! You know when i saw your name was recently updated i was holding my breath for you as i scrolled over.....CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's certainly been a long enough wait! Awesome
Posted by dallasgal8050
18 Oct 2008 #45
Posted by pendergirlie
23 Oct 2008 #46
OMG - that's soooooo great!!!
Do me a favour when you get a chance & PM me on RTC or email me through there
I'd really, really like to know what it's like going to Seattle for passport stamping because I think IF we ever get to that point that's how we're going to do it.

Am so happy for you two - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
Posted by pendergirlie
08 Nov 2008 #47
:) Thanks
Hope you are settling in nicely

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