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Family Class case: Approved in 150 days (291 days less than average)
United States
08 Apr 2008
Buffalo, USA
Spouses & Partners
10 Jan 2008
30 Apr 2008
03 Jun 2008
28 Jul 2008
05 Sep 2008
05 Sep 2008
150 days
30 Nov -0001
05 Sep 2008
Here's hoping this goes quickly! June 23: Today on ECAS the following message appeared: "We transferred your application to the Detroit office on June 17, 2008. The Detroit office may contact you." Hopefully this is almost over!

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Posted by Fretwork
01 May 2008 #1
I just showed up on ECAS for the first time, but there aren't any updates yet. The processing times page for family class sponsorship applications says they're working on applications received up to April 7th, so hopefully my sponsorship is approved tomorrow!
Posted by rgvinson777
05 May 2008 #2
Congrats on your sponsorship being approved. The days start whizzing by from now on. NOT!!

Best Wishes!!!!
Posted by vmunguia
17 May 2008 #3
Hi, I´m usually tracking your case, because we have the same timelines! our applications were both sent on April 8th, and approval on April 30t, but I´m in Mexico and my husband sponsoring me in Canada. So good luck for all of us!!
Posted by funinagg
19 May 2008 #4
hi there, i am two days behind you. hope yours is done in quick time. please keep updating. will help me plan my move :) what is the link to check what date they are on?
Posted by Fretwork
20 May 2008 #5
Hi funinagg,

You can see how far along they are in processing sponsorship applications at the following link: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/canada/process-in.asp#perm_res

Unfortunately there is no similar timeline for permanent residency applications, just the sponsorship portion of them.
Posted by funinagg
20 May 2008 #6
right. no link for dates/status in buffalo. they are processing sponsorship applications quickly. but buffalo seems slow and is not transparent.
Posted by Fretwork
20 May 2008 #7
Yes, some transparency from Buffalo would be great, but at least things seem to be speeding up compared to years past. Most applications seem to be complete in less than 6 months.
Posted by funinagg
20 May 2008 #8
right. i think it takes two months or less from the date sponsorship application is approved.
Posted by funinagg
29 May 2008 #9
Hi, still no AOR?
Posted by vmunguia
29 May 2008 #10
My AOR arrived May 24th
Posted by funinagg
29 May 2008 #11
That is good news. You got the mail on 24th? Did they say anything about whether the file will remain in Buffalo or go to some other office? Thanks!
Posted by Fretwork
29 May 2008 #12
No AOR yet. It looks like vmungua's case is being processed in Mexico City.
Posted by Fretwork
29 May 2008 #13
Oops, that's 'vmunguia'.
Posted by funinagg
29 May 2008 #14
Ah. I just assumed it was you who responded. Well together we wait then!
Posted by vmunguia
29 May 2008 #15
Hi guys! It was me, sorry, my application is being processed in Mexico city, but as we have almost the same timelines, and still is North America, I´m taking it as a guiding point. I don´t know how the process is in Buffalo, but i´m pretty sure we will have similar timelines.
So if the info is useful for you, they got my application in Mexico city May 8th, started processing may 21st and medicals received (ecas) , AOR letter received May 24th.

We will be waiting all together!
Posted by Fretwork
11 Jun 2008 #16
Received an AOR letter dated June 3rd yesterday. Today my ECAS case showed up as in processing along with "Medical results received".
Posted by pendergirlie
11 Jun 2008 #17
Congrats & here's hoping to a speedy finish
Posted by funinagg
23 Jun 2008 #18
great! lets see if mine is transferred this week...
Posted by Fretwork
05 Aug 2008 #19
YES!!!!!! Just received my passport request from Detroit!
Posted by dallasgal8050
05 Aug 2008 #20
Congrats!!!!!! Great news......yay!!!!!!!
Posted by vmunguia
05 Sep 2008 #21
Congratulations!!!! now you can celebrate!! my best wishes for you!!!

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