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Family Class case: Approved in 1476 days (-1035 days more than average)
15 Aug 2006
New Delhi, India
Parents & Grandparents
06 May 2010
27 May 2010
13 Aug 2008
29 Jan 2009
19 Sep 2008
06 May 2010
30 Aug 2010
30 Aug 2010
15 Feb 2011
1476 days
30 Nov -0001
12 Mar 2011

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Posted by preeti25
10 Feb 2009 #1
hi, i just got update to about my parents family case they send there papers NEW DELHI ON 18-20 OCT 2008 .online st shows in process . we start processing on your app on FEB 5. let,s see what happens next. thanks
Posted by drik
11 Feb 2009 #2
CHC just sent a letter (AOR) addressed to my parent with the following time lines

Posted by preeti25
11 Feb 2009 #3
hi , my parents get same (AOR) from new delhi yesterday. they addressed to same time line for my parents too.
Posted by Vikram1111
22 Mar 2010 #4
Hi Drik , how many members are there in your app?? is there any adult accompanying child also?
Posted by drik
22 Mar 2010 #5
I have only sponsored my mother. I have two brothers both adults who have applied as independant skilled immigrants. So not sure why they want my mother to provide detailed information about my brothers.They have put their file numbers on "non-accompanying adult children" forms and have asked that it be filled and returned in five days. I guess they will start processing my mothers application once they receive it.
Posted by singhraj
16 Apr 2010 #6
Hi Drik,
My parents in N. Delhi have received request for medicals while I as the sponsor have been asked to submit the Right of Perm. Residence Fee. Letter mentions payment via IMM 5401 but the fee receipt incld. is IMM 5412. Which is correct? Phoned into the the call centre folks several times who have given conflicting replies.

2ndly, my parents immigr. file # is incorrect. Do I incld. a correction on the receipt for paying the RPRF?

Any help/advice shall be greatly appreciated.

Posted by drik
16 Apr 2010 #7
IMM5401 is a form used when you pay fees for the first time.When you first apply you could have paid the entire fees (including the Right of Permanent Residence Fee).
IMM5412 form is used if there is any pending immigration fees left.In this case the right of permanent residence fee. So the form is correct.You will have to mail the paid receipt to CPC MIssissauga
You also have the option of also paying the $490 online by credit card and mailing the receipt to CPC mississauga (which i did)
Make sure you use the correct client ID, your date of birth on the payment receipt and well as your first and last name (not your parents), canadian address so the imm officer can verify on the system and advise the off in new delhi
Posted by singhraj
16 Apr 2010 #8
Thanx Drik for the feedback. DofB, there's none on the fee receipt - IMM5412 nor the receipt they've asked to enclose with the fee receipt. Yes, there's the client ID for myself as the sponsor and my parents overseas file # which is incorrect and I have to have that corrected.

Posted by jriya
13 May 2010 #9
Hi Drik,

Congratulations on the medical request!

I believe my parents' application should be close to receiving a medical request as well.

I was wondering when you log in to check the status of your application online, what date does it say they started processing your application?
For me it says, "We started processing your application on Oct 23, 2008"

Posted by drik
14 May 2010 #10
Online status show started processing on Jan 19, 2009
Posted by lawsteph
26 Mar 2011 #11
Hi I'm a freelance journalist based in Vancouver, B.C. I'm writing a story about family reunification visas for parents/grandparents. The government recently announced that they're cutting the numbers of parents/grandparents it will allow in this year under the family reunification program.

I'm looking to interview families who are going to be affected by the reduced quota for parents/grandparents and the subsequent increase in wait times to around 10-15 years! So PLEASE send me a message or email me at lawsteph@gmail.com if this affects you and you would be willing to share your stories.

Thank you,
Stephanie Law
778 887 2306

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