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Family Class case: Approved in 139 days (302 days less than average)
United States
28 Jun 2008
Buffalo, USA
Spouses & Partners
20 May 2008
28 Jul 2008
13 Aug 2008
28 Jun 2008
27 Oct 2008
14 Nov 2008
14 Nov 2008
139 days
30 Nov -0001
16 Nov 2008
Landed on November 16th, It was quite painless!! I'm done!!!

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Posted by LovesickBlues
01 Jul 2008 #1
Thanks for signing up with trackitt! I'mma gonna watchoo!
Posted by pendergirlie
01 Jul 2008 #2
Welcome DG - this is the other DG from RTC :)
Posted by dallasgal8050
03 Jul 2008 #3
Application was successfully delivered to Mississauga on July 2nd. :)
Posted by rgvinson777
11 Jul 2008 #4
Thanks Dallasgal. Yeah, I know. My wife was misinformed when she was looking into that. With all the further evidence that I am about to send in for proof of our "ongoing relationship" I dont think the lack of a joint bank account will cause them to refuse me at this point. I'll be posting as soon as I know something.
Posted by dallasgal8050
30 Jul 2008 #5
No news yet on sponsorship approval. Is this normal? I called the call center and a really nice lady told me that I would have to wait and call back after Aug 2nd if I havent heard any news before then. I see that most people get approval in about 24 to 28 days.
Posted by rgvinson777
30 Jul 2008 #6
Hi dallasgal. Yeah. It does deem that your sponsorship application is taking longer than I have noticed to be usual. However, keep in mind that we are in the middle of summer. Immigration workers take their annual holidays and their offices become short staffed. That may be the case. I noticed a sudden slow-down in cases once summer came closer. Dont assume that something is going wrong. Its just the season.
Posted by pendergirlie
03 Aug 2008 #7
It looks like they are up to June 30th apps

Have you tried logging into e-cas using receipt number & sponsors info?
You did sent it via a traceable method...yes..?
(Like Xpresspost/DHL/FedEx, etc)
Posted by pendergirlie
03 Aug 2008 #8
Wish I could edit...anyways
I'm with rgvinson777, I'd say that CIC is a bit bogged down w/summer - student, visitor visas, etc
This is going to sound stupid but I can't remember - you ARE outland - yes?
Posted by dallasgal8050
04 Aug 2008 #9
I'm outland and I could'nt send it Fedex they don't deliver to P.O boxes.....I sent it Canada Post express......I have the customer receipt number can I try to log in under that.....and if I can how do I do that??
Posted by rgvinson777
04 Aug 2008 #10
Yes. You can log in with the receipt number but only with the sponsor's info, not the PR applicant info.
Posted by pendergirlie
04 Aug 2008 #11
Yep - use the receipt number from your payment of fees, along with your sponsor's info (name, DOB, place of birth)
You're out near me & it takes at least a week before I get anything from CIC.
Posted by dallasgal8050
06 Aug 2008 #12
We received the letter yesterday 8-5-08. Sponsorship Approved file has been transfered to Buffalo!!! YAY!!! As we say in Texas......."Houston we have liftoff!!!" LOL
Posted by pendergirlie
06 Aug 2008 #13
Yay & congrats1
Now even more fun starts...lol
Posted by COtoTO
22 Aug 2008 #14
Hey DG i was wondering if you have gotten your AOR yet??
Posted by dallasgal8050
23 Aug 2008 #15
I havent received anything yet in the snail mail, I also have been checking ecas and nothing shows up, but maybe I'm not filling in the right information.
Posted by dallasgal8050
26 Aug 2008 #16
No AOR yet but ECAS shows that Buffalo starting processing my case on Aug 13th.
Posted by COtoTO
26 Aug 2008 #17
Thats progress at least!! your AOR should get to you soon!
Posted by COtoTO
09 Sep 2008 #18
hey DG did you get your letter yet? received mine yesterday...so you should have your already or soon.
Posted by dallasgal8050
09 Sep 2008 #19
No letter yet. I did call the call center and they gave me my Client ID number, the guy told me that I most likely won't get a letter, that if they needed any further information or when a Decision is made, then I will get a letter. I did get a e-mail from Buffalo saying that they "DID NOT" receive my medicals, so I had to contact Ottawa about that. I hope they get the results from Ottawa, I'm sure they will.

Congrats on receiving your letter!! that's awsome. At least we know that something is going on with our applications!!! That's a plus!!!
Posted by dallasgal8050
16 Sep 2008 #20
Received a letter from Buffalo yesterday 9-15-08, stateing that they transfered my case to Los Angeles and NOT to contact them for at least 90 days........Oh man!! it's gonna be a LONG 90 days!!!! LOL
Posted by pendergirlie
20 Sep 2008 #21
BF (bring forward) date basically means that....my application won't be looked at again till the BF date
I'm not sure what they are waiting on because my CAIPS didn't mention anything being needed, nor have I received any request for information so...I really don't know - my BF date is Oct 23 and I'll request CAIPS again at the end of October (my meds expire Oct 31)
Posted by rgvinson777
29 Sep 2008 #22
No. Nothing yet. I've gone in to "I'm too fed up to care mode." Waiting on these people is like waiting for an earthworm to develope social manners. Disgraceful!! and Rude! Still waiting.
Posted by COtoTO
08 Oct 2008 #23
Anyday now DG!! I think your next.
Posted by dallasgal8050
08 Oct 2008 #24
I sure hope so. I havent seen to many comments about Los Angeles office though, so I don't know how fast or slow they are. Also I forgot to send in my pictures (the ones that are like passport pictures) so I'm thinking they will send me a letter requesting them, so that will delay it also.
Posted by pendergirlie
08 Oct 2008 #25
Actually DG - everyone I've seen transferred to LA has been really speedy finishing up :)
Posted by dallasgal8050
27 Oct 2008 #26
Just received a letter from Los Angeles requesting my Passport!!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!
Posted by schunnie
27 Oct 2008 #27
That is so great!! Congrats to you and your family! =)
Posted by pendergirlie
27 Oct 2008 #28
Congrats also - pretty speedy timeline I think!!!
Posted by pendergirlie
14 Nov 2008 #29
Congrats here also :)
Man, I have to get finished - spend waaaayyyy too much time looking at immi stuff...lol
Here's to a smooth landing
Posted by rgvinson777
14 Nov 2008 #30
Good for You!!!!
Posted by thelovelymrst
16 Nov 2008 #31
Congrats to you! I hope my case is as painless! Enjoy life with your husband!
Posted by pendergirlie
21 Nov 2008 #32
Hey back - waiting on the latest CAIPS notes to possibly shed some light on the subject.
Requested them Oct 30 - if it falls in line with the last request - I'm thinking about another 2 weeks.
Are you settling in nicely I hope? :)

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