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Family Class case: Approved in 183 days (259 days less than average)
United States
20 May 2008
Buffalo, USA
Spouses & Partners
02 May 2008
22 Jun 2008
08 Jul 2008
03 Nov 2008
19 Nov 2008
19 Nov 2008
183 days
30 Nov -0001
22 Nov 2008
Finally got my PPR. Probably would have been here a couple weeks earlier, but it went to my old address in the States (my fault).

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Posted by schunnie
04 Aug 2008 #1
Looks like you and I are on the same timeline. Have they received your medical yet?
Posted by gonebaby
04 Aug 2008 #2
I haven't heard anything about the medical yet. I certainly hope so. We had the Medical completed before we submitted the application.
Posted by schunnie
17 Aug 2008 #3
What did you update on your case? did you hear anything?
Posted by gonebaby
21 Sep 2008 #4
Nothing to update. Still waiting. I emailed CIC a while ago to see if they'd received my medicals, but only got their standard "we can't tell you anything" response. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that it will come in soon. It seems everyone with an AOR date before mine has received some notification or request.
Posted by schunnie
23 Sep 2008 #5
So now we are waiting for you.....Do you have a really common name? Maybe they are running extra background checks on you?
Posted by gonebaby
23 Sep 2008 #6
Yeah, I'm not sure why it's taking so long. The only thing I can think of is that they didn't receive my medicals. I checked with doctor's office and they confirmed the medicals were sent. My wife and I have the same last name. We were even married in Canada four years ago. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that there will be something this week. I've got a job lined up, my wife is already there, and we even put an offer on a house. Good news is that I have a back up plan. If I don't get my PPR by 10/1, job is going to get me a temporary work visa. Since I'm doing a transfer and I've been with my company for over a year the process will only take about a week. I'm not sure how that will affect my PR application though.
Posted by schunnie
28 Sep 2008 #7
OMG! How did you find this out and what happens now?
Posted by gonebaby
28 Sep 2008 #8
I found out by calling the doctor who did my medical exam. I let them know that I was concerned that the results had been lost. Everyone who has an AOR date before mine has had some response to their application. Anyways, he called the regional medical centre in Ottawa where all of our results are sent. I guess they did some checking and discovered the error. The doctor said that they were faxing the results of my medical to Buffalo that same day (Friday). What happens now is anyone's guess. I hope that Buffalo has some automated system where it notifies them that my medicals have been received and they'll generate my PPR automatically. But, realistically I'll be surprised if it's less than 30 days.
Posted by dallasgal8050
29 Sep 2008 #9
Buffalo will not notify you that they got a fax or anything. I had to call the doctor, fax Ottawa....blah blah blah
Ottawa informed me that they received the medical and that they forwarded it to Buffalo, but Buffalo did not confirm that they received it,
the only thing that happened is.......after all that activity on my application, it was forwarded to the Los Angeles office. I'm sure I will get something from Los Angeles stateing that they have my medicals. This seems to happen alot!!!
Posted by schunnie
06 Nov 2008 #10
Awesome!!!! =D

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