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Family Class case: Approved in 229 days (212 days less than average)
17 Jul 2008
Buffalo, USA
Spouses & Partners
28 May 2008
12 Aug 2008
27 Aug 2008
02 Oct 2008
03 Feb 2009
03 Mar 2009
03 Mar 2009
229 days
30 Nov -0001
03 Mar 2009
Landed All Done!

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Posted by gototo
07 Sep 2008 #1
Hi Cototo,

I noticed that in the spouse&partner cases people do medicals before submitting their applications. Where do you get the medical forms? Do the DMPs have the forms or do you download them from CIC website?
Posted by melchr06
08 Oct 2008 #2
So you actually havent had to wait too long at all. Thats great for you!! Only a month between when your sponsorship was approved, to getting your passport requested. Wow, dont see that very often on here!! haha, way to go...so you submitted your passport, have you got it back already or still waiting? Do you know how long it takes for them to send it back to you?
Posted by COtoTO
08 Oct 2008 #3
i wish i had a passport request.....i think you read the "last updated" date as a PPR
Posted by melchr06
08 Oct 2008 #4
oh sorry...yep I did...my mistake. Well hopefully then soon, you shouldnt have to wait too long, I feel that the whole process (with filling out forms, etc.) took the longest part, longer than we expected and getting everything together (medicals, fbi...). But the processing only took 3 months and I was hoping it wasnt going to be 9...they seem to be processing pretty fast at Buffalo right now, so I am sure you will hear soon.
Posted by COtoTO
07 Nov 2008 #5
cannot wait much longer...this process is starting to take a toll on us.

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