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Federal Skilled Workers case: Approved in 357 days (426 days less than average)
24 Jan 2008
Buffalo, USA
20 Mar 2008
16 Sep 2008
20 Oct 2008
24 Oct 2008
10 Dec 2008
15 Jan 2009
15 Jan 2009
357 days
30 Nov -0001
17 Jan 2009

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Posted by njvr
07 Feb 2008 #1
hi, can you update your Application Filed date to Jan 24th
Posted by ajayp
08 Mar 2008 #2
How long did they take to return the application? What was your original time line.

I followed the old checklist and only got notarized the documents they asked in old checklist like copies of diploma and the job contract.
Did u send notarized photocopies of all documents according to the new check list?
Posted by Chouette
11 Mar 2008 #3
It took them a month to review and send back the file.
I did not send any notarized documents. I have an american Msc. and no job contract in the US (only offer letter)
Posted by Chouette
11 Mar 2008 #4
I have just checked the checklist. Since I apply in French and my education and jobs are based in France and USA, no need of notarized documents.
Makes things easier
Posted by vanc
26 Mar 2008 #5
its just a thought that if we add the place of residing we can also track the number of days that are lost in mail
Posted by vanc
03 Sep 2008 #6
hey chuet did u get any news about ur IA
Posted by Chouette
04 Sep 2008 #7
still not. No answer yet
Posted by zxwy
22 Sep 2008 #8
which city did they transfer you case?. mine is transferred to NY.
Posted by Chouette
22 Sep 2008 #9
LA. Maybe because I live in Houston?
Posted by timu12
21 Oct 2008 #10
Posted by gototo
11 Dec 2008 #11
Mes felicitations Chuet. Ca nous donne de l'espoir.
Posted by tangocharlie
11 Dec 2008 #12
hi chuet, congrats for receiving the PPR. If u dont mind I have couple of questions-

1. which profession you are in?
2. whatz the exact date when PPR was issued by LA office?

Posted by Chouette
11 Dec 2008 #13
I m a Petroleum engineer.

I received the letter today. was sent 2 days ago
Posted by Chouette
11 Dec 2008 #14
But I don't think profession should affect people who submitted their application before the deadline
Posted by shazzad
11 Dec 2008 #15
Congratulation !!! You are very lucky everything done by in a year. Good luck for your trip and landing. We hope only Buffalo would be fast. Buffalo Buffalo slow Buffalo,...
Posted by chets2k
11 Dec 2008 #16
congrats!!!..do you have 30 days or 60 days to send the passport from the date you received the letter?
Posted by Chouette
11 Dec 2008 #17
60 days. that's good because I will travel for the next month
Posted by lolal
19 Dec 2008 #18
You did your medical exam on 24 Oct 2008, and receive PPR on Dec 11? That's quick... seems Ottawa only took one month to evaluate your medical results! I did my medical exam on Sep 28, and Detroit didn't receive anything from Ottawa yet.
Posted by canon
19 Dec 2008 #19
I think it's a common misconception that the reason for the delay is that Buffalo or other US offices have not received the medical results.
I think there may be other factors like the CSIS security screening thet could be causing the delay.

eCas is not updated regularly for Buffalo applicants. In fact it seems whenever PPR is issued, eCas changes to medical results received. So I am guessing may be they wait for medical results + security checks to be complete. It's only then that they issue the PPR and at the same time update the eCas to "medical results received"
Posted by canon
30 Dec 2008 #20
Hey chuet - curious to see if you emailed Buffalo on the status of your application......Just wondering because my FSW IA is also dated October 20, but I still have not received the PPR. Also, it seems they only took a month between your medicals and PPR. That's nearly a record. Congrats!

From the notes it seems you had to resend your application a second time....could you please let me know when you sent in your intitial FSW application? Trying to figure out how your application went so fast.....hopefully I can follow your steps and speed up my PPR...LOL

Posted by canon
30 Dec 2008 #21
I mean....curious to see if you kept emailing Buffalo several times....asking about your file's status....since they have given you PPR in record time.
Posted by Chouette
31 Dec 2008 #22
I resent my application in Jan 08 because I forgot N/A at Millitary service.
After that, I sent a email to see if I get my AOR (change of address so I was double checking) and that's it.
I think the key is to send everything at the application and be patient.

I know there are some agreements between France and Canada in term of education. Maybe that helped.

If the US immigration could be the same...
Posted by canon
31 Dec 2008 #23
Oh so then I think it was mostly because your initial application was in 2007 - so even if you had to resend your application, they held your place in the queue - currently people that applied towards the end of 2007 are getting their PPRs.

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