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Federal Skilled Workers case: Pending for 5399 days (-4616 days more than average)
United States
05 Nov 2007
Buffalo, USA
20 Dec 2007
20 May 2008
03 Mar 2009
5045 days
30 Nov -0001
08 Mar 2009
1/4/08 IELTS and TEF requested. 3/8/08 IELTS scheduled for Vancouver. 3/25/08 IELTS score (8.5) sent. 3/28/08 Letter and score submitted online. 4/17/08 CAIPS requested in Canada ($5). 5/27/08 (5/20) Transferred to Detroit. 5/27/08 (5/21) CAIPS recei

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Posted by adr37
24 Mar 2008 #1
Hi lanmi,
My case is similar to you, They ask me subbmmit IELTS. My question regarding submmiting IELTS test result.

Is it compulsory IELTS results must be submit by IELTS people or can I submit IELTS test results after receiving.
The reason why I am planning to submit my own, If I get good score then I want submit otherwise I don’t want submit
Please let me know thanks in advance.

Posted by lanmi
24 Mar 2008 #2

According to the application the results will be sent to you and up to 5 institutions. I don't see why you would have to send the results to an institution (CIC). Just leave that part blank and submit a photocopy of your results if you score high. I had my results sent to CIC because I don't want any more of a delay since mail from Canada to the US can take a while. But I plan on also sending a copy of the results I receive...just in case.

Posted by tinay
25 Mar 2008 #3
Hi lanmi,
I wrote the IETLS exam on the same date as u. The result should be out on the 20th of march. I requested to have the result sent to buffalo office directly and i am planning to send in a photocopy when i get the result. Do you know if the visa office will notify us of receiving the result?
Posted by lanmi
25 Mar 2008 #4

The CIC language test letter says "If your original test results are sent directly to us they will automatically be added to your file; please do not ask us to confirm receipt." I interpret that as no, you will not be notified when they receive the results.

Posted by tangocharlie
08 May 2008 #5
hi lanmi, if u dont mind what is the reason u requested for CAIPS and have u received it?
Posted by lanmi
08 May 2008 #6

I requested CAIPS because I want to know if I'm being awarded the total points that I claimed. I haven't received my CAIPS yet - will post when I do.

Posted by Bozo
08 May 2008 #7

Can you tell me the steps to request CAIPS and how long it takes?


Posted by lanmi
09 May 2008 #8

I referenced these two sites when I requested CAIPS. Use these directions only if you know a Canadian who can get the info for you. CIC has 30 days to fill the request so I am expecting my notes soon.

- http://immigrationguides.com/content/view/207/110/
- http://www.immigration.ca/discussion2/topic.asp?ARCHIVE=true&TOPIC_ID=23662

Posted by Bozo
22 May 2008 #9
lanmi have you got your CAIPS or IA yet?
Posted by greenlight
24 Jul 2008 #10
Hi lanmi,

What information you have on your CAIPS. I had only one page, it even does not have BF' D. It seems strange to me

Did you receive IA ?

Posted by crEm
29 Jul 2008 #11
hi Lanmi.

My file was also xferred to Detroit (June 3) and I am getting anxious, not having heard from there for almost two months. Seems processing at that office is slow compared to other local offices. Is this your sense as well?

BTW what does BF'D mean?

Posted by lanmi
30 Jul 2008 #12
Bozo - Still waiting on IA but I did recieve CAPIS on 5/27/08. Glad I took the IELTS because I wouldn't have been awarded the full points that I claimed.

greenlight - The only useful information I saw was language points they're awarding me and BF'D of December 2008!

crEM - I'm hopeful that even though my BF'D isn't until December I'll still get IA before then. I have seen cases where after transfer to Detroit, IA quickly followed. Unfortunately I don't think that's the norm. Good luck, though.
Posted by crEm
30 Jul 2008 #13
lanmi- Good luck to you as well.
Posted by greenlight
30 Jul 2008 #14
Thank you for your information. Hope we all receive IA soon
Posted by lanmi
07 Mar 2009 #15
Dated 3/3/09, received 3/6/09: Initial Assessment, docs requested.
Posted by taneralpa
09 Mar 2009 #16
I applied in Nov 2007 as well. NO IA yet. May I ask what documents were requested along with IA?
Posted by lanmi
09 Mar 2009 #17
Documents for work experience, W2 forms, statement of funds, and proof of family relationship.
Posted by taneralpa
09 Mar 2009 #18
I dont know why it took them so long in your case and mine too....
Posted by lanmi
09 Mar 2009 #19
taneralpa - Have you sent in for CAIPS notes? If you know someone in Canada I would recommend doing that and it's only $5. The only good information I found by requesting it was my BF'D, but it was helpful to have an idea of the timeline. Also, try writing to them on the CIC web form. It did that and I think it "reminded" them that it was time to look at my case. Good luck. I don't know why some cases take so long to get IA.

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