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Federal Skilled Workers case: Pending for 6371 days (-5588 days more than average)
United Kingdom
22 Oct 2005
London, UK
22 Nov 2005
28 Feb 2008
15 Apr 2008
4599 days
30 Nov -0001
07 May 2008

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Posted by AmandaCAN
11 Feb 2008 #1
It came!! Today!!! Our 90 day letter!!! I am soooooo excited! Yours must be on it's way! It's a standard letter asking for new Schedule 1 (must send), new IMM0008 (must send) then all the other items are if circumstances have changed (dependents, financial, Education etc). The Police Cert doesn't need to be sent again (I know someone recently posted that too) unless you've lived in any other countries since you applied. It asks for 2 recent photos of dependents under 18 (I don't know if that means the formal passport ones, or whether home photos are acceptable).
My printer is in overdrive, printing off the two downloadable docs from the Embassy site (http://www.canada.org.uk/visa-info/forms/skilled/e_skill.htm - I think BCrabbit already gave you that link?).
Let me know when yours comes!?
Posted by AmandaCAN
06 May 2008 #2
Hi there
Just wondered if you've had your 90 day letter yet? Maybe you're all caught up with gathering together all the enclosures (takes a while).
Let me know how you're doing sometime!
Best wishes
Posted by Candream
06 May 2008 #3
Hi Amanda,

Nice to hear from you, Yes! we've received our update letter and sent it as well,
i hope you receive your medicals soon & so do we!!! Please give us the good news soon...

Posted by AmandaCAN
06 May 2008 #4
You haven't updated your profile yet, that's what got me wondering! You need to put that down or you'll have not only me asking, but 100's of other Trackitt hopefuls! Glad you got yours and sent off. I'll let you know as soon as meds requested. I'm hopeful they will come through soon and we'll be on our way by summer 08 ..


Posted by Candream
07 May 2008 #5
Yes Amanda, you are right.. for the trackitt hopefuls!

Posted by AmandaCAN
14 May 2008 #6
You really can't be far behind us y'know! Hang in there!!!

Is scary when it happens!

Take care
all the best
Posted by vicki
29 May 2008 #7
hi candream

do you have your med requests yet? our aor is 16th nov 05 and we have not yet recieved ours yet. others with nov aor have had theirs! do you have any idea what the delay is all about??

Posted by AmandaCAN
25 Aug 2008 #8
Hey there Candream - just wondering what's the latest with you, have you heard anything more yet?
Maybe 'no news is good news"?

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