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Federal Skilled Workers case: Approved in 946 days (-163 days more than average)
United Kingdom
30 Aug 2006
London, UK
12 Dec 2006
29 Oct 2008
28 Nov 2008
08 Jan 2009
18 Feb 2009
25 Feb 2009
13 Mar 2009
02 Apr 2009
02 Apr 2009
946 days
30 Nov -0001
02 Apr 2009
Yehah, the wait is finally over! Best wishes to those who are still waiting, keep yourself busy, the time will fly-by!

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Posted by pebblebeach
16 Jan 2009 #1
Wow congratulations! At this rate you could be in Canada before your 3 years wait is up! Do you know where you are going?
Posted by Davidbe
16 Jan 2009 #2

hopefully, we will be heading out to Vancouver Island, Comox Valley area, but who knows!

I see you are not far behind us in the loooong waite. Where do you want to go in CA?

Posted by z030209
16 Jan 2009 #3
btw, did you apply through the simplfied route or no and are you on the list?
thanks and good luck ;)
shouldnt be too long now eh?? x
Posted by Davidbe
17 Jan 2009 #4
Hi z030209

I just got my application in on time against the old route before the September 1, 2006 deadline.

What do you mean by 'are you on the list?'

Posted by z030209
17 Jan 2009 #5
Hi Dave,

Oh I see, so you didn't submit your application using the simplified process; I wanted to do a comparison to see how long mine might take but I applied just after 1st Sept 2006, hence, the simplified application process.

I was just asking if your occupation was on the list of 38 occupations because I was trying to establish if this is why your application got done fairly quickly (from the point of having submitted your updated documents). I got the impression that the older applicants, e.g., you and I, would have to wait longer if their occupations were not on the list but fortunately this does't seem to be the case. Then again, it could be because you didn't apply via the simplified process either... so I can't really compare yours and mine :( I think I'm over analysing! Bugger! Lol

Good Luck though and Well Done!! :)
Posted by Davidbe
17 Jan 2009 #6
Hi z030209

I don't think it matters if you are doing the simplified process, you will still get asked to update or provide additional documentation after 27 months in the lineout. Things are obviously speeding up and this is only to our advantage.

Where are you heading to in CA?

Dave & Gail
Posted by z030209
17 Jan 2009 #7
I got the 90 day letter in Nov '08 and just submitted everything on Monday so really anxious......!! Never got a 60 day letter though like quite a few people have; dunno why.

I'm heading to Toronto... can't wait!! Was thinking Vancouver initially, but I reckon it might be easier for me finding a job in Toronto and it's slightly cheaper too I think. Vancouvers lovely though; my grandparents used to live there so I used to go there every year :)

Posted by Davidbe
17 Jan 2009 #8
Hi Sal

We got a 90 day letter, but who cares if it's a 60 or 90 day letter, as long as they don't forget us!!!

What line of business are you in? We are both college lecturers, but looking to move into a 9 - 5 occupation in CA with any luck!

Dave & Gail
Posted by z030209
17 Jan 2009 #9
Hey Dave & Gail,

Yeah yeah, I guess you're right! :)

I'm an IT graduate (got a BSc and MSc in IT) and been in IT for a few years but I have another year left of my LLB so I'm truly hoping the legal profession. I hate IT but if it's easier getting a job in IT for the time being when I'm in Toronto, which I'm guessing it might be, then that's what I'll do.

Wow, college lecturers eh? Aww, nice :) So you are on the 'list' then I think (unless it's university lecturers; I can't remember).. not that it matters anyways cos you guys have got your med request now so whooopeeeeee!!!!
Posted by Davidbe
17 Jan 2009 #10
Hi Sal

I've just looked up the list of 38 jobs and yes you're right our jobs are on the list. It's been that long in the wait that I didn't realise there was a priority list.

Studying law and a BSc/MSc in IT you won't have any problems getting work. There'll be lots of opportunities out there! We cannot wait to book that one-way ticket and live the dream.

Dave & Gail
Posted by z030209
17 Jan 2009 #11
hahaha, that's funny!! well that's excellent news for you guys, should be slightly easier getting a job then if yours are in demand :D (i'll have my fingers crossed for you both).

yeah, lets hope i dont have too many problems finding a job; guess i'll find out soon enough.

good luck again and yay for getting the one-way ticket soon, oh and best of luck on the meds; am sure it'll work out perfectly ;). just out of interest, what do you guys teach anyways?
Posted by Davidbe
17 Jan 2009 #12
My specialist area is logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Gail's is IT.
Posted by z030209
17 Jan 2009 #13
aww niceeee... dunno how you do it. you really gotta know your stuff to teach it eh.. wow! i almost have panic attacks when i have to do a 3 minute presentation lol ;)
Posted by z030209
02 Apr 2009 #14
hahaha, you jammy git!! lol, well done!! ;P

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