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Federal Skilled Workers case: Approved in 419 days (364 days less than average)
04 Jan 2008
Buffalo, USA
22 Mar 2008
16 Sep 2008
07 Oct 2008
27 Oct 2008
21 Jan 2009
26 Feb 2009
26 Feb 2009
419 days
30 Nov -0001
27 Feb 2009
interview waived, no more document requested, ME report reached Ottawa - Nov.7 2008, PPR arrived - Jan. 26, 2009, Sent passports to NYC - Jan. 28, 2009, PR Visa arrived - Feb. 26, 2009

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Posted by gototo
21 Aug 2008 #1
Hi Zxwy,

Any news from CIC about your AI yet?
Posted by zxwy
22 Aug 2008 #2
hello gototo,

no news is good news. I guess it will come soon. wish you all the best.
Posted by flybird
22 Sep 2008 #3
My case is transferred to DT. I hope you are good luck.
Posted by timu12
14 Oct 2008 #4
Posted by vanc
14 Oct 2008 #5
hey boss,
which local office was your file transferred
Posted by zxwy
15 Oct 2008 #6
Hi Vanc,

my file was transferred to NY. Good luck.
Posted by olusolalekan
17 Oct 2008 #7
My file has been transferred to detroit. Got the letter today and it was dated October 14th. is anybody here who has experienced Detroit transfer?
Posted by timu12
17 Oct 2008 #8
go immigration.ca bro!
Posted by Mino
24 Oct 2008 #9
Hi everyone,

I just done my medical exam in October 2008. I am currently working in Canada (since 2007). Have you be asked for the Canadian Police Certificate? RMPC
If so, how long it took for Ottawa to process it? Should I do it first even the visa office has not requested yet?

Thanks in advance for your response!

Posted by zxwy
25 Oct 2008 #10
hi, Mino
same as you working in Ca. Will do medical examination next Monday. Haven't been asked for RMPC.
good luck.
Posted by Mino
25 Oct 2008 #11
Hi zxwy,

Thanks and good luck to you too!

Posted by zxwy
07 Nov 2008 #12
ME report reached Ottawa on Nov. 7
Posted by ggtt
17 Nov 2008 #13
If you are not asked for RMPC in IA letter, does it mean you don`t need police certificate from Canada at all? Thank you
Posted by zxwy
17 Nov 2008 #14
hi, ggtt
I am not usre. My immigrate lawyer told me I don't need to submit police certificate because I keep staying in Canada since I came. good luck.
Posted by ggtt
09 Dec 2008 #15
How can you make sure whether your ME report reached Ottawa or not?
Posted by duoduo
27 Jan 2009 #16

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