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Federal Skilled Workers case: Approved in 987 days (-204 days more than average)
United Kingdom
04 May 2006
London, UK
30 May 2006
20 Aug 2008
06 Sep 2008
05 Nov 2008
03 Dec 2008
15 Jan 2009
15 Jan 2009
987 days
30 Nov -0001
15 Jan 2009
We've got it!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Posted by SammyandAnt
22 Jun 2008 #1
No news yet.... :(

Does anyone have any idea approximately how much longer this will be?
Posted by mclauchlan35
20 Aug 2008 #2
Congratulations, hopefully ours won't be far behind. did you send directly or use a consultant? we used a consultant so I expect it will take longer to get here. Good Luck
Posted by SammyandAnt
20 Aug 2008 #3
Thanks! I can't quite believe it- after waiting 2 years, 3 months & 10 days- not that I'm counting?! :)

We went directly to the embassy & did not use a consultant- don't know if that was wise or not? Time will tell....

Posted by topu
22 Aug 2008 #4
You dont need a consultant at all. All you need is commonsense. Enjoy the form filling.
Posted by ribtickle
23 Aug 2008 #5
Congrats on your update letter! The wheels can begin moving for you again :o)

What did the letter ask for you to update - if you don't mind me asking.

Posted by SammyandAnt
24 Aug 2008 #6
We have 90 days to update our documents including the IMM0008 form for the main applicant, Schedule 1 form for all applicants & Schedule 3f orm for the main applicant. We have to inform them of any changes like marriage, divorce, etc, proof of funds again & new police checks. I think that if you have children, you also have to provide new photos of them.

Good luck with your application! :)
Posted by mclauchlan35
18 Oct 2008 #7
Congratulations that was quick, Just your medicals to go and then you can start planning to move. Good luck.

Posted by SammyandAnt
19 Oct 2008 #8
Thanks Danny- I know- things are going quickly now- makes a change, hey?!! :) I called the Dr nearest to us and he can fit us in next week- I was surprised at this, as I thought they would have a waiting list?
Posted by topu
04 Dec 2008 #9
Congratulations!!!Wish you a happy settlement.
Posted by crakajacksunny
16 Jan 2009 #10
Hi Sammy and Ant,
Congats on the visas...just a question...Did you collect your visa from the Canadian Embassy yesterday? We were at the front of the queue handing our passports in and wondered if you were in the queue behind us? Good luck!
Posted by SammyandAnt
17 Jan 2009 #11
No- we sent ours off in the post & received them back on the 15th Jan. Congratulations on receiving yours! When and where are you planning on going?

Posted by crakajacksunny
17 Jan 2009 #12
We're going to be living in Barrie, Ontario, about one hour North of Toronto. We have close friends and family who emigrated there 20 years ago and we will be staying with them until we get used to everything! Where are you heading to?

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