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Federal Skilled Workers case: Approved in 501 days (282 days less than average)
25 Feb 2008
Buffalo, USA
28 May 2008
01 Dec 2008
24 Dec 2008
10 Jul 2009
10 Aug 2009
501 days
30 Nov -0001
14 Aug 2009
Received AOR and IELTS Request. Submitted IELTS results. Submitted police clearance Received IA dated Dec 01 2008. Interview Waived. Received passport request, submitted the passport and got the stampings on August 10.

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Posted by timu12
24 Oct 2008 #1
check ur e-client status, ur file may be transfered.
Posted by timu12
28 Oct 2008 #2
any news?
Posted by prdespo
02 Nov 2008 #3
Hello timu12, I don't know what e-client status is. Do you mean the Client Application Status section in the CIC website? I gave my file number in the CIC website and it still shows that "We started processing your application on May 28, 2008". Is this what you referred to as e-client status? I have another question for you. Does every single case gets transferred to local before undergoing the IA? thanks for your help timu12 and good luck to you and others who are in this forum.
Posted by timu12
02 Nov 2008 #4
not at all. buffalo doesnt transfer all these skilled worker cases. sometimes they do to reduct their workload in order to speed up the process. hopefully u will be hearing from buffalo very soon. processing time is extremely hard to predict at this point.
Posted by prdespo
03 Nov 2008 #5
Thanks for your response timu12. I have another question for you. Is it true that IA is being done for only those folks who have arranged employment in Canada? I am in the US under H1 and I don't have arranged employment in Canada. I am worried. Request your thoughts timu12.
Posted by timu12
03 Nov 2008 #6
maybe this year only,man! 1st, ministerial instruction hasnt been released yet. 2nd, to all post-feb 27 applicants, it takes while for buffalo to see who is ,and who is not eligible to apply. 3rd, because implementation of Candadian Experience Class, Provincial Nominee, quota left for Federal skilled worker class will mostly go to those whoever has some sortda arranged employment in Canada. so, now u can it will become more and more difficult to immigrate to canada if u have none canadian connection whatsoever
Posted by timu12
03 Nov 2008 #7
u r still fine at this point.
Posted by timu12
06 Nov 2008 #8
ANY news? its been so quiet!
Posted by gocool301
25 Dec 2008 #9
Hey Prdespo,
How do you know when you got your Initial Assessment is done? I filed about the same time and till now I got nothing back from Buffalo. I look up on cic site for online status and it bring the same message "We started processing your application on May 29, 2008".
Can you help me understand what these dates mean? Also, does "Application Filed" date mean the date i posted the application or May 29 in this case?
Appreciate your input.

Posted by prdespo
27 Dec 2008 #10
Hey gocool301

Here are the answers to your queries - I received a letter from the CIC stating that my initial assessment has been done and my interview is waived along with the medical forms. CIC site never gets updated. So don't depend on that. Application Filed date is the date that you filed your application and that is different from your AOR date. But I see that your filing date is Feb 28 which is falling under the new immigration guidelines. Did you check whether you are falling under the new list that the ministry has published? That may give a clue on why your case is getting delayed. Hope that you hear something positive from the CIC soon!

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