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Federal Skilled Workers case:
16 Jun 2008
Buffalo, USA
10 Oct 2008
Bachelors (3-year)
15 Jan 2009
07 May 2009
4880 days
30 Nov -0001
24 Aug 2010
Haven't received document request letter, but my attorney ended up sending my experience letters and few other miscellaneous things on my behalf. He also asked me to wait 30-90 days.

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Posted by ericturco
21 Nov 2008 #1

We have a similar applicatio ndate!..I havent received my AOR yet, have you received yours?
Posted by nindi
22 Nov 2008 #2
not yet
Posted by santatracker
12 Jan 2009 #3
Hi - what is the status of ur application on ECAS? Also please let us know as soon as ur application status changes. Appreciate your help. does your NOC fall under the list of 38 occupations listed by CIC in Nov 2008?
Posted by nindi
15 Jan 2009 #4

I just received a communication from CIC. They transferred my file to New York Canadian Office. It basically means they have accepted my application (well hopefully, and that's what am assuming).
Posted by TG0709
15 Jan 2009 #5
Hi Nindi,

Do you satisfy any one of the criterias for skilled worker------38 occupation/arranged employement/1 yr stay?

Posted by nindi
15 Jan 2009 #6
Hello TG:

I am really not sure what criterias you are talking about. Can you please explain a little bit further? What 38 occupations are listed under CIC listing? Please Help.


PS: They transferred my file to New York local office. Does this mean anything?
Posted by TG0709
15 Jan 2009 #7
Hi Nindi,

Please read the below link, you will be able to understand my question. I just want to know whether you qualify under the new rule released by CIC.

Posted by Patrick
15 Jan 2009 #8
Hi Nindi...if you can't find the list of 38 occupations, can you tell us what occupation you have applied under? Did you get an Arranged Employment Offer (AEO)?

No idea what transferring to a local office means, anybody? (probably if we search on this message board we'll find it).


Posted by muzmil
15 Jan 2009 #9
Hi Nindi, did u receive the letter ? what does your online status shows ?
Posted by nindi
16 Jan 2009 #10

On my application, I was asked for my previous experiences. Currently, I am a President of a self owned store as well as an accounting clerk for a Doctor (who has about 2000-3000 employees because he has several other businesses as well). However, I have over 10 years of Manager's experience as well as three years of Accountant's experience. I am not sure it this will count or not in NOC 38 list of occupations.

As far as applying under occupation is concerned, I did not apply under any occupation (may be I have, but I don't know what and where in application because my lawyer did all of the work). I did not have any arranged employment offer from anyone (is it bad?).

This is exactly what that letter says:

This refers to your application for permanent residence in Canada.

In order to expedite the processing of your application, your file has been sent to:

Canadian Consulate General
1251 Avenue of the Americas
Concourse Level
New York, New York 10020-1175
Fax: 212-596-1791
email: New [email protected]

The Canadian Consulate General in New York will complete the analysis of your application and determine if a personal interview with a visa officer is required. Your file number remains the same.

The Canadian Consulate General in Buffalo no longer has your file. Therefore we cannot acknowledge or respond to future correspondence from you. Please do not submit any further documents or correspondence to this office. If IELTS or TEF test results are sent to us, they will be forwarded to the Canadian Consulate General in New York.

In the even of a change in your address, marital status or family composition, you must inform the office noted above. Do not use CIC e-Cas on-line change of address system. Your new address will not be downloaded yo your file in New York.

Do not request status of your file within ninety (90) days of the date of this letter.

All future correspondence you receive will be from the offi
Posted by mwangi
26 Jan 2009 #11
transfer to local office means buffalo has passed it on to a less busy centre and as such you should expect speedier results.
nindi, you need to see where your occupation actually fits. most transferred files are completed within 90 days so your landing status is near - congrats!
Posted by nindi
01 Feb 2009 #12
Hello Mwangi,

I emailed my attorney yesterday.. He told me I have tons of accounting experience, therefore; i fit under accountant occupation.. He said I'll be receiving something soon.
Posted by flexibledesk
25 Feb 2009 #13
I received exactly same communication from visa office (everything same and even the office as well). I received 20th Feb 09. So you confirmed with your lawyer that it means that we can expect some result soon? Well thats good. Lets hope for the best
Posted by neena
25 Feb 2009 #14
Congrats on such speed processing I'm still waiting for some updates after AOR which took 5+ months. Where are you, in Canada or the US?
Posted by flexibledesk
25 Feb 2009 #15
Nindi, If I see your application filed date, I think your is even faster :) I filed in April 2008, but I guess you applied in Jun 2008 and already file has been transferred for you :)
I am in US
Posted by flexibledesk
03 Mar 2009 #16
I have a question for you. This is regarding police clearance. Has anyone or someone you know completed police clearance? If yes can you please share some details on the format and other details (such as procedures etc), also how long generally it takes for this> Would appreciate immediate response on this matter
Posted by flexibledesk
08 Mar 2009 #17
Has anyone submitted the PCC? If yes, I have a question. For clearnace from India, does it have to be stamped on the passport (the sanfrancisco consulate was telling that they wil send a certificate as well as they need to stamp on the passport) or just a certificate will be fine? I am asking as I am planning to avoid this travel to sanfrancisco office if at all I could. Please let me know
Posted by nindi
07 May 2009 #18
hi flexibledesk you have any news about your case thanks
Posted by flexibledesk
07 May 2009 #19
My case as of today:

Interview waived, medical Requested
Medical report sent on 1st of May 2009

But anyway, my lawyer says now a days we have to wait 4-5 months before it gets through as there is a long queue in Ottawa for medical assessment.
Posted by crazychamp
23 May 2009 #20
Does your attorney anticipate the IA, Doc Request, medical , RPRP request soon?
Posted by nindi
23 May 2009 #21

yeah that's what he said that the medical request might come soon. I don't know what's going on.
Posted by mwangi
23 May 2009 #22
nindi, if you are applying alone with no family members etc, you could actually run along and do medical right now. Thats what i did and i am in the clear but NY said that my non accompanying family members (two children) who are outside of canada should also do medicals, so i am awaiting forms from NY.
Posted by nindi
23 May 2009 #23

I have my family members included on my application. We are about 5 ppl in family. I'd have to get forms for them along with me? how does it go? where can i get the forms from? Please let me know my friend.


Posted by mwangi
23 May 2009 #24
well, i assume you are in canada as i am. look up the list of medical practitioners in your area per cic website.
i used dr. elizabeth chiu, 701 sheppard ave east, north york ON (tel 416.497.9797). she is a designated practitioner and she had forms at her office. they asked me to bring 4 passport sized photos, i paid the fees and had medicals and xrays done. i was advised by her assistant that that they can actually test me and send the forms through if i go with my passport and letter showing file ref no.

i would advise you to see if the practitioner nearest to you has forms and then proceed so that the medicals proceed to ottawa where there is an obviously long waiting period 5 months.

Posted by nindi
23 May 2009 #25

I am in USA right now.. I guess its different that way. I will still try my luck to talk to someone in NY..

Thanks buddy,

Posted by flexibledesk
24 May 2009 #26
I am in USA. I got it done from a medidcal practitioner in my area (You can get the list fron CIC website for each location). Then I suggest call them up and find out all details and then schedule an appointment. The test does not take more than 30 mts per person. We are 3 and it took just around 1 hr end-to-end

As soon as you receive medical request, then send out your medical details. Now then the real challenge comes. ecause now a days (I dont know for what reason), the delay from sending medical request until receiving passport request is around 4-5 months. I sent my medicak in first of May and my lawyer advised me to wait for around 5 months before I receive my passport request. See if you can gather more information around this
Posted by nindi
25 May 2009 #27
Hello Flexibledesk:

Thank you for all of the information. Although, I didn't understand one thing. My lawyer told me to wait until i get the medical request letter. He said I've to have a letter or something from CIC first. The CIC will send me some kind of form, then I'll have to take that form to my medical practitioner. Is that correct? Is that how it goes? I am so confused.

Thanks in advance,

Posted by juanda
25 May 2009 #28
Hi nindi,

Yes, you will receive a medical form from the New York Office with all the instructions you will need.

Posted by nindi
25 May 2009 #29
Thanks Juanda,

After sending the documents, how long does it take for medical request? My lawyer says 30-90 days. Did it happen for you too? Please share your experience.


Posted by juanda
25 May 2009 #30
Well in my case we sent all the documents at the initial stage, one whole package. We never had to send any new or updated documents. My file was transfered in January 13, 2009 to NY and they asked me to have medicals in February 2, 2009. I have no clue how long it will take them to respond in your case. Keep fingers crossed :P

Posted by flexibledesk
26 May 2009 #31
Yes. First you have to wait to receive the medical request from CIC. As soon as you receive that, you can set up an appointment from list of DMPs. Then after you complete medical you send the details to your lawyer.

I am at that stage now, meaning I sent my medical in 1st of May and waiting for passport request (provided everything is fine in my medical). This will take 4-5 months as per my lawyer. I checked few cases and that seem to be pretty close.
Posted by nindi
30 May 2009 #32
Thanks flexibledesk and juanda

quick question.. I haven't sent my police verification to them. Do they ask for it? Do i need to send in advance? I have been in states for almost 10 yrs. However, i have sent one from India. Does that count? Let me know...

Posted by juanda
30 May 2009 #33
Of course they will :P I think you should have sent them altogether with the PC from India. Remember that you have to submit from every country that you have lived for more than 6 months.
I'm not familiar with the process, but you can check the official link: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/security/police-cert/north-america/united-states.asp
It seems you have to provide the FBI and state's certificate. They do expire in 3 months, so you should wait for them to ask for it... or maybe just get the certificates and send them. Sorry I can't help you more since I haven't travel to the US for that long.

Posted by juanda
30 May 2009 #34
I hate when you can't edit your comments... I forgot you haven't received IA... you should wait for them to ask the Police Certificates.
Posted by nindi
31 May 2009 #35
Thanks Juanda,

you have been a great help so far :-). I'll wait for them !!:(
Posted by flexibledesk
25 Jun 2009 #36
Any updates?
Posted by nindi
25 Jun 2009 #37
hi flexbledesk no update noting
Posted by rose2008
14 Nov 2009 #38
Nindi..any news form LA?
Posted by mwangi
16 Jan 2010 #39
nindi my advice to you is find a practitioner and ask them if they have medical forms and go with your family to get medicals done. the results are valid for 1 year and cic will accept them. when i went to zambia i used photocopies at practitioners office for my children. i regret that i hadnt done my childrens medicals at the same time as i did mine because i thought that they being non accompanying would mean them exempt.
Posted by 2772077
14 Feb 2010 #40
Hi Nindi: Do u still plan on getting PR from Canada. I am applying thru Quebec now, they are less linious about the requirements. They just ask 6 months experiennce thats not NOC D and u can include coop, and school volunteering. My sister moved to Qc 1 yr ago. So, i moved there too and now work in Ottawa but live in Qc with her. I really hope to get PR before my passport expires ... What about u ? Did you find another option?

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