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Federal Skilled Workers case: Pending for 6454 days (-5671 days more than average)
01 Apr 2005
Buffalo, USA
19 Apr 2005
07 Feb 2006
14 Nov 2006
27 Jan 2007
13 Feb 2007
12 Mar 2007
5757 days
30 Nov -0001
23 Mar 2007
File X'FRD to Detroit Feb 2006

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Posted by Chicagoexpat
21 Jul 2006 #1
How did your AOR so fast? Looks to me like you should be receiving IA soon now.
Posted by jsherllot
21 Jul 2006 #2
AOR is just a receipt and they send it immidiately after they have verified the fees and documents. Its waiting for the Initial assessment that is a pain. Its just taking more and more time now. I had a friend who got his PR in less than 11 months and he had applied 1st quarter of 2004 and he was in Canada by the end of the year.
Lets keep in touch and hope for the best.
Posted by adjudicator
02 Aug 2006 #3
hu guys,

my friend on 6th yr H1B applied for CAD PR in May05, he got his in 8 months. Maybe bcos he sent all supporting docs alongwith 550$ check & appications in a single shot!
Posted by blueclue
30 Aug 2006 #4
hi jsherllot,

your and my AOR date is exactly the same. Have u received the IA or still waiting . I've got the interview required letter.
Posted by Chicagoexpat
31 Aug 2006 #5
I not only received IA, but also PPR and have visa in hand. Doesn't my tracking info. show all this with dates?
Posted by jsherllot
18 Sep 2006 #6
I am still waiting for IA. I only got an email from the Detroit office stating that there are files ahead of me. I have no IA or any calls for interview.
Posted by Chicagoexpat
18 Sep 2006 #7
Just a little more patience and you should get your IA soon. Detroit can be a bit unpredictable I found out, so hang in there. I think (altho they won't say) that they're finishing up background information on you. Sometimes the info. they need from various sources might be taking a bit longer than normal.
Posted by adjudicator
18 Sep 2006 #8
hi ChicagoExpat, does Canadian Consul office call all my employers & school to check my background. Am not in gud terms /w 2 of my prior employers. Each one of my supporting doc is notarized, have MS degree & 3 yrs work exp in my software field. Any suggestions?
Posted by Chicagoexpat
18 Sep 2006 #9
They don't call but write letters to all your former places of employment and schools to confirm that what you said in your application is true. Calling would be too expensive and inefficient. If the source is slow in writing back, that could be the delay. Additionally, seperate security background checks are made on you, and they also have to contact various law enforcment sources (depending on where you're from) to make sure you have no criminal background. This also could be the reason for the bit of delay.

I wouldn't be too worried if you left any prior employer on not the best of terms. Canada just wants to make sure you worked where you did, for the amount of time, and in the position you stated in your application.

By the way, I also have MS degree (computer scienvce) and worked in IT. The MS degree gave you some additional good points in your application.
Posted by adjudicator
18 Sep 2006 #10
Hi chicagoexpat,
Thanq for ur rapid reply. Did any of the previous employers of either u or ur friends receive emp verific. letter from CAD IMMIG? I submitted notarized paystubs, I-797s, all W-2's, all tax returns.etc Well u know about desi consulting companies, right? They will not care to reply back to queries! :( I hope the CAD IMMIG is convinced on seeing my immaculate documentation. Pls enlighten me if u r aware of any anecdotes.
Posted by Chicagoexpat
18 Sep 2006 #11
No anecdotes, sorry. Mine was just a simple application and process. Submitted app with all employer and school history and copies of employment offer letters. They never asked for any additional doc. I have no idea if my prior employers received verification letters, but I'm sure they did. They asked for medicals and FBI. Then about 18 months after AOR, received visas. They will be convinced of your documentation only after they verify it - which is why it's still taking a bit more time for you I think. Again, be patient. If there was a problem I think you would have heard about it by now.
Posted by jsherllot
20 Sep 2006 #12
Thanks Chicagoexpat for the words of encouragement. I don't mind waiting longer as long as things move smoothly and I don't have to go through another round of collecting documents or going through an interview. I hope the immigration officers take their time and verify my background correctly.
Posted by rgeno79
16 Nov 2006 #13
Jsherllot, I posted my interview experience at the link provided. My experience at LA consulate was pleasant. In the immigration.ca forum there were others who had to specifically attend interviews at Detroit! Look around that forum and you will be able to find it. Good Luck!

Posted by saiguru
05 Feb 2007 #14
i am going to face interview on 20th feb .let me know your preperation .as i don't have enough time to ask for CAIPS, as today 5th feb i have recieved letter ,i have no idea why they have ask for it.i am ready to face but i would like to know how it goes.

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