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Federal Skilled Workers case: Approved in 650 days (133 days less than average)
05 Oct 2007
Buffalo, USA
11 Nov 2007
24 Apr 2008
24 Apr 2008
15 May 2008
15 May 2008
28 Jul 2009
16 Jul 2009
650 days
30 Nov -0001
01 Aug 2009
IELTS requested on Nov 17. In IA, interview waived, medical, tax return 07, RPRF fee, FBI clearance+ PCC from India and updated bank statements requested. A waiting game now. Things certainly look very slow. Well FINALLY, it got approved ! Took too

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Posted by Veton
25 Sep 2008 #1
If you are from well developed country, they ask for background check only if they have a really good reason to do so. For all others, its hit and miss. A girl that used to work for my lawyer (Campbell Cohen), used to work for visa office in Buffalo for 15 years and she did not think that they will ask for it, but here I am now. So gooood luck, I wish you get your visa soon. BTW, I've checked some reports from other local offices, LA, NY, etc, and seams like whoever got thru them is getting his visa fast. The rest of us who are left with Buffalo are experiencing delays and delays to delays, and so on.
Posted by catchcanada
29 Sep 2008 #2
no idea ...its too wierd waiting so long. may be in backgrround chk.. lets see. what abt ur case any update?
Posted by Veton
29 Sep 2008 #3
no update; backgrond check ;
Posted by kngautham
18 Dec 2008 #4
Hey--any news from Buff consulate yet...i got my CIAPS, but does not say anything.

I have mailed them couple of times and no replies from them yet.
Posted by kngautham
22 Dec 2008 #5
Hey any good news yet...I emailed twice this month.
on Dec 4th, they said that my app is in queue for final review by an officer.
On dec 17th, they said that some correspondence has been sent to my residence though they did not say whats in the mail.

Do you know of any other documents they might request for?
hope it is my PPR
it takes two weeks to get mail from buffalo and i live in torotno.
reply please
Posted by Veton
22 Dec 2008 #6
No ideas. You are lucky you are in Canada. Others are left in cold. I have a signed contract, professional engineering position. Stuck in background check.
Posted by Sheen
01 Aug 2009 #7
Congratulations, techbonds!

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