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Federal Skilled Workers case:
23 Sep 2008
Buffalo, USA
20 Feb 2009
16 Sep 2009
358 days
30 Nov -0001
18 Sep 2009
Check was cashed on Oct 9. But I guess it doesn't matter now :( I don't fall under any of the 38 occupations. AOR dated Feb 20, 2009 was received on February 25, 2009. Received a letter dated September 2009 saying that I do not qualify under the new ru

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Posted by ferganer
25 Sep 2008 #1
I did not send IELTS score. I am a Ph.D. student here in the States. Did my master's here, too. Got an academic excellence reward for my master's. Have a couple articles published in the U.S. Have a few years of experience working with U.S. organizations. I also sent an explanation letter, TOEFL and GRE scores, a reference letter from a professor attesting my language competence.

As I can see, many folks here get IELTS request letters. Do you know anybody who did not send IELTS scores either but got away with that. Do you think I will get one too? If I do, should I take the test or let them assign points for me? I just don't have much time to take the test.
Posted by neena
06 Oct 2008 #2
What kind of job category you applied immigration for?
Posted by fayzo911
07 Oct 2008 #3
Salomaleykum. From my experience I can tell you, that you will receive a request of IELTS pretty soon, because it doesn't matter for Buffalo what education do you have. They request IETLS from anyone who is not English native. So, I would suggest you go ahead to register for General Training IELTS in NY, until you receive a ltter from Buffalo office and take a test. If you do your test, it is gonna help you out to speed up your application process time. Good luck and if you have any question, do not hesitate to ask.
Posted by chelsea2009
26 Feb 2009 #4
Salom. soglikla yahshimi. bizaham uzbekdan. tashkent. what's ur occupation? u have to take IELTS no matter what since you're not native speaker and taking it saves you some time in processing in the future.
Posted by ferganer
26 Feb 2009 #5
salom, chelsea2009. i have a bunch of NOCs listed in my application. i have a 7-month teaching experience but i believe they need at least a year. however, i have almost 2 years of experience, which is pretty close to that of a college teacher (i.e. i've been working as a research/teaching assistant, though the NOC is not on the list). don't know how much discretion they have and how strict they are about the minimum one year rule, but i am really hoping that they will count some of the latter experience against it. Inshallah. we'll see.
Posted by ferganer
18 Sep 2009 #6
Received a letter dated September 2009 saying that I do not qualify under the new rules. If they don't want a highly skilled person with 2 master's degrees and a Ph.D. (from a recognized U.S. university) and experience working for think tanks and development agencies, then I'd say "bad for them". Shortlisting just a handful of occupations is just plain stupid. Shortsighted at most. Because today you may need some occupations, but the economy will change as it always does. My advice is for them to allow in people based on their overall qualification and long-run worth to the economy.
Posted by rawbytes
19 Sep 2009 #7
that seriously sucks. Have you had been studying in Canada and working there you probably would have qualified. Yet with all the flaws Canadian immigration is still a lot more reasonable than its American counterpart. I could only suggest you getting a job in one of the 38 occupations and apply again, while you're working on that year. Chances are you would pass the second time.

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