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Federal Skilled Workers case: Approved in 1887 days (-1104 days more than average)
20 Nov 2004
Singapore, Singapore
23 Dec 2004
12 Apr 2009
12 Apr 2009
17 May 2009
12 Apr 2009
06 May 2009
09 May 2009
18 Dec 2009
20 Jan 2010
29 Jan 2010
26 Apr 2010
Edmonton, AB
1887 days
30 Nov -0001
30 May 2010

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Posted by MikeKr
30 Dec 2008 #1
How come you have not received your IA and medical until now. Better write to CHC and check with them
Posted by ozymandisc
30 Dec 2008 #2

Welcome to the group!

Please do update us with ur status. Have you received your IA (Medicals etc)?

Posted by dipkona
31 Dec 2008 #3
Welcome to this forum. Are u residing bangladesh or abroad? ur timeline already passed , u can mail to CHC for delay. thanks. By the way what ur occupation code?
Posted by faalgoon
31 Dec 2008 #4
Hi Mikekr,, its surprisingly true. Yet I didnt receiv IA. On November 2008, i asked a query through email to the singapore case specific email enquiry. Asked whether they have sent any mail to my address or not. In reply, i received an email.... given the current caseload it takes approximately 4 year for IA. i checked my eclient application status regularly and IN PROCESS.... By the way,,, the date showed to my Acknowledgement letter is december 23, 2004. Right now i am residing in kuwait, working as a pharmacist,,, noc code 3131... i have some query ...hope i willget information form your......
Posted by faalgoon
31 Dec 2008 #5
IA >> Initial assesment. Will CHC send any letters to the applicant? Or it will be notified to the e-client application status?
Posted by faalgoon
31 Dec 2008 #6
Hi Milekr, how you are notified about the completion of IA? 2. What documents CHC requested to you? Its long time many of us are waiting for? I have checked all the data mentioned in CIC website for the possible delay of processing. One reason, if the principal applicant apply from the outside of the country of origin,,, is applicable for me. I launched the file from kuwait,,,nationality bangladesh. I already send one query in november.. do you think i should send another query now asking the status of application.

I am planning to appear ils again in february? any better score in ils can impact to my application status if i report to chc.... thanks in advance and happy new year. hope a successful year to all of you.
Posted by ozymandisc
31 Dec 2008 #7
Hi Faalgoon,

Heres my two penny worth.

You will be notified by snail mail to your resident address. As per the current time line you can expect to receive this mail any time now. Please dis regard eclient when it says IN PROCESS coz its useless and they dont update it esp in singapore office.

Regarding your question about asking them, please do so again coz you have already crossed 4 years timeline stipulated in their last mail and do refer to their last mail. Like Mike they will inform you as to when you may expect to receive the IA.

BTW are you with the new user "Saif" coz both of you have started with Trackitt almost togather.

Please keep us updated.

Cheers, Ozy
Posted by MikeKr
01 Jan 2009 #8
Dear Faalgoon,

You can send them email at the following address:
[email protected]

You may like to include your name,file no., date of birth, and country of birth, address and phone number in your email to show that you are the genuine applicant.

You should have recieved your medical and Initial Assessement letter by now like myself and VancouverSun as the four years for screening have been completed.

You should recieve the letter asking you for the following:

Medical (the form to take to the designated Medical Practioner is included). The medical report is directly sent by doctor to the immigration deptt.
Letter to get a police certificate from your country.
Statement of Net worth (Your financial statment)
Form IM008 for update on your address family job etc
4 photographs (you will also need photographs for police verification medical and IM008 update so make 12-14 in one time)
Landing fee if you have not submitted already.

The IA will state that you have met the criteria of 67 points.

Best of Luck. Hope things fall in place for you soon.
Posted by MikeKr
01 Jan 2009 #9
Online status for me also is IN PROCESS for me even though I have already had my IA and medical. So don't waste your time with that.
Posted by faalgoon
02 Jan 2009 #10
Mike,,, thanks dear. I just send the query to [email protected] address. My friend applying the same date with me,,, given query to the last week. still no response. so as soon as i received any msg,,, i will deliberately share with you guys... i know the psychological expectation for such types of news. Deaar ozy...mike... thanks for sharing the brief news of IA and documents to be send. have a good day. Joyful
Posted by faalgoon
02 Jan 2009 #11
Hi VS....// Mike... currently i am residing in kuwait and my family in bangladesh. with in 3/4 months i will also move to bd. by this time if CIC ask for medical report,,, can i do it from kuwait and my family from bd?? I know the medical centre in kuwait that authorize to screen the medical exam for immigrant applicant.

Second, Police certificate: During the initial submission of documents to singapore on nov 2004, I did the police clearance from kuwait police station, judges the criminal verdict as welll as records. For this i bought a form from canadian consulate office and then submit to the police station. they issued a letter stating my criminal record and a fingerprint. and its valid only 3 months from the date of issue. If CIC ask now, shall it fulfill the purpose or i have to issue police certificate from bangladesh police station. So far i know they ask police certificate from where you are currently residing for a minimum of 6 months. pls share me your experience.

Mike i have several question to you specially... happy new year to you all...
Posted by faalgoon
04 Jan 2009 #12
Yesterday my friend received the reply from singapore. "Given the current caseload, it takes approximately 41/2 years for initial assessment'' Its really frustrating. Yet I didnt receive the reply but can imagine..
Posted by MikeKr
04 Jan 2009 #13
Dear faalgoon,

I understand your frustration completely. You have applied along with me and VancouverSun in Nov.2004 when the indicated waiting time was 16 months. It is nearly 50 months now and we are waiting for visa and u even for your IA. Anyway if you are writing to them you can expect the reply of 4 1/2 years for IA. So I can only wish for a faster processing for you. Hope you recieve your IA earlier than that though don't bank on that much as they told me 4 years for IA and that is when I recieved it.

Coming to your question of Medical: The CHC sends different pages for all the applicant and family for the medical test and you should be able to do it anywhere where you or the members of your family are from the designated medical practioner approved by them in that country. A list for approved medical practioners is available on their website for each country. So you are supposed to take the medical form along with you for the medical test which is quite elimentary includes chest x ray, urine, blood test and normal checkup like weight height eyesight. And you just pay your medical test fee. The report is send by these doctors or is collected by immigration deptt from these doctors on a regular basis. It is good idea to check with these medical practioners to check if everything is OK in your medical if they are forthcoming with a reply.

Next the Police certificate is required for all the countries you have resided in the past all the period after you are 18 years. I believe you have already submitted your documents 4 years earlier when you submitted your form. When CHC asks you for a police certificate it is meant for the period after the intial form submission. The idea is you should have not a criminal record even after you have submitted the form until now. So what you can do is take a police clearance from Kuwait before leaving because if you are in bangladesh when you recieve your IA still you should be required to submit police certificate fr
Posted by faalgoon
05 Jan 2009 #14
Dear Mike,

Truly I have no words to appraise your to the point opinion. Even though I should thank you for your sharing attitude and time. Its very crystal clear to me regarding the upcoming events. let it come and i will handle with confidently. Today I got the reply from singapore. "41/2 yrs for IA and currently they are processing prior to November 2004" So I got the confidence, the news will come soon. I am trying to prepare myself for ils exam and soon apply for credential evaluation for the governing body. Mike, hope you are passing a nice time with your family. Say helo to your family and best wishes for all folk.
Posted by faalgoon
21 Jan 2009 #15
Anybody have any idea, pls share.

My job experience is comply with the 38 NOC list. As CIC is taking 4 and 1/2 years for initial assessment for the old application, and under the new rule, 12-16 months to be completed all the procedure, I am planning to apply again under the new rule. I have that sort of job experience. Really my mind is getting stuck with the immigration time. Dear do you have any idea a] apply under the new rule for SKW with or without disclose my old application/ I am seriously thinking/

If I count the normal processing time, i should receive IA ON may 2009/ another 6-8 months for medical and visa procedure? One more year to be wait?????
Posted by MikeKr
21 Jan 2009 #16
Dear falgoon,

Your will recieve your IA sooner based on your old application rather than going for a new application. Also you can't hide the info that you have applied under old rules. So just don't panic, take it easy. Just go on with your life (easier said than done) and things will start falling in place soon. You should expect your IA in May if we go by the indication from CHC. Ofcourse I pray you get earlier but don't think of that possibility too much, if it happens is good.

My AOR was 29 Nov.2004 and I got my IA on 29 Nov.2008. If they still are processing visa's it is matter of time you should get it.
Posted by ozymandisc
21 Jan 2009 #17
Dear Falgoon,

For CIC singapore IA comprises of Medical, so as per their timeline you will have IA including medical within May'09. And after that you need to wait further 3 months for PPR. So sit tight and waitout rest 4 months for your IA. (for your information in CIC New Delhi, they ask for Updation Letter UL, and then after 4-6 months ask for medical)

On the bright side as CIC singapore has informed you they are processing cases upto/prior Nov'04 you are logically one month behind when they decide to move forward with Dec'04 timeline ppl.
Posted by faalgoon
24 Jan 2009 #18
Dear Mike and Ozy,

Thanks for the advice. Sometimes its hard to keep cool and I knew that its gives one nothing. I am afraid, We will miss mike and vans company soon in this forum. They will be busy within february for preparaing the departure. I will personally request to share the email. mine is [email protected]. AND I will be happy if i received the AOL by May 23rd, 2009. If its accompany the meedical, thats sounds great, at least savings of 3 months time. All the best for everybody.
Posted by VancouverSun
24 Jan 2009 #19
Dear Faalgoon,
Thanks for posting. We will be in touch with you. Your personal email is noted. I have not yet received reply from CIC about my police clearance certificate. I have alredy applied for a new one and If I do not get reply from them I will submit the new one as soon as i receive it from the authority.
Posted by faalgoon
27 Jan 2009 #20

You know I am always tens.. I have exactly 67. Do I need to appear IELTS for better score? On March 1st week I will be return to bd permanently. Any documents i need to gather from kuwait for CIC?

Van ... any update from CIC.
Posted by MikeKr
27 Jan 2009 #21
Dear faalgoon,

Why take risk after such a long wait. Go ahead and do your IELTS. Its not so difficult and you wil do alright also you will have peace of mind. Also how do you know your score is 67, did u have CAIPS done.

Posted by ozymandisc
27 Jan 2009 #22
Yea, Mike KR's suggestion is cool. You have nothing to loose by sitting through IELTS. If the result if better submit it to CIC, if not dont.
Posted by y7jt
28 Jan 2009 #23
You have nothing to loose by sitting through IELTS..... except 10 thousand taka only :) LOL.... never mind kidding! get the IELTS schedules from British council/IDP websites. And book any suitable date as soon as you arrive BD. There's a long Que now a days. Although you have to go physically there with passport and money for booking.
Posted by y7jt
28 Jan 2009 #24
According to "Saif" -CIC is now processing nov 2004 cases. So, make sure that you have got enough time to improve your IELTS before your IA. Good luck.
Posted by faalgoon
28 Jan 2009 #25
Dear mike and all,...

theoretically i have calculated 67 as per the 6 selection factors. and now seriously thinking for CAIPS. I have asked them for mode of payment except credit card. Do anybody have experience or known somebody? last reply from CIC, they told currently they are processing prior to nov 2004 and it takes 4 and 1/2 year for IA. I am just trying to chockout for possible action to avoid interview. dont want to take any risk. with the help of you like people I have very clear idea the possible upcoming event and so trying to take preparation. CAIPS, they can inform also if a subject have to undergo interview and what was the reason for interview? pls if you know somebody who have done CAIPS, pls share the info... have a good day.
Posted by ozymandisc
28 Jan 2009 #26
Dear Faalgoon,

Please check the below given link to get a better picture of CAIPS.


Hope it helps. In my opinion when any one is in doubt about his/her points or eligibility CAIPS can help to clarify it.
Posted by ozymandisc
28 Jan 2009 #27
with regard to the reply made to Saif by CIC, its a good news. As you are december AOR you are just one month away.
Posted by faalgoon
29 Jan 2009 #28
On january 5th, CIC replied to me, 4 and 1/2 yrs for IA. Saif got the msg for 4 yrs.. BUT I would like to accept the Saif refeerence... Dear OZY,,,, 30 days and 30 nights to get the good news... I think time will fly fast as I am very busy to close my business in kuwait. all the best.
Posted by MikeKr
29 Jan 2009 #29
Dear faalgoon,

Sorry to say this but don't get your hope too high. In the year 2007 end I had enquired with CHC and they told me that they are processing Sept/Oct.2004 cases. My case was Nov.2004 and I thought it is matter of another few months but I only got my IA in Nov 2008. So prepare yourself for getting IA only after 41/2 yrs as indicated by them. Ofcourse I really pray you get it earlier.

Only don't suffer by getting your hopes high on expectation of an early IA even though they told you 41/2 years. They are now only processing Nov.2004 since the month of Nov.08 so we don't know anything better.

Posted by faalgoon
30 Jan 2009 #30
Dear Ozy..

the URL link to CAIPS is very informative and got the msg what to do. I gathered the document and info and hope within couple of days,, to put formal request through my friend reside in alberta. lets see whats the situation of my file and what the respective immig. officer are doing over my file.

One question: Apparently middle of march will leave kuwait. Do I need to proceed for a police clearance. Its declared that the clearance will be effective for 3 months from the date of issue. I am planning to get that by february. will it serve my purpose even I received the IA in may.
Posted by faalgoon
30 Jan 2009 #31
Dear Mike,,,

I found this person... indianmunda... visa office buffalo... seemed to have very good experience and example for visa processing. I failed to catch the url link. if its possible,, find that guy and hope you can get some info for PPR and visa processing time..
Posted by faalgoon
31 Jan 2009 #32
Hi Aghijan,,,

thanks for the PDF file for CAIPS. thanks a lot. take care.
Posted by ozymandisc
31 Jan 2009 #33
Dear Falgoon,

Sorry for the late reply. Before leaving Kuwait get the following

1. Police Clearance Certificate. Make sure you get it at the fag end of your stay in Kuwait. And once you receive it submit it to CIC Singapore ( preferably from Dhaka) with the photo copy of the EXIT stamp in your passport from Kuwait.

2. Get your latest employment letters etc from your last employer in Kuwait.

Hope it helps. Ozy
Posted by faalgoon
01 Feb 2009 #34
Dear Ozy..

Job employment letter is the new one that I didnt count. I will submit papers for police clearance on 10th of February latest. And I like that idea to submit the police clearance along with the exit stamp page from kuwait to CIC. Thats a very thoughtful input. Thanks for the advice. take care.

One more thing, the passport I am carrying about in kuwait is OFFICIAL. Waiting eagerly to prove documents for non-official status to CIC. Its the big headache right now. Pray for me.
Posted by faalgoon
05 Feb 2009 #35
Dear V.Sun,

Any news from CIC? Stay fine.
Posted by VancouverSun
05 Feb 2009 #36
Dear Faalgoon,
No reply from their (CIC) side yet. Time is running fast. We are preparing ourselves for leaving UK.
Posted by faalgoon
07 Feb 2009 #37
Hi Aghijan,

Did you apply for the CAIPS through reference? Is that the report same from whatever the sources? I saw the url of caips and hopefully you have also observed the premium service with 120 CAD and the standard service with 40 CAD. whats the difference?
Posted by aghijan
11 Feb 2009 #38

Sorry for the late response. Actually I asked a friend who is Canadian Resident to apply for the CAIPS. She could send the things yesterday. I guess the difference between packages depends on how complete each one is. I can't recommend either one; however, I went for the cheapest. I guess that should do. CAD 120 is somehow above my budget, or I don't want to pay that much for CAIPS. All I like to know is that where my file is right now, and if there's any unpredicted problem?

Any updates from your side?
Posted by faalgoon
14 Feb 2009 #39
Hi Mike, V.Sun,

Any news dear? Trackitt become cool now a days. No striking news and info, seems we also be the part of official of CIC Singapore. Like V.sun I am also busy to close my kuwait part. I have applied for police clearance which i will get on 22nd February. Also preparing the job experience letter, employment letter. I have also send the docs needed for CAIPS report. By the next weeks, my friends will send the request for CAIPS report. Anything can you recall I need to process from Kuwait? all the best wishes on behalf of Happy Valentine Day.
Posted by aghijan
16 Feb 2009 #40
It has been a long time since we had some good news around here. It seems poeple at the CHC have gone on a strike. LOL

Any news, any one?
Posted by faalgoon
20 Feb 2009 #41
Hi Mike, whats the reason you didnt have the request for PPR? Really from CIC Singapore, no news at all. Its surprising. To me the time is not moving at all. Take care.
Posted by saif
27 Feb 2009 #42
hi, in this forum a guy from indonesia whose AOR is in MAR got IA. why they skip us? i'm hoping we'll get our responses very soon...
Posted by faalgoon
28 Feb 2009 #43
Dear Saif, hope u can guess my mind. I am not sure, whether they skip or decide to reject me and will be iform me after 4 and 1/2 years. I was expecting that things will be speed up after the new rule. yet i didnt see any change. all the best for everybody and pls pray for me
Posted by ozymandisc
28 Feb 2009 #44
Hi Falgoon,

Any update on CAIPS you requested? and Have you inquired with CIC Singapore lately?

Cheers, Ozy
Posted by faalgoon
01 Mar 2009 #45
No news from CAIPS. AND didnt write any further query to CIC singapore??
Posted by miza
22 Mar 2009 #46
Dear Falgoon Bhai,

Take my regards, Ami apnar case dekhlam r mone holo je apnar case tai sob cheye puran kintu kono review (IA) apnar case ee hoi nai. Apnar case theke amar case jodio 6 mash late kintu mone hocche je apnar case ee kono ogro goti hole tar resh dhore onnoder case move korbe.

Amar binito nibedon je kono khobor thakle janate jate amra onuprerito hoi.

Posted by faalgoon
11 Apr 2009 #47
sorry, i couldnt be in touch around a month. yes, i am the oldest applicant without response till now. waiting,. last january they told me 4 and 1/2 yrs, that should be end in may last week. i will do query again at the end of may. if i got any msg from CHC singapore by this time, i willl let u know thorough this forum. till then all the best.

how is mike, vans and all. regards,
Posted by faalgoon
13 Apr 2009 #48

Today i have received a letter from Singapore office. Yet i didnt see but the msg is like that.... 1. interview waived 2. medical request form 3. additional family information etc. within a few days i will info in details. finally i got the msg. thanks mike, vans,, ozy,,, and all others to share and i feel a great relax of my critical time. pls accept my greetings. All the best.
Posted by HHA1976
13 Apr 2009 #49
Dear Falgoon,

That is a REAL good news, MASHALLAH...I felt so happy for you as sometimes I used to think why you aren't hearing from CHC eventhough you have applied the same time as Mike and VanS!
Cheers my firend

Posted by ozymandisc
13 Apr 2009 #50
Really :) :) good news

Happy to know that all the cases till 2004 in Trackitt is cleared with IA.

Now 2005 will begin !!! IA it seems is now 4 years 4 months.

Cheers and submit medicals etc on ASAP basis.
Take Care,

Posted by y7jt
13 Apr 2009 #51
DOUBLE CHEERS!! Faalgoon!!! I am feeling so happy! Hope rest of your process and medical shall go smoothly. Wish you best.
Posted by saif
14 Apr 2009 #52
Congrats!! very good news indeed after a long break. hope u can move soon with ur family.

also hope things go smooth now 4 rest of us :)
Posted by saznine
14 Apr 2009 #53
Congratulations!!! Wishes and prayer for you in next steps and in future settlement in CA. Please pray for the rest of us :-)
Posted by faalgoon
14 Apr 2009 #54
Thanks all my dear.

Actually i giveup the hope and trying to catch my daily life as i recently transit from kuwait to dhaka. hopefully by april, i will try to close all the necessary papers to be sent to singapore. but for CIC singapore, its positive news that WITH IA, they also sent the medical papers and accessories documents. so, i think it saves at least 2 months time if it is accompanied without interview. its 60 days time limit. so, within june 8, i have to submit all the papers otherwise they will reject my applications. thats the msg i received from singapore. As i have received the letter, be sure you all other people will get the msg timely. for me it takes 4 year and 100 days. though in january singapore replied that current time is 4 and 1/2 years and currently they are processing prior to november 2004.

thanks for the msg and wish all of you will be succeed. pray for me. god blesss all of us. take care dear.

Posted by faalgoon
21 Apr 2009 #55
Dear V.Sun, did u receive the visa? by next week i will send the docs to singapore. pls let me know ur update, you can mail me also [email protected]. pls keep in touch. faalgoon
Posted by aghijan
22 Apr 2009 #56
Yes he did.
Posted by VancouverSun
26 Apr 2009 #57
Dear faalgoon,
I received our passports from CIC Dhaka last thrusday. I hope all the best and hope you will be in Canada withing next 4-6 months. I will be in touch.
V. Sun
Posted by saznine
29 Apr 2009 #58
GREAT! Best Wishes.
Posted by HHA1976
04 May 2009 #59
Hey FAlgoon,

Have you received your IA in hand? Any details to update?

Posted by faalgoon
06 May 2009 #60
Yes, i received all the docs. I am processing now police clearance, financial docs, medical etc. hopefully except police clearance i will send the docs by 15 of this month. Police clearance will take around a month time. Though I am not regular right now due to some difficulties, but dont worry i will be keep in touch, anything you would like to know for better conception, write it to this common forum, I will sure try to co-operate with relevant info. Thanks for msg and keep in touch. good time will come soon for everybody. all the best.
Posted by faalgoon
06 May 2009 #61
Dear Mike and V.Sun,

When you are travelling to canada? Which province you have chosen, write me little about your settlement plan. i wish to complete docs by 15 May. I am also thinking about settlement. Pls keep in touch. Faalgoon
Posted by dip31aug
06 Jun 2009 #62
Posted by Sohel09
07 Jun 2009 #63

We always hope to provide YOU all sorts of important information correspond to Canadian PR immigration procedures. That is why; we very much encourage each respected Bangladeshi members of this Great Forum to share their valuable information with each other regularly. All we trust that each of your contribution/s is/are priceless for all the members of this Forum.

Warm wishes.

Posted by saznine
28 Jul 2009 #64
Hello faalgoon! How are you doing? You already moved to canada?!

Friends, anyone knows the status of Faalgoon??!!
Posted by faalgoon
28 Jul 2009 #65
Hi,, thanks to remember. Still I have to cross the atlantic to move to canada. Waiting for the passport request from singapore. Yet my spouse police clearance of kuwait didnt completed. anybody have any idea. I applied to the kuwait embassy, bangladesh for the certificate. still in process. singapore has issued the reminder letter for the spouse police clearance certificate with a one month time frame. it seems they consider the good conduct certificate in a very serious way. pray for me and all thebest for you. faalgoon
Posted by aghijan
29 Jul 2009 #66
I pray for you. I know how long it takes.
Posted by saznine
29 Jul 2009 #67
Hello Faalgoon, this seems to be a wired and painful situation! I'm praying the best for you. Inshallah things will be sorted very soon.

One question to you. I was in France for more than 6 months on 2001-2002. When I applied for CA PR back in 2005, I sent the main copy of police clearance [that i brought from France]. Do I have to get the PCC again from there? It's not logical, right? I haven't enter there anymore since then. This time when CHC asked for PCC, I only sent the fresh one I get from DMP Bangladesh. However, I have close friend in France and I can try getting the PCC again from there. I think I can get that in short time. Do you think its any good?
Posted by faalgoon
30 Jul 2009 #68
Hello..... thnks for the pray. As far i understand, theres no reason to ask again PCC of france. As you have submitted once, it profes that during your 6 months stay in france, you dont have any criminal offense. thats the only thing they want to be clear. Now in 2009, they cant ask again the PCC as you didnt take entrance in france. Your way of action was right. You sent the DMP certificate. thats perfect. have a good day to all.
Posted by saznine
16 Aug 2009 #69
Hello Faalgoon, could you complete the police clearance of your spouse? Without completing and sending all requested papers CIC doesn't issue PPR, isn't it? You are the only single member of trackitt who got AOR on 2004 and still not landed in CA !! Hope you also will complete the process soon.
Posted by nasim15
30 Sep 2009 #70
what is the update?
Posted by faalgoon
09 Oct 2009 #71
pending dear......
Posted by nasim15
09 Oct 2009 #72
pass port request not yet received?
Posted by faalgoon
09 Oct 2009 #73
yah.... received police clearance and send singapore as well. yet waiting for PPR letter....
Posted by dipkona
11 Oct 2009 #74
Dear faalgoon
Why your peocess to late . You did medical in may but not yet received PR.
Posted by faalgoon
11 Oct 2009 #75
I dont know exactly the reason. waiting is so much difficult.
Posted by nasim15
11 Oct 2009 #76
i think you should write to them through case specific email and enquire about your case status.
Posted by y7jt
27 Oct 2009 #77
Hi Faalgoon, Any news? Did you write to CIC?
Posted by aghijan
08 May 2010 #78
Good luck. Why don't you change the status of your application? :)

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